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The personalized drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs offered at Muse Treatment are highly acclaimed for their effectiveness and success in helping residents of Woodland achieve long-lasting sobriety. 

For some people suffering with substance use disorder, treatment that utilizes certain medications becomes necessary to ease the discomfort associated with detox and help relieve cravings and anxiety that can linger during rehab treatment and even while in recovery.

Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) programs for residents of Woodland are available at Muse Treatment to help keep you or your loved ones on a healthy path towards maintaining freedom from substance use.

Our board-certified clinicians prescribe only FDA-approved medications to residents of Woodland and others who need Muse Treatment’s MAT addiction treatment. If you’re enrolled in one of our inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment programs, our addiction specialists will be able to assess your need for MAT therapy on site.

We also look forward to serving you if you need to continue using your doctor-prescribed medications for an addiction to illicit substances while participating in rehab services at Muse Treatment.

What is MAT?

Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a program designed to help you control cravings for substances on a long-term basis. This hunger for certain drugs or alcohol can linger in some individuals, even when detox and rehab treatment has been completed and you’re in recovery. Strong urges to use substances again can lead to a relapse if not controlled with the combination of medications and cognitive behavioral therapy that are the foundations for medically assisted treatment at Muse. 

MAT can be helpful during withdrawal from substances and while you’re in treatment. This therapy is also useful while you’re in recovery for a certain period of time. 

The medications used during MAT are different, depending upon the type of substance you were addicted to. If you were dependent on opioid substances, the professionals at Muse can treat you using medications based on buprenorphine ingredients, such as Suboxone and Subutex. These pharmaceutical agents are helpful in treating withdrawal symptoms associated with detox from prescription painkillers and illegal drugs like heroin. 

Medications like Suboxone can help alleviate the discomfort of some symptoms from detox that can remain. It treats lingering headaches, muscular aches, nausea and excessive sweating. Our clinical team keeps a careful watch on your response to medications and the dosages used during MAT. We also couple our MAT program with traditional rehab therapies for a more effective detox and treatment process. We don’t want the discomfort of opiate withdrawal to cause you to lapse back into substance use, which is why we believe Suboxone and Subutex buprenorphine-based medications give you a greater chance at sustaining a long-lasting recovery.

For clients who are struggling with a co-existing mental health disorder, MAT programs at Muse can help reduce symptoms, such as those associated with anxiety and panic disorders. Our drug rehab specialists and our clients find that therapy is much more effective when emotional turmoil is reduced with the help of certain medications. 

Our team utilizes anti-anxiety medicines to relieve stress and improve restfulness during treatment. These medicines are used on a short-term basis to avoid any chance of creating a new addiction and include benzodiazepine-based drugs, such as Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin or Dalmane. 

The professionals at Muse Treatment also use MAT for individuals who need to keep up their doctor-prescribed medications for various disorders while attending rehab treatment with us. Muse is a permissive rehab program provider, meaning that we understand that certain prescribed pharmaceuticals are necessary to maintain the health and well-being for some persons undergoing rehab treatment. Some patients undergoing treatment with us for substance use disorder may be taking certain prescription stimulants to treat their co-existing mental health issues, ranging from ADD/ADHD to narcolepsy to eating disorders and so on. At Muse, we do allow our patients who are under a physician’s care to continue taking their prescribed stimulants, which may be drugs like Vyvanse, Ritalin, Adderall or Concerta, while they take part in our MAT program.


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What to Expect During MAT?

During your MAT therapy at Muse, you can expect to see positive results pertaining to your physical, emotional and psychological progress regarding addiction recovery. Our MAT program is specifically designed to meet your individual needs for achieving long-term recovery from addiction with as little discomfort and anxiety as possible.

We use only FDA-approved medications in our MAT programs. These medicines help to rebalance the chemicals in your brain that can prevent you from realizing your sobriety goals. The medications we prescribe to you will depend upon the substance you were dependent on. As mentioned earlier, Suboxone or Subutex, for example, are our preferred substitute medicines for clients overcoming an addiction to opioids.

Prescription medications, however, aren’t the only ingredients that make up a successful MAT program at Muse Treatment for residents of Woodland. During your time in this rehab program, you’ll also take part in various types of cognitive behavioral therapies and counseling sessions to help you finally be released from the hold that addiction has had on your life. 

MAT must be used in conjunction with therapy, because without professional counseling from trained therapists, medically assisted treatment is not an effective treatment for recovery when used in isolation.

Why Choose Muse for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

At Muse Treatment for Woodland residents, MAT is an excellent choice if you’re dealing with persistent, lingering withdrawal symptoms and cravings that can interfere with your recovery.

By using only FDA-approved medications, the professionals at Muse Treatment keep a close watch on your progress and any adverse reactions to these medicines to ensure your safety and comfort.

Our trained therapists assist you in exploring the underlying causes associated with your addiction to substances while you undergo medically assisted treatment. Our behavioral therapy modalities are unique to your needs so we can help you improve your life in recovery, assisting you with your career goals, any mental health issues, and the tools and education you need to avoid relapse.


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