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Addiction treatment and recovery is a long-term process. Rehab programs essentially help you to overcome and heal from the causes of your addiction to the point where you can effectively manage your symptoms of addiction. However, the first year of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is marked by a relapse rate of between 40 and 60 percent.

So, why do so many people relapse during their first year of recovery? It is not because treatment isn’t effective but rather because the effective treatments are abandoned. A person might feel like they’ve beaten their addiction and they no longer need to go to support group meetings and actively manage the symptoms of their addiction but as with other chronic, relapsing diseases, addiction management is a must to achieve lasting sobriety.

Of course, Muse offers help to maintain your sobriety and effective addiction management strategies in the form of our long-term aftercare services known as sober living homes. Our sober living for residents of Santa Ana is the best way to continue with your recovery after an outpatient or inpatient program. Sober living is a type of aftercare program where you’ll live alongside other recovering people while following house rules and effective sustainable recovery strategies.

Sober living homes for Santa Ana residents give you a way to continue to be supported and guided during the crucial early stages of your recovery from alcohol or drugs. These comfortable and clean houses can make a significant difference in the life of a recovery person trying to find their footing again after overcoming addiction.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

The most important benefit of using our sober living for residents of Santa Ana is the help that you can get to prevent relapse during the time of recovery where relapse rates are the highest. It can be easy to come from rehab having stopped drug or alcohol abuse only to fall back into old patterns of behavior and seeing substance-abusing friends again, leading to a relapse. At our sober living homes, however, you will be helped to stick to your recovery strategies such as going to support group meetings every week, avoiding trigger situations, and forming healthy habits that can create the foundation for a happy life.

Our sober living environments for Santa Ana residents offer you a way to regain your independence while still being supported. As someone who has been in an inpatient rehab program, you will feel far more independent as you start making food for yourself again, go to job interviews, or go to school or work daily. This can help to build your confidence during the important early stages of addiction recovery.

A sober living home also gives you a chance to make new friends. It’s common for a person in recovery to need to make new friends because their social circle is filled with people who still abuse alcohol or drugs and being with them just serves to trigger you. A sober living home can be a perfect place to make new friends that are similar to you and that share your recovery goals. It’s the perfect place to form new meaningful relationships where you support each other through your recovery journey.

Our sober living homes for Santa Ana residents can help you to stay on track with your recovery and prevent relapse. It is a way for you to continue to receive beneficial guidance and support while you adjust to mainstream life again. It can be the difference between achieving long-term sobriety and relapsing.


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Why Choose Muse for Sober Living for Residents of Santa Ana?

Muse’s sober living homes are an extension of our top-rated rehab. At Muse, we want to provide you with everything you need in your recovery journey starting with the fundamentals of addiction treatment and carrying through to the long-term management of the disease. Our sober living homes for Santa Ana residents give you the guidance, support, and structure that you need to prevent relapse and create a sustainable day-to-day life.

If you are taking part in our medically-assisted treatment plan, which is a long-term medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program to prevent relapse and normalize brain function, then our sober living homes are the perfect place to stay while you continue to receive treatment. Muse is accredited and LegitScript monitored which means that your MAT program is effective and safe. Our sober living homes will give you an upper hand on preventing relapse after rehab.

Women's Sober Living for Residents of Santa Ana

Sober living is about creating a way of life that is conducive to your recovery. Oftentimes, being in a sober living home that is only for women can help to improve your recovery because you will be surrounded by people with similar experiences, staff members who are sensitive to your needs and requirements, and in a place where it’s easy to make new meaningful connections.

Our women’s sober living for residents of Santa Ana is open to women of the age of 18. You will follow house rules that include chores, taking care of yourself, and going to regular support group meetings. As you do your chores and stay on track with your recovery you’ll be awarded various rewards such as group outings and freedom from chores.


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Men's Sober Living for Residents of Santa Ana

Our men’s sober living for residents of Santa Ana offers you a way to be supported during your early recovery from alcohol or drug addiction after rehab. You will be living in a house with other men who are also in recovery. The shared goals that you have together with the constant push from those around you to stay sober can be hugely beneficial in preventing relapse. The men’s sober living homes open to Santa Ana residents are available for men over the age of 18.

Contact Muse Treatment and Recovery Center today to talk to us about your sober living home aftercare service. We are happy to help you find an ideal place to call home for a few months to help you adjust to your drug- and alcohol-free life.

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