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In severe cases of addiction, even by following a treatment plan and giving yourself enough time in rehab, it can still not be enough to prevent relapse. It could be that even though you stopped taking drugs or drinking alcohol that you still feel like you need something to make it through each day. It could be that your brain function has been impacted and preventing relapse in the long term can become very difficult then.

Thankfully, there are long-term treatments that can help you to prevent relapse and return you to more normal brain function. Our medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program for residents of Santa Ana provides you with an effective long-term treatment solution to prevent relapse and sustain your recovery.

The first year of your recovery is the hardest. Statistics show that between 40 and 60 percent of people relapse. This can be due to many different reasons such as neglecting your relapse prevention strategies or because you still feel the effects of your addiction, suffering from long-term aftereffects that make quitting for good difficult. However, our MAT program for Santa Ana residents can combine the effectiveness of professional treatment with the long-term positive effects that medication can have in recovery.

What is MAT?

Medically-assisted treatment or MAT is a type of treatment program that is designed to help you to remain sober and sustain your recovery. It may be that there are fundamental problems in your brain function such as what happens in long-term opioid withdrawal where there is damage to your opioid receptors and your brain is not producing enough “feel-good” chemicals naturally.

MAT programs essentially make use of safe medications as a way to treat improper brain function which helps to restore a sense of normality and helps to prevent relapse. In fact, some of the medications that are used block the effects of drugs and alcohol which means that if relapse were to happen, then the substance wouldn’t even have an effect.

A misconception about using the medication as a long-term treatment solution for addiction is that you are replacing one drug for another. However, the medications that are used are designed to not be abused by blocking the euphoric effects of the drug and they are therefore approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This program is used only when without it, relapse risk is high and brain function is impaired. In these cases, without medically-assisted treatment programs, the chances of long-term recovery are next to nothing, which means that MAT gives people a real chance at a long-term recovery when other programs can fall short.

Furthermore, data and research show that MAT programs help to save the lives of recovering addicts. In severe addiction cases, when a person relapses, they are at a high risk of overdose. This is because their tolerance level has dropped by such a drastic amount that the person may easily take too much of a drug and therefore have an overdose. The blocking effects of the medication combined with the reduction in long-term symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and cravings significantly help to reduce relapse and therefore overdose.

MAT programs can only be carried out by accredited rehab centers such as Muse. The medications that are used are safe by design but MAT programs are not just about receiving medication to prevent relapse and restore brain function but also about helping a person to be more receptive to behavioral therapy – a core aspect of a person’s recovery from drugs and alcohol. Your MAT program will include behavioral therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy to help achieve the long-term positive results that the program can achieve.


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What to Expect During MAT?

In our medically-assisted treatment program for Santa Ana residents, you can expect to carry on with a standard treatment program that includes a drug and alcohol detox program, behavioral therapy, and holistic treatments. MAT serves as a long-term treatment solution that will not only prevent relapse but also help to improve the effectiveness of other forms of treatment.

In your MAT program at Muse, you can expect to be supported during your recovery process. We are very sensitive to the unique needs of our clients and do everything within our power to help you to feel comfortable and supported emotionally during your inpatient or outpatient rehab program for Santa Ana residents.

You can expect to receive help with a multitude of things in your life whether it’s a co-occurring mental health disorder or help to express deep-seated emotion through art therapy. In our MAT program for Santa Ana residents, you can expect to start with a standard addiction treatment program and then continue with your MAT program after your initial 30 to 90 days of rehab is complete.

Muse also offers a range of aftercare services to help you to adjust to your mainstream life after an intensive treatment program. You’ll likely continue to receive treatment through behavioral therapy while taking your medication in our aftercare programs such as sober living homes. The long-term MAT program is one that will help you to sustain your recovery and it can continue for as long as you need it to prevent relapse and help you to feel more normal.

Why Choose Muse for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

When medications are involved in addiction treatment, it’s important that the rehab center that you choose is both accredited and monitored by an organization that oversees the use of prescription medication. At Muse, we are monitored by LegitScript and our addiction treatment services are accredited by The Joint Commission. These two factors combined ensure that you are being treated in a safe, effective manner.

Don’t let your addiction control your life – let Muse help you to sustain your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction through our medically-assisted treatment program for Santa Ana residents.


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