Top-Rated Drug Detox Program for Residents of Simi Valley

If you made the decision to stop using drugs such as prescription medication, methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin today, then within days or even hours, you’ll have to face your withdrawals symptoms. These symptoms can be so severe that even though you desperately want to stop using drugs because of what it’s doing to your life and health, you will feel forced to continue to use them just to alleviate your symptoms and cravings.

Our top-rated drug detox program for residents of Simi Valley, however, can change this experience for the better. With the help of our drug detox program, your symptoms will no longer make you feel like you need to carry on with your substance abuse because we can reduce your drug withdrawal symptoms and help you to manage the experience so that it is safe.

Let Muse Treatment and Recovery Center help you out of the grips of substance addiction by breaking the physical reliance that has formed over time on addictive drugs. Once you’ve completed your drug detox program for residents of Simi Valley, you will be able to move into our drug rehab program where the causes of your addiction will be treated and you will be given the tools to sustain your recovery and prevent future relapse.


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What is Detox Like?

Usually, drug detox by yourself is a very difficult experience. Your body has grown used to the presence of drugs and it alters the way that your brain and body function. When you then suddenly stop using drugs to try and detox, then the imbalance in your body creates withdrawal symptoms as your body tries to restore its normal function.

This situation means that without professional help, detox can be tough to finish but with our drug detox program for residents of Simi Valley, your symptoms can be treated which lets your body adjust back to normal without the sudden shock.

In our drug detox program, you will feel far more comfortable as you go through the 7-to-10-day detox experience. Some drugs such as Xanax can also have very serious side effects that may lead to death if untreated but in our program, we will be able to monitor your vitals and progress to ensure that you have a safe recovery.

What to Expect During Drug Detox

In your drug detox program for Simi Valley residents, you can expect to start with your detox as soon as you decide to stop. For drugs such as Xanax, it’s advised that you only stop once you can start your rehab program to avoid potentially dangerous symptoms from setting in too quickly.

Your drug detox program will provide you with medications to treat your symptoms. This will be a combination of over-the-counter medication to treat less severe symptoms such as nausea and other FDA-approved medications which will be the main treatment for your withdrawal symptoms. These prescribed medications are specifically designed to treat the withdrawal symptoms from various RX drug addictions, heroin, meth, and cocaine addiction.

You can expect your symptoms to start within the first day with some symptoms appearing within just a few hours. Most withdrawal symptoms from drugs will increase in intensity until about the third day when they peak. From here, your symptoms will become less and less until the physical hold that the drug has on you is broken.

Since drug detox does not treat substance use disorder, only the physical reliance that has been formed, you can expect to need further treatment after detox to treat your addiction. Addiction has three main causes which include your development, biology, and environment. Muse can provide you with comprehensive, personalized addiction treatment to help you to heal from the causes of addiction and overcome the things that prevent you from achieving long-term sobriety.

Behavioral therapy, holistic treatments, and aftercare programs are available for you at Muse Treatment and Recovery Center. Let us help you not only break the physical hold that meth, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs have but also help you to sustain your recovery so that your drug abuse doesn’t return in the future.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Our drug detox center for residents of Simi Valley is fully accredited by the non-profit that oversees and accredited healthcare facilities in the United States, The Joint Commission. Our healthcare experts combine multidisciplinary expertise allowing them to provide a truly comprehensive addiction treatment program starting with drug detox and moving over into all of the important treatments and therapies required to beat addiction including dual diagnosis treatment, trauma-focused therapy, holistic treatments, and a full range of evidence-based behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Muse Treatment is also monitored by an organization called LegitScript. This organization ensures that all of the medications used by rehab centers in the treatment of addiction are safely managed. This includes the medications that we use in our drug detox program for residents of Simi Valley and other programs such as our medically-assisted treatment – a long-term treatment program that uses medication to manage an addiction.

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, it will become clear that every healthcare professional and staff member in our rehab center is dedicated to helping people overcome addiction and passionate about what they do. Their compassion for each of our clients helps to improve recovery by offering a solid line of support through the recovery process.

Get in contact with Muse Treatment today so that we can help you safely and comfortably break the cycle of substance abuse. Our drug detox program for Simi Valley residents will make detox easy and simple.

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