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The long-term ramifications on your health from substance abuse can have a lasting effect on your brain function which leads to various problems such as depression and other brain imbalances. When a person has persistent negative health effects due to substance abuse, their recovery can be more difficult because of the constant presence of these effects on their life. It can make maintaining sobriety difficult as cravings and other symptoms persist.

In these situations, a standard treatment program can fall short even though the therapies and treatments are effective. To help in these situations, Muse Treatment and Recovery Center offer medically-assisted treatment (MAT) as a way to provide long-term support and treatment for people who have persistent conditions that were caused by their substance abuse. MAT is one of the best ways to maintain your sobriety especially if you’ve relapsed before or are showing signs of persistent health issues.

Our MAT addiction treatment for residents of Southern California is a life-changing treatment that can help when other treatments are not enough. With our comprehensive addiction treatment services together with the assistance of the MAT program, you’ll be able to surmount even the most severe addiction.

What is MAT?

MAT is a long-term addiction treatment program that aims to improve your brain function so that behavioral therapy and other forms of holistic treatment can be more effective. You will be given medications that provide several benefits such as normalizing brain function, reducing cravings and other persistent symptoms, helping to improve the effectiveness of therapy, and preventing the effects of substances so that relapse can’t occur.

MAT can be used for several months or years depending on what you need and is considered to be a long-term solution for addiction management with the goal of eventually not needing to use the medications anymore as therapy and other treatments start to take effect. Behavioral therapy is a required part of medically-assisted treatment.

One of the aspects of MAT programs that are important to understand is that you aren’t simply replacing one drug for another. Not only are the medications that are used difficult or impossible to abuse – many have built-in mechanisms that prevent the euphoric effects of drugs such as heroin – but without MAT, people would lose their lives. MAT is life-saving because many people that need the program would usually relapse due to the constant symptoms and when they relapse, the risk of overdose is high because of the drastically lowered tolerance.

Moreover, if relapse were to occur, then the medications that help to block the effects of substances such as alcohol or opioids prevent the effects that the person is after and instead cause negative effects. For example, medications for alcohol addiction can make a person feel like they skipped the normal intoxication and went straight to a hangover.

MAT programs are an essential part of effective addiction treatment for some people and our MAT program for residents of Southern California can help you to change your life and stop abusing drugs or alcohol.


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What to Expect During MAT?

Medically-assisted treatment programs for residents of Southern California are available at Muse and will usually be completed with other aspects of your personalized treatment program. You will have access to a range of treatments thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of our healthcare professionals such as dual diagnosis treatment, neuro-rehabilitation therapy, and many forms of behavioral therapies.

You can expect to start your recovery in our medical detox program. Detox will provide you with many of the same types of medications to control the initial intense withdrawal symptoms until you recover to a manageable state which usually takes about 7 days. After finishing the detox, you’ll start with your behavioral therapy and holistic treatments according to your recovery needs based on your personalized treatment plan.

The medications that you might use during your MAT program include methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine for opioid use disorder and disulfiram, naltrexone, and acamprosate for alcohol use disorder. Some of these medications are designed to prevent the effects of drugs while others work to restore proper brain function.

Muse drug rehab provides a nurturing and healing environment. You’ll be involved with healthcare professionals and other people in the program that will help to make you feel welcomed and supported during your recovery. The stress-free setting and the kind nature of our staff members will help to facilitate many of the positive changes in your life.

Why Choose Muse for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

When you undergo medically-assisted treatment, the medications that are used should be properly controlled so that the risk of issues is minimized. Muse is carefully monitored by LegitScript to help us ensure that medications are used safely and effectively. Muse Treatment is an accredited addiction rehab that maintains the standards that the Gold Seal of Approval represents.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center offers a comprehensive range of treatments that can be combined with our MAT program for residents of Southern California. This means that you’ll be able to take part in a range of effective treatment methods that are evidence-based and effective for addiction treatment. Our approach to addiction recovery is holistic which means that we treat not only the causes of your addiction but also help to improve the various aspects of your life.

Our medically-assisted treatment program is a crucial and effective addiction treatment method that can help to overcome severe substance use disorders. Our comprehensive treatments together with our welcoming sober community can open the door to your long-term sobriety. Get in contact with Muse today so that you can begin your MAT program for drug or alcohol addiction.

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