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Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles at Muse

The Muse Los Angeles Inpatient Rehab Center is a safe haven for recovery from substance abuse and other mental health disorders. The basis for our success stems from our community-oriented program. The strengths and goals of our community are dynamic—created and developed by each participating individual. Our inpatient drug rehab program prides itself on a safe experience to recover and adjust to a new life in sobriety, while allowing clients to maintain a strong sense of integrity and individuality.

The Muse inpatient rehab community focuses primarily on three main facets of programming:

(1) Therapy and Discovery

Many therapeutic modalities are utilized beyond the standard individual cognitive-behavioral therapy.

(2) Relapse Prevention and Education

Long-term recovery is not possible without a plan for relapse prevention and coping mechanisms for triggers are established.

(3) Brain Training

Each aspect of our program is effective in helping clients build a strong foundation in recovery so that you or your loved one can be successful while in treatment, and in life beyond.

Muse believes in total self-healing focusing on mind, body and spirit. Muse offers thematic process groups facilitated by highly trained substance abuse and mental health clinicians. Many topics are explored in communal based group settings, some of which include; mindfulness, somatic exercises, acupuncture, meditation, self-esteem, self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics and many others. In addition, Muse offers bi-weekly art therapy, journaling workshops, yoga, and cardio classes. Clients’ day-to-day struggles and experiences are addressed, and corrective behaviors are taught and practiced. Muse offers educational lectures and seminars focusing on anger management, dealing with cravings, and effective communication. Weekly groups focus on a number of issues which are most likely to cause relapse such as; poor nutrition, inappropriate or non-existent vocational/educational goals, unhealthy interpersonal relationships, triggers and more.

The brain itself is a major focal point of Muse’s treatment philosophy. Muse offers an integrated neural rehabilitation program, which includes neurofeedback and research-driven cognitive training. By using classical neuropsychological assessments in addition to qEEG, our Muse specialists are able to accurately identify problem areas of the brain—areas that, if unaddressed, almost certainly lead to relapse. Substance abuse often inhibits the brain’s effectiveness concerning executive function therefore; cognitive training is integrated into the neurofeedback program in order to counteract the damage that substance abuse has caused.

Muse believes in using an empirically proven approach to the treatment of substance abuse and other mental health disorders. We are sensitive to the investment that treatment can be, and affordability is a cornerstone of Muse’s commitment to our clients. To that end, most major insurance companies are accepted to help offset the cost of treatment and help preserve our clients’ resources. Muse Treatment believes in client care above all, and we successfully guide our clients from the perils of substance abuse and mental illness to the freedom of recovery. Contact us using the form below to learn more about our inpatient drug rehab options.

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