Couples Rehab for Residents of Austin, TX

What happens when you want to find help for substance addiction for both you and your partner? You could go to different rehabs or the same rehab where you might be treated as two separate individuals even though the dynamics between your relationship are an important aspect of your recovery. If only one of you goes into rehab then when you finish your program, your partner may unknowingly cause you to be pressured into further alcohol or drug abuse.

Muse has a way for you and your partner to receive help for alcohol or drug addiction together through our couples rehab for residents of Austin. The abuse of drugs or alcohol can cause significant problems between you and your partner. It can lead to hardships and fights that might not normally occur and issues such as codependence can result in more problems when substance abuse is involved.

Through our couples rehab for Austin residents, we can help you and your spouse or partner to resolve relationship problems, work on areas of your relationship that are detrimental to your recovery, and strengthen your relationship so that the support and love that you can give each other becomes a benefit to both of your recoveries.

Muse’s couples rehab, located in Los Angeles, is a perfect out-of-state rehab that can give you and your partner a break from substance-abusing friends, troubled relationships that lead to substance abuse, and the negative patterns of behavior that make it difficult for you and your partner to establish a drug- and alcohol-free life. We also offer our treatment services for couples at our Texas location.


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Benefits of Couples Rehab

Research suggests that when couples go to rehab together, it helps to improve the completion rate, and with higher rehab program completion rates comes better treatment results. Not only is it easier to remain in a drug or alcohol rehab program with your partner but the support that you are able to give you each other during recovery at our addiction rehab for Austin residents will work to enhance both of your recovery processes. Being there for each other during the more difficult days in rehab, even though we provide ample support through our sober community and our staff members, will be invaluable.

In our couples rehab program, you will be involved with joint therapy sessions with your partner. This will be where you can work through various issues that may be present in your relationship with the goal of improving communication, positive support, and trust. You will have a better appreciation of your partner as you learn things about them and how they perceive things that will help you to form a deeper bond and provide better caring and support in the months to come after rehab.

At our couples rehab program for alcohol and drug addiction for residents of Austin, the biggest benefit is that you and your loved one have access to some of the best treatments available for addiction. We have comprehensive treatments for addiction that encompass every aspect of your healing and recovery. Being in our rehab program with your spouse or partner can be a life-changing experience that improves your relationship while learning to manage your addiction. Substance abuse doesn’t have to control your or your partner’s life anymore. Let Muse help you and your partner to overcome addiction and build a life where you can both thrive.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse Treatment is a rehab that has all of the most effective evidence-based treatments for addiction. Our 4-phase treatment solution will guide you and your partner through all of the individual steps to achieve lasting recovery. Our addiction treatment services are specialized for each substance and we have been fully accredited by The Joint Commission.

Our healthcare workers have interdisciplinary expertise. This is very important in addiction recovery because to effectively treat addiction, other areas that may not seem related must be explored and treated such as co-occurring mental health disorders. Muse has a range of evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and a holistic range of treatment programs such as neuro-rehabilitation therapy. The holistic approach to treatment that we take at Muse is what helps us to be so effective at helping our clients to sustain their recovery.

Muse also offers a medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program which can be very effective at normalizing brain function and helping a person to sustain their recovery. It also helps to prevent loss of life due to overdose. Some of the medications used to block the effects of drugs such as opioids which means that if relapse were to happen down the line, then the drug won’t have an effect. Overdose has a high chance to occur in relapse situations because the person isn’t used to their lowered tolerance and may take too much.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center provides the ideal platform for positive change in a recovering person’s life and in the life of their partner’s going through rehab together. Our treatment programs are personalized to each person so that treatment can be effective. While you’ll take part in joint therapy with your partner, you will also participate in individual and group therapy.

Addiction recovery is a long process. The ultimate goal is to manage addiction so that it doesn’t cause further problems and disruption in your and your partner’s life. Since recovery happens over months and even years, we offer aftercare programs such as our support group meetings and sober living homes so that a continuum of care is established, helping with the transition from rehab to your and your partner’s mainstream life.

Reach out to us today so that we can help you and your loved one through our couples rehab program for Austin residents. We can help both you and your loved one through the process of addiction recovery so that sustained recovery can be achieved.


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