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When it comes to drug addiction and lasting recovery, what happens in rehab matters, but in the end what happens after rehab can be even more critical. As you get ready to reenter society and return to your home in Santa Monica, you will need the support of your peers, and of the professionals at Muse Treatment Center.

At Muse, we are committed to the principles of sober living, and we have designed our sober living facility with those principles in mind. Through a combination of incentives and expectations, we support our clients as they move beyond rehab and into a life of successful recovery and drug-free living.

Those expectations include things like drug testing to ensure sobriety, house rules, and curfews. The incentives include the chance to earn privileges, along with the support and encouragement of your peers. We are dedicated to your sobriety, and your success is our success.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

When you are done with your stay at our residential rehab facility, you could go straight home to your old life in Santa Monica, CA, but we strongly encourage you to stick around and learn additional skills at our sober living facility. Designed with comfort, safety, and support in mind, our sober living facility offers a host of benefits for recovering addicts, enhancing the skills they have already developed while giving them time to develop new ones.

One of the most important benefits of sober living is the chance to attend 12-step meetings in the community. This time tested recovery model is one of the most powerful you will find, and when you stay with us you will have the chance to attend 12-step meetings as often as you like.

You will also get a chance to heal in a gender-segregated facility, so you can focus on your recovery instead of on the opposite sex. This model also allows you to learn from, and lean on, your fellow residents, swapping stories, encouraging one another, and building the skills you will need to return home with confidence.

So why not take the next step on your journey to recovery by staying with us a little longer? Our sober living facility is comfortable, spacious, and designed to enhance and support your ongoing recovery.


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Why Choose Muse For Sober Living for Santa Monica Residents

At Muse, we know that we are not the only choice for sober living in the Santa Monica, CA area, but we have worked hard to make our facility the best. With access to treatment and a 12-step plan, comfortable accommodations for men and women, and the support of counselors and other professionals, our sober living facility is second to none.

Our professional management team employs a combination of expectations and incentives, all designed to give you the strength you need and help you develop a relapse prevention play you can employ long after you have returned home. Through things like drug testing, curfews, and house rules, we provide the discipline you need to avoid temptation and develop the coping skills you will need.

We then partner those expectations and rules with a number of incentives, including the chance to earn certain privileges along the way. This, combined with our strict substance-free facility, is designed to help you heal, so your eventual return home can be a successful one.

Women's Sober Living Santa Monica

At Muse, we know that separating men and women can have a profound effect on the effectiveness of the sober living model. Our goal with this kind of separation is multifaceted, with an eye to helping our clients focus their energies and get the unbiased support they will need to move forward with confidence.

At our women’s sober living facility, you will have access to a wide range of services, including 12-step programs designed to give you the support you may have been lacking in your earlier life. Through our targeted approach to sober living, you will learn the skills you need to go home without falling prey to personal triggers or suffering a dangerous relapse.

Men's Sober Living Santa Monica

When you are struggling to stay clean and sober, you need all the support you can get, and that is why a stay in a sober living facility is such a valuable adjunct to your residential or outpatient drug treatment experience. Now that your body has had time to cleanse itself and you have learned some basic coping skills, it is time to take your newly recovered sobriety to the next level.

At Muse, we have designed our state of the art men’s sober living facility with the comfort, safety, privacy, and dignity of our Santa Monica, CA clients in mind. Through our unique sober living model, we can provide our clients with the ongoing support they need to not only maintain their sobriety but move through the world with newfound confidence.

When you leave the residential drug treatment facility and move into our men’s sober living facility, you will be surrounded by your newly sober peers, other men you can lean on when you are feeling down or worrying about the temptations you will face when you return home.

As a resident in our men’s sober living facility, you will also have access to a highly structured environment, one with firm ground rules designed to enforce your sobriety and help you move forward. Through drug tests, curfews, and other rules, we provide the structure you need to remain drug-free now that your rehab is in the rearview mirror. And with the ability to earn privileges and show off your dedication to sobriety, we provide the incentives you will need to lead a more successful life.

Through every step on your journey from addiction to recovery, you have shown great resolve and perseverance. You have worked very hard to regain your sobriety and stay drug-free, and now it is time to take the next step. We encourage you to stay with us at our sober living facility, and we promise to support you on this next step of your journey.

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