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Professional addiction treatment is by far the best way to treat addiction with the ultimate goal of long-term sobriety. Having access to both affordable and accessible rehab programs is very important for some cases of addiction. Being able to receive treatment for addiction in a way that can allow you to continue to take care of responsibilities gives you access to professional addiction treatment without causing your life to go on hold.

Through our top-rated outpatient drug rehab center for residents of Santa Ana, you can take advantage of the effectiveness of professional drug addiction treatment in a setting that allows you to maintain your freedom. The support, guidance, and comprehensive treatments that we offer will help you to go through the changes and improvements in your life that will make drug addiction a thing of your past.

Whether you are seeking a primary treatment program with more autonomy or you want to continue to receive treatment for drug addiction after you finished an inpatient program, our outpatient drug rehab for Santa Ana residents can help you to overcome addiction. Let us help you through our outpatient addiction treatment services so that substance abuse isn’t the focal point of your life.


Drug Rehab That Allows You to Still Go to Work & School

One of the key drawing factors of outpatient rehab is that it doesn’t require you to live at the rehab center which opens up the possibility to take care of your responsibilities. So, can you go to work or school while in our drug rehab? The answer is yes if you use our outpatient drug rehab programs.

Just because you need professional treatment for drug addiction doesn’t mean that your schooling or work needs to suffer. The freedom that our outpatient drug rehab for Santa Ana provides means that you can receive the life-changing treatments at a time that better suits you, such as after work or on weekends. This level of freedom makes it possible for anyone to receive professional assistance with drug addiction treatment.


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Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

Apart from the autonomy that our outpatient programs offer, there are other benefits of using our outpatient drug rehab for Santa Ana residents. To start things off, the affordability of an outpatient program over an inpatient program is a major benefit. There are no additional costs such as food and housing which helps to reduce the cost of rehab by a large margin.

An outpatient rehab program for drug addiction creates a situation where you are receiving professional care for addiction while still having your family and friends in your life. If they are supportive of your recovery, then having them be a part of your life during the recovery process can improve your recovery. They can provide you with support at home or in your life to help you focus and stay on track with your recovery. Support from friends and family is a very important part of recovery.

In our outpatient drug rehab program for residents of Santa Ana, you will be in a position to practice the relapse prevention skills you learn in real-world situations. Since you’ll still live at your home and will be doing things or being in places where you may experience triggers, you can put what you’ve learned into practice and report back to your healthcare worker to receive additional guidance.

Our drug rehab is also a way for you to get support during your recovery process. You will be part of our sober community and together with our supportive staff members, you will have the kind of support that one needs to go through life-changing experiences. You may also find that your drug-abusing friends are no longer conducive to your recovery and through our outpatient drug rehab, you’ll be able to meet new people that want to see you recover from your addiction.

What to Expect During Outpatient Rehab?

In our outpatient drug rehab, you can expect to receive some of the most effective treatments and therapies for drug addiction. Your treatment plan will be personalized to your special recovery needs. It will be a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses every aspect of your recovery in a step-by-step manner. As you progress through your recovery, the effectiveness of treatment and therapy will be closely monitored and altered if necessary so that you continue to receive the maximum benefit of professional treatment.

Your treatment at our outpatient drug rehab for Santa Ana residents will include assistance through detox in our medical detox program, which incorporates medication to help you to overcome your symptoms. Your tailor-made treatment plan will include behavioral therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma-focused therapy among others to help to treat the underlying causes of your addiction and instigate positive change and motivation.

At Muse, we also offer a range of holistic treatment programs which will help to improve your wellbeing and quality of life. Through our whole-patient treatment approach, you can expect to receive on-site treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders and cutting-edge treatments such as neuro-rehabilitation.

How Long Does Outpatient Rehab for Residents of Santa Ana Last with Muse?

Our outpatient drug rehab programs come in a variety of treatment lengths. 30-, 60, and 90-day drug rehab programs are available in the outpatient format giving you short- and long-term treatment solutions to use as a primary form of treatment or as a continuum of treatment after a residential drug rehab program. We also offer aftercare services to help you to prevent relapse and be supported during the months that follow your rehab program.

Why Choose Muse?

Muse is not just another rehab; our supportive, healing environment is a place where profound change can take place. We will treat you like a loved part of our family. Through our support and guidance, your drug addiction can be beaten and you can embrace a drug-free life of fulfillment. Muse Treatment is an accredited outpatient rehab center and LegitScript monitored, ensuring that our use of medication is effective and above all, safe.

Get in touch with us today to start your recovery process from drug addiction. With our support and help, you can make drug abuse a thing of the past and discover a drug-free life that can make you happy.



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