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Nearly every aspect of your life is affected in one way or another when you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Having a substance use disorder can have a negative impact on your job, your finances, school if you’re a student, and almost certainly, your friendships, family, and romantic life.

Residents of Woodland who are combating alcohol or drug addiction at the same time as their partner can feed one another on through a vicious cycle of substance abuse that begins to escalate to severely dangerous levels. 

When just one-half of a couple is suffering with substance dependency, it becomes more and more difficult to cohabitate due to the irresponsibility, emotional distancing, and, perhaps, deception and abuse that can ensue. 

It’s not too late to get help together at Muse Treatment. We offer highly effective alcohol and drug rehab programs for couples residing in Woodland.

Our professional team at Muse provides exceptional couples rehab services that are available to residents of Woodland. It’s not uncommon for both an individual and their significant other to abuse substances together. If this is your situation, it’s best to seek professional rehab help for both of you at the same time.

Couples who are in the throes of addiction may eventually find that their relationship begins to unravel, even if they are committed to making things work. This is especially true if the two people in a relationship only seem to enjoy one another’s company when they’re using drugs, drinking alcohol together. They may also only tend to be able to talk about their relationship when they’re high or drunk. 

When one or both partners are struggling with an addiction to substances, physical, emotional or verbal abuse can be aimed at one or the other person, further eroding the relationship that can evolve into a domestic abuse issue. Individuals suffering with substance use disorder may lash out either with violence or passive-aggressive behavior towards those closest to them.

Arguments and resentment are common when couples don’t live up to their shared responsibilities at home, such as cooking meals, cleaning or taking care of children. Shirking of duties and obligations are typically related to substance abuse. As individuals or couples spend most of their time and energy on obtaining and using substances, responsibilities at home, school and work often get pushed to the wayside.  

Couples rehab at Muse is a treatment program that both parties can attend together to overcome addiction and hopefully save their relationship and possibly a family from disintegrating. If the couple is truly committed to both recovery and their relationship, our couples’ treatment at Muse can be the key to long-lasting sobriety and a healthier partnership.

Having the motivation to make some important changes in life is vital to a strong recovery from any substance use addiction treatment program. The same is true for couples rehab programs. 

Benefits of Couples Rehab

Couples rehab is extremely helpful for a number of reasons, particularly if both people are strongly committed to one another and to achieving sobriety. When both partners are ready and willing to begin a recovery program, couples rehab at Muse Treatment will not only help them break free from addiction, but it will also add strength to their relationship as the partners take a closer look at the issues that were at the root of their substance use disorders.

If you and your significant other are struggling with addiction, it’s important that you both come to grips with what’s behind the initial attraction to alcohol or drugs and the motivations to keep abusing them. Learning about the issues you and your partner have been living with or have gone through in the past can help tremendously in better understanding one another’s substance abuse disorder. 

During couples rehab at Muse Treatment, each of you will take part in individual counseling sessions to help you uncover the underlying reasons behind your addictive disease. In addition, our various types of cognitive behavioral therapy focus on helping you improve your communication and problem-solving skills as well as increasing the ways you can support one another in recovery.

Couples rehab also provides you with the education, counseling, and tools for working together more productively now and when you’re both in recovery. Many couples with addiction problems tend to have difficulties setting boundaries, expressing their emotions, making good decisions, parenting their children, and handling household finances. Couples therapy and education works on helping partners improve all of these skills, including providing ways to cope with potential triggers that can lead to a relapse. 

Participating in a 12-Step program during or after rehab, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, provides spouses with the support they need to remain in recovery and avoid a return to substance use.

In situations where just one partner is battling addiction, the other partner will reap many benefits from participating in couples rehab at Muse. He or she will become more educated on ways to manage their partner’s triggers in order to help maintain their sobriety. Specialized couples rehab therapy educates you on ways to overcome hurdles that crop up, prevent relapse, and find the long-term recovery you both seek.


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Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Our spousal or partner rehab for alcohol and drug addiction at Muse Treatment is an exceptional one. We’ve put together a highly trained therapeutic team that will address the underlying causes of each person’s addiction issues so that future relapse can be avoided. Our highly trained counselors work with you both to help you better understand one another’s needs through behavioral couples therapy and creating a sort of contract for recovery with one another. This agreement to not drink or use substances on a daily basis requires the mutual support of each half of the couple. 

Couples alcohol and drug rehab for Woodland residents can take place on an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending upon the need for a period of detox, which is typically performed residentially for 5-7 days. 

If your significant other or both of you are grappling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, call us at Muse Treatment. Our couples alcohol and drug rehab program is highly effective in helping you regain control of your life and your relationship. We are available to help couples move on in sobriety together. 


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