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When it comes to a person’s overall alcohol or drug rehab treatment, there are often many aspects and phases that go into the plan we develop for them at Muse Treatment.  At Muse, we offer inpatient care, outpatient treatment, detox, rehab, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs, educational services, case management, employment assistance, and many other services including coordinating and providing sober living facilities.  One of the reasons why you should choose Muse is because sober living for residents of Westminster is one of the many options we offer as part of our comprehensive treatment plans.  By integrating many different treatment options and associated services, we at Muse know that residents of  Westminster who choose us are getting the best possible care available.  

No one ever plans to have alcohol or drug rehab as a part of their life.  However, we all face trials of one type or another and at Muse we offer people the assistance they need to address their struggles with drugs or alcohol.  Sober living for men and women is just one of the many ways we help people change the direction their life is going.  If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), or any other type of substance abuse, give us a call.  We are here to help.  Be sure to ask about our sober living options when you speak to one of our exceptional alcohol and drug rehab counselors.  It may be just what you need to be successful in recovery.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

Sober living is an excellent way to have structure provided in your life while you are beginning your recovery.  Whether you have taken part in a residential treatment program and are transitioning into outpatient care or if you are just beginning your recovery and need a drug and alcohol-free environment, the benefits of sober living are many.  Sober living homes are safe, supportive environments that allow residents to focus on their progress in recovery.  Sober living homes are available for both men and women.  At Muse, we have decided to use a gender-seperated model as it lowers the amount of stress in a sober house that may be caused by people starting new relationships.  Staying in a sober living home allows you to go to school or work, attend rehab treatment, and take part in 12-step program activities. 

There are rules when a person stays at a sober living home, and we at Muse see these as some of the benefits, too.  When someone is held to a higher standard than they have been in the past, they gain self respect. When they can live by a set of rules and lead by example for others, they gain the respect of their associates, too.  This all helps build up a person whose life may have been knocked down a few levels by substance abuse. 


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Why Choose Muse For Sober Living Westminster?

Muse provides exceptional services to people throughout the greater Los Angeles area, including Winchester and Orange County.  When you choose Muse for sober living in Westminster, you are opting to work with an organization that will be with you every step of the way, through any of the many levels of care we offer.  At Muse, we offer comprehensive, fully-customized treatment, which sober living can be a part of if it fits the needs of the client.  At Muse, our goal is to find the right combination of treatments and services that are going to allow each individual client to be successful in their recovery. 

Women's Sober Living for Residents of Westminster

Men and women are affected differently as a general rule by how drugs or alcohol have altered their lives.  Women often feel guilt and remorse about the way things have gone in their lives and by living in a safe, supportive environment they can once again feel good about themselves.  Rehab in combination with sober living is not about forgetting the past, but learning from it and moving forward.  Women are also more likely to have a dual diagnosis, and at Muse we work with the appropriate combination of medical staff and therapists so that everything a person is facing is addressed.  This is supported through our teams at our sober living homes, too.  

The Muse Los Angeles Women’s sober living homes are located conveniently near entertainment complexes, local colleges and transportation hubs in many communities in the greater Los Angeles area and close by to Westminster.  These include Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica.  Our sober living homes provide safe places for women in Westminster and the area that are 18 years or older.  At Muse we try to support our clients in as many ways as possible and this includes coordinating legal services as well as providing progress reports to any agencies.  


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Men's Sober Living for Residents of Westminster

Our sober living homes for men are also geared towards those 18 and over.  There are many similarities between our sober living houses for men and women, and that includes the standards residents must live up to as part of staying in our homes.  These include attending the 12-step meetings conducted in each home, attending regular house meetings, never being in possession of any kind of drugs or alcohol, completion of core responsibilities as directed by house leaders (chores, etc.), always using the common areas responsibly and respectfully, and always arriving home by the required time. The structure we provide in our sober living homes has proven to effectively assist people successfully begin their recovery.  

Men also have a lot of pride and can harbor feelings of regret when it comes to their past and drugs or alcohol.  Staying in a sober living home allows men to see that they are not alone and make connections with others who are going through the same stage of their life. Lastly, there’s always someone to ask for help when you stay in a sober living home.  There can be tough days during rehab and you never need to struggle in silence when you stay with us at a Muse sober living house. 

If you’d like to know more about our sober living homes or any of our other services, call us today.

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