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At Muse, we have become a top rated alcohol detox program for residents of Westminster by excelling in three areas.  First, we work with top notch professionals in every field.  From our medical staff of doctors and nurses, to our drug and alcohol counselors, to our support personnel who provide nutritional, physical therapy, educational and other services, we make sure our team offers outstanding treatment and support in every area.  Second, we have amazing facilities available for residents of Westminster.  Our inpatient care facility is filled with amenities to make our guests feel as at home as possible.  Third, we offer fully customized care to all of our patients.  We know that by combining traditional and alternative care options that we can meet the needs of each one of our clients.  

No one needs to struggle with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) on their own. At Muse, our comprehensive services take people from an initial consultation to day one of recovery to alcohol detox and rehab and beyond.  When you work with the exceptional professionals at Muse we are with you every step of the way. We are here to help.  Call us today to find out more about our top rated alcohol detox program so that we can start you down the road to sobriety and recovery. 

What is Alcohol Detox Like?

Alcohol detox is sometimes seen as a first step completed prior to beginning rehab treatment and in some slightly different programs it is part of a rehabilitation plan.  Either way, alcohol detox can be a tough process but it must be the first step in any alcoholic’s recovery.  Simply put, alcohol detox begins when a person who suffers from AUD stops drinking and commits to receiving treatment.  Sometimes people stop drinking just to prove they can do it, but this is not truly the purpose of alcohol detox.  Alcohol detox when combined with rehab and often aftercare services is the first phase of a person’s recovery.  

Anyone who is dependent on or addicted to alcohol will most likely suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking.  This can happen in as little as a few hours depending on how long a person has been drinking and suffering from AUD.  The severity of a person’s withdrawal symptoms is also impacted by how much and how long they have been abusing alcohol.  Every person who is addicted to any substance, including alcohol, will react differently when they stop.  Some people will only be affected physically, while others will have mental and emotional reactions, too.  That’s why it’s important to choose a top rated alcohol detox program so that your specific treatment needs can be met.


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What to Expect During Detox?

At Muse, there are a lot of things to expect during detox.  First, we want to make sure each and every one of our guests is comfortable.  We do this by providing a wonderfully appointed facility where we provide as many amenities as possible.  Second, we take every patient through a step-by-step admission process.  We know that people struggling with AUD often neglect their health when they are drinking, so we start with a full medical workup.  We do this to both ensure there are no underlying conditions that have gone undetected and also to make sure no part of a patient’s treatment runs contrary to their general health needs.  Third, outside of any other treatment, we ensure that each guest stays properly hydrated, eats right, and gets plenty of rest as they go through the detox process.  These simple things that most people would take for granted on a day-to-day basis can make a big impact on a person’s success in alcohol detox.   In the end, going through alcohol detox in a safe, secure, supportive facility where patient care is of the highest concern is the best way to start your recovery. 

How Long is Detox?

Beginning alcohol detox is a big step in the right direction for anyone who has been suffering from AUD.  It’s a big decision to admit you need help and to start on your road to recovery.  When someone chooses to try and detox on their own, there are a lot of stumbling blocks that can prevent them from successfully completing the process.  People often try drinking much smaller amounts of alcohol as they begin withdrawal in an effort to take the edge off of their symptoms.  While this seems like a positive step, to be drinking much less than usual, it’s not how the detox process works.  To completely remove any substances from your system in order to be ready for drug or alcohol rehab, you must no longer be using or drinking.

Alcohol detox takes from a week to 10 days.  This might not seem like a long period of time but anyone who smokes cigarettes or drinks coffee or other caffeinated beverages on a regular basis knows, when your body expects a certain substance on a consistent basis, if it doesn’t get it, there’s a reaction.  Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are rarely life threatening but they can be anywhere from uncomfortable to painful.  By taking part in a residential alcohol detox program, medical and rehab professionals can take steps to help mitigate your withdrawal symptoms. 


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Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Detox?

Once you’ve made the decision to get help with your struggle with alcohol, finding a top rated alcohol detox program is the next logical step.  That’s why you should choose Muse for your alcohol detox treatment.  Our highly-trained professionals will ensure that you receive the best possible treatment during this important first step in your journey to recovery.  We have worked hard to be able to provide all of the tools you need to begin your sobriety on the right foot and continue on successfully into recovery.  If you or a loved one is suffering from AUD or alcohol is having an effect on your life or theirs in any way, call us today.  We have the programs you need to help you make a positive change in your life.

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