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Substance use disorder (SUD), or addiction, is hard enough to deal with by yourself but when both people in a relationship are struggling with SUD, then it can compound problems and make finding treatment seem more difficult. If just one of the people got treatment, then staying avoiding relapse can be more difficult because it’s too easy to fall into old patterns of behavior. 

Moreover, other issues such as a codependent relationship can compact the difficulties of overcoming addiction. Your relationship may be further strained by the abuse of drugs or alcohol, causing problems when there may not normally be any if it weren’t for the substance abuse.

The key to overcoming addiction when both people in a relationship are abusing drugs or alcohol is to take advantage of our couples rehab. When both people in the relationship find help together, they can strengthen each other’s recovery. When one person has a bad day and maybe facing trigger situations, then the other person can offer their support and help them to not relapse.

Through our couples drug and alcohol rehab programs for West Hollywood residents, you and your spouse or partner can get the professional help you both need to beat addiction and maintain your sobriety. While you both may be struggling at the moment because of the problems of substance abuse, through our holistic treatment approach you can create a life that both of you can take pleasure in and one that is sustainable.

Benefits of Couples Rehab

So, what are some of the benefits of taking part in couples rehab at Muse Treatment and Recovery Center? You and your partner will be taking part in a combination of joint and individual therapy. Through joint therapy, you can expect to work on areas of your relationship that will help you to improve your communication, bringing the two of you closer together and able to provide better support.

You may have begun to feel more isolated from your partner due to the effects of addiction, but during your recovery with your partner, the effects of addiction will dissipate and you will start to feel more connected again as intimacy grows.

Therapy during your recovery will help to strengthen your relationship as healthy ways of interaction are reinforced and the shared experience of recovery brings you closer together. These ideas will cultivate better relapse prevention in the future as you can be the rock that your partner needs during long-term recovery.

Of course, one of the most important benefits of couples rehab at Muse is that you will be able to overcome addiction. The addiction that you both share to drugs or alcohol is something that has been causing a lot of individual problems as well as issues between the two of you. Breaking an addiction at Muse is a transformative experience and can help you both to embrace a healthy life and sustainable future.


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Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is one of the best rehabs for residents of West Hollywood looking for a place that will give them the best possible chance of achieving long term sobriety. We closely follow the best evidence-based methods of treating addiction including all of the principles of effective treatment according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Some of the principles of effective treatment include creating tailor-made treatment plans so that you and your partner can have the most benefit possible from the evidence-based treatment. We can provide professional treatment for dual diagnosis cases where there is a second mental health disorder that is occurring with addiction, which is one of the causes of addiction and requires treatment to achieve long-term sobriety.

At Muse, we also offer medically-assisted treatment (MAT) which is the use of FDA-approved medication to help prevent relapse when used in conjunction with behavioral therapies. It can offer a long-term treatment solution that is very effective at reducing cravings in the long term and even preventing the effects of a substance – especially effective in the treatment of opioid use disorder and alcohol addiction.

At Muse, we treat you as a part of our family. We understand how difficult addiction can be on your mind, body, and spirit. We strive to heal you and your partner through a whole-patient approach treating not only the addiction but assisting you with other areas of your life. This holistic treatment approach can make a significant impact on your long-term treatment success.

In our inpatient or outpatient rehab program, we will start by assessing your and your partner’s unique needs concerning recovery. Since substance addiction is often tied to physical addiction, we can help to negate the effects of withdrawal with medications that we provide, making you feel more comfortable and reducing all of the most severe symptoms that you would normally face in detox. 

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we understand that addiction recovery is a long-term process, and support from a community is key to success. We, therefore, offer a range of aftercare programs including 12-step support groups and sober living homes to help you to better adjust to mainstream life while still being supported and guided along your recovery journey.

Find the professional help that you are your partner needs to treat the causes of addiction so that the two of you can rebuild a happy life that isn’t constrained by substance abuse. We will help you and your relationship to thrive in the months and years to come. Addiction doesn’t have to be a controlling factor in your lives; give Muse Treatment and Recovery Center a call today to take advantage of the comprehensive treatment programs that we offer for couples suffering from addiction.

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