Top-Rated Prescription Drug Rehab for Residents of Thousand Oaks

Prescription drugs are an important part of helping people to deal with various issues that they have in their life. However, RX drugs require a prescription because they are also easy to get addicted to. Even if you use RX drugs as directed by your healthcare physician, addiction can still form because of how susceptible some people are to addiction or the effects of a particular drug. If you have become reliant on taking RX drugs just to make it to the end of the day and when you try to stop because of problems that you notice in your life you’re unable to, then our RX drug rehab can help.

Our top-rated prescription drug rehab for residents of Thousand Oaks caters to the various needs that people with an addiction to RX drugs such as opioid pain relievers, stimulants, and depressants have. Our step-by-step addiction treatment process is easy to follow and comprehensive so that every aspect of your sustained recovery is nurtured.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a way for you to receive personalized, private, and effective treatment that will help you to achieve long-term sobriety. You will feel like a part of our family and sober community as soon as you enter our doors and have a therapeutic, healing environment where you can undergo the positive changes to help you to stop the use of prescription drugs.


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What is RX Rehab Like?

Many rehabs can feel more like a cold clinic where you’re just another number. At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center for residents of Thousand Oaks, there is a sense of warmth and compassion as our staff members and healthcare workers together with our therapeutic environment create an ideal space in which you can recover.

It’s common to worry about what is going to happen when you stop using RX drugs once you’ve become reliant on them but your concerns will leave you once you see that we understand what you’re going through and our treatment programs address the things that may concern you, like withdrawal symptoms.

As an inpatient in our RX drug rehab for Thousand Oaks residents, you will stay in a fully furnished room where you can feel comfortable. You’ll wake up in the morning, make your bed and get ready, and then eat a healthy meal to prepare for the day ahead. Your day will be structured according to your personalized treatment plan. This structured approach can help to bring about a sense of normalcy again that may have been missing from your life during prescription drug abuse.

As an outpatient, you will have scheduled appointments throughout the week which means that you can continue to go to work or school and then receive our RX drug addiction treatment at times that suit you. Having the support of your family and friends during your recovery can be very beneficial.

Whether through our residential or outpatient prescription drug rehab programs, Muse will help you to feel welcomed and safe as you go through the treatments that will ultimately help you to abstain from drug use.

What to Expect During RX Rehab?

Our prescription drug rehab for residents of Thousand Oaks is a step-by-step process where the most important aspect of your recovery at the time is carefully handled. When you first start, you will have a chance to discuss the elements of your addiction with your caseworker so that the best possible treatment plan that is personalized to your needs can be made.

Since RX drugs are physically addictive, withdrawal symptoms are expected. Thankfully, we can treat these symptoms through our medical detox program that makes use of medications that are able to reduce your symptoms to the point where you will feel far more comfortable as you go through detox. This process lasts for roughly a week before you’re ready to continue with your treatment.

The next step in the recovery process involved holistic treatments and behavioral therapy. Holistic treatments are one of the essential ingredients to long-term recovery sustainability because there may be elements that are behind your substance abuse, such as another mental health disorder. If, for example, you have bipolar that hasn’t been treated, RX drugs may have been a way for you to self-medicate. Treating both the addiction at the same time as the co-occurring mental health disorder will result in better treatment outcomes.

Behavioral therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, is the cornerstone to addiction recovery. It is what will help to treat the major causes of addiction such as the environmental, biological, and developmental causes of addiction. These therapies will be carried out in a combination of private and group therapy sessions.

How Long Does RX Rehab for Residents of Thousand Oaks Last?

According to findings by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), there is an optimal time that one should continue to receive professional help for addiction. NIDA suggests that three months is required for the effectiveness of treatment to be apparent, which can be achieved through a combination of residential, outpatient, and aftercare programs.

Our RX drug rehab for Thousand Oaks residents can provide you with 30-, 60-, and 90-day prescription drug rehab programs. We offer these programs as both inpatient and outpatient options so you can dedicate all of your time to recovery or continue to remain autonomous to take care of responsibilities you may have while recovering from addiction.

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

Some of the top-most abused stimulant RX drugs include Adderall, Ritalin, Biphetamine, Concerta, and Dexedrine. Opioid and morphine derivatives that are most abused, according to NIDA, include Duramorph, Codeine, Methadose, Tylox, Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, Opana, and Duragesic. Among the most abused depressants in the United States are Ativan, Ambien, Valium, Xanax, Seconal, Lunesta, and Klonopin.

Why Choose Muse for RX Rehab?

Our RX drug rehab for people living in Thousand Oaks is a rehab that has been given the Gold Seal of Approval by the well-known non-profit, The Joint Commission. It is a testament to the level of our quality treatment services for prescription drug addiction. Moreover, our use of FDA-approved medications used in our medically-assisted treatment – a long-term treatment option – and our medical detox is LegitScript monitored to ensure that they are used well within safe limits.

Find the help you need to overcome prescription drug addiction through Muse Treatment and Recovery Center. We are standing by to take your call.

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