Couples Rehab for Residents of Thousand Oaks, CA

Addiction recovery already has its challenges even when you are supported by those around you. When you go through a rehab program and manage to achieve sobriety, being in a relationship where the other person is still abusing alcohol or drugs can make it difficult to maintain your abstinence from alcohol or drugs. However, if both you and your partner were to go to rehab together, then it can have a very positive effect on the long-term outcome of recovery.

With our couples rehab for residents of Thousand Oaks, you can find a way to go to rehab with your partner so that both of your lives can be improved and substance abuse can be prevented so that the problems associated with addiction are no longer a controlling factor.

In our couples rehab program, many of the common problems such as co-dependence, relationship problems that are caused by substance abuse such as arguments and isolation can be resolved. Our couples rehab for Thousand Oaks residents can help to repair and heal your relationship and provide both of you with evidence-based treatments that are very effective at treating addiction and bringing about long-term sobriety.

Research shows that when couples go to rehab together, the likelihood of both people staying in the program to its completion is much higher. Completing a rehab program, since recovery is a process, is a crucial part of long-term recovery. A large part of that is as a result of the support that you can provide each other during a drug and alcohol addiction recovery program. Being there for each other during and after rehab through the more difficult days can greatly improve both of your recoveries.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center provides you and your loved one with a specialty rehab program for couples. We understand how important support during recovery is and the combined support that you will receive from our caring staff members and healthcare professionals together with the support that you receive from your partner will play a major role in your sustained recovery.

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Benefits of Couples Rehab

Of course, one of the main and most important benefits of our couples rehab for Thousand Oaks residents is that you and your partner will be able to receive treatments and therapies such as a medical detox program and cognitive-behavioral therapy. These programs will ultimately help you and your partner to manage your addiction so that a drug- and alcohol-free life can be achieved.

In our couples rehab, the conflicts and problems in your relationship that stem from the abuse of drugs or alcohol can be worked on and resolved. You may discover that you’ve been unintentionally doing enabling behavior that leads to your partner abusing drugs or alcohol.

Through joint therapy, we can help to rebuild your relationship with healthy behaviors and address enabling behavior. It will help to improve your relationship and strengthen the bond that you have with your partner. Trust can be built and improved and you can learn how to be truly honest with each other to create a better relationship and improve your recovery.

In our couples rehab, one of the main benefits of receiving professional treatment alongside your partner is the support that you can give each other. You can never have enough support for recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and when you are with a person that you love, going through recovery and similar difficulties in early treatment, then it can have a significant impact.

The supportive element of going to rehab with your partner or spouse extends beyond just your time in our outpatient or inpatient rehab programs. After rehab, you will both be equipped with the skills to provide each other with assistance on difficult days. You’ll understand what your partner is going through and will know the best way to help them; whether it’s just being there to listen, taking them to a support group meeting, or helping them to prevent relapse.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

The treatment services that we offer at Muse for residents of Thousand Oaks are accredited by The Joint Commission. You can rest assured that you and your partner are receiving the best possible care for addiction. We offer a comprehensive treatment approach which means that all of the elements of treatment range from medical assistance during detox and evidence-based therapies to alternative treatments and aftercare services.

A key part of our success in treating addiction is that we create personalized treatment plans for each of our clients. When you first start your outpatient or inpatient program, you will sit in private with your caseworker so you can fully understand the potential causes of your addiction so that they can be later explored in the appropriate therapies. 

In our couples rehab for Thousand Oaks residents, we provide you and your partner with a medical detox program. This is a treatment program that will help you and your partner to overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms that occur when you stop using alcohol or drugs. It is a safe program because we can monitor your health 24/7 while providing you with FDA-approved medication to treat the specific symptoms of withdrawal. 

Therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and trauma-focused therapy will be provided for both of you based on your individual needs. You will also take part in joint therapy to help heal and strengthen your relationship.

At Muse Treatment, our interdisciplinary approach allows us to provide treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, which is common among people with substance use disorder. All of these facets of our couples rehab combined to create an ideal place to find professional treatment for you and your partner. Reach out to Muse today so that we can guide you and your partner through the steps of lasting recovery from addiction.

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