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For many people who have not been exposed to alcohol or drug rehabilitation and have not needed treatment themselves, misconceptions about drug treatment can occur.  A lot of individuals who travel the road from drug abuse and addiction to clean and sober living in recovery go through a number of phases during their journey.  Once you have been educated on some of the aspects of alcohol and drug rehab plans, you will understand the logic involved in how the steps of the process progress.  

One of the key steps is drug detox.  It’s important to find a top rated drug detox program that caters to each client’s specific needs, and that’s what we at Muse do for the residents of Westminster, California.   

At Muse, customized care for each of our patients is one of the main aspects of the services we offer and this starts with having a top rated drug detox program.  Many of our patients take part in drug detox, residential drug rehab, outpatient therapy, aftercare services, as well as taking advantage of our educational resources.  In some cases, friends, family and loved ones of our clients also take part in therapy or educational sessions in order to help the person in their life successfully enter recovery.  By starting the rehabilitation process with inpatient drug detox, an  individual is creating a strong foundation for their long-term sobriety.  If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, contact us at Muse today.  We have the facilities, staff and programs for Westminster, CA residents that will help you make the change in your life that you seek.   

What is Detox Like?

Drug detox is the process by which all traces of alcohol and drugs are removed from the body.  In essence, it is a preparatory step ensuring that a person is physically stable and ready to start drug rehab therapy. Quitting using drugs or alcohol once you have become addicted can seem like a simple step in theory but can be a tough initial goal to accomplish in reality.  That’s why it’s a very good idea to work with an organization that has a top notch drug detox program.  Attempting to detox at home on your own is a positive step in the right direction but there are many pitfalls that you can encounter.  First, even if you fully eliminate any substances in your home, when you are not in a detox program facility, one way or another you do have the ability to acquire more of your drug of choice.  It’s very hard to predict what withdrawal symptoms a person will experience and how severe they will be when they stop using or drinking.  Being in a residential drug detox facility from day one of your recovery allows the professionals you will be working with to take action when withdrawal symptoms occur.  

The second part of being in an inpatient drug detox setting is the attention to your general health.  For a lot of people who have been drinking or abusing drugs for some time, their attention to their overall health has waned.  Simple things like making sure you are eating properly, staying hydrated, and getting a good amount of rest are all part of the inpatient drug detox environment.  On a more detailed health level, all patients have an initial checkup where their medical status is assessed and any issues are addressed.  During drug detox, patients have their vitals taken on a regular basis to ensure that neither withdrawal symptoms nor treatment steps are impacting an individual’s health in any way.  A guest’s overall comfort allows them to be fully committed to the drug detox process.  Knowing that there are always medical professionals available gives them the peace of mind to remain steadfast in reaching the initial milestone of completing the detox process.

The third aspect of our top rated drug detox program is our integration of therapy in conjunction with the physical process of removing substances from your system.  Drug addiction affects a person’s mind, body and spirit and the sooner that some of the mental and emotional issues can be addressed, the better.  Many substances that we treat have withdrawal symptoms that aren’t physical, and these include nervousness, irritability, anxiety, agitation, depersonalization, panic attacks, paranoia and suicidal ideations.  All of these can be mitigated through therapy sessions that occur during inpatient drug detox.  In addition to all of these aspects of the programs we offer, there are also specific care options for certain drug categories, for example, opioid addiction, that we provide at Muse, too.  So be sure to ask about alternate care options when you speak to one of our drug treatment counselors. 


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How Long Does Detox Take?

As a general concept, there is no specific timeframe for the completion of a person’s alcohol or drug rehabilitation.  Every individual who has had their life impacted by drugs or alcohol is affected in different ways and their journey to sobriety and recovery are unique to them.  However, there are parts of the overall process that have typical lengths of time associated with them.  Drug detox typically takes from four to 10 days to have all of a substance out of a person’s system.  This can vary with some specific drugs, like substances in the opioid category, and exact treatment options can impact the length of time involved, too.  

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

When you choose Muse for drug detox, you are opting to work with an organization that provides a comfortable, safe, secure and supportive environment for you to start your care.  By choosing Muse, you will work with highly-trained professionals across a variety of fields.  You will also have the opportunity to transition directly into a residential drug rehab program with us. This continuity of care can make a big difference when it comes to your overall success in the initial phases of your recovery. Please contact us today to learn about our top rated drug detox program for Westminster residents and all of the other services we offer at Muse. 


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