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Whether you are suffering from addiction yourself or trying to get help for an addicted family member or friend, you may think that getting clean and staying sober are the same thing. You may think that making it through rehab and overcoming the pain of withdrawal will be the end of the road and that life from there will be easy.

For those who have been through detox and rehab, these naïve assumptions are often viewed with a combination of horror and sadness. Those who have been through addiction, withdrawal, and recovery understand that getting clean and staying sober are two different things and that maintaining your hard-won sobriety is often the most difficult part of the process, not the easiest.

Given the difficulties inherent in staying sober, it only makes sense that going home directly from a rehab facility is not always the best approach. When recovering addicts, including residents of Dallas, TX, go back home, they will immediately be facing all their old triggers, and that could spark a harmful relapse.

That is why we recommend a stay in sober living as a bridge between the intensity and effectiveness of inpatient or outpatient rehab and a return back home. With the sober living model, instead of moving back home immediately after your stay in drug rehab is over, you will remain at our beautiful Los Angeles facility, and you will continue to receive sober living assistance as long as you stay here. If you are happy with your recovery but ready to learn even more coping skills, we encourage you to give the sober living model a try.


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Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

Getting clean and staying sober can be two different things, and that is what sober living is all about. Sober living has a number of important benefits for residents of Dallas, TX, including greater effectiveness, additional support and guidance, and advice on how to find local 12-step meetings and peer group support when you return back home.

You can think of your stay in sober living as a kind of bridge, one that will connect you from the life you just left, the life of addiction, to the life you are anxious to return to, the successful life you envision when you are back home with your home and family.

The gulf underneath that bridge may be wider and deeper than you realize, and that is why a stay in sober living is such a smart idea. Instead of moving right back home and facing your triggers unassisted, you will stay with us and build up your coping skills. By the time you do return home, you will have an arsenal of tools you can use, including a detailed relapse prevention plan you can lean on any time life gets difficult. We know you are anxious to go home, but we encourage you to stay with us and experience the benefits of sober living for yourself.

Why Choose Muse For Sober Living Dallas, TX

At Muse Treatment Center, we are big believers in the sober living treatment model, but we also know that we are not the only choice. That is why we have worked so hard to build a better sober living facility in sunny Los Angeles, and why we employ the best counselors, the most caring staff, and a medical team that is second to none.

When you stay at our sober living facility, you will have the chance to earn additional freedom and privileges, giving you a head start on life back home. And when you are ready to go back home, you can do it with newfound confidence, giving you a head start on a better and brighter future.

Women's Sober Living Dallas, TX

It has often been said that substance use disorder is an equal opportunity disease, and that is certainly the case. Anyone, no matter where they live, who they are or how much money they make, can fall prey to drug addiction and alcoholism, but women often suffer disproportionately when they are dependent on these dangerous substances.

Many female addicts are also single mothers, struggling to make ends meet while trying to access the recovery help they need. They may also be dealing with an abusive situation, in the form of a former romantic partner, or violent spouse.

As they work to uncover the root causes of their addictions, women may also find past traumas, creating yet another impediment to getting clean and staying sober. All of these problems can make addiction recovery more difficult for women, but the staff at our sober living facility understands all these needs and works hard to accommodate them. If you are ready to get help, we are here to help, so reach out to us today and begin your road to a lasting recovery.


Men's Sober Living Dallas, TX

When it comes to addiction, alcoholism, and other forms of substance abuse, both genders suffer, but the types of suffering can differ widely. While women may struggle with the needs of their children, men may worry about putting food on the table and making sure their facilities have the financial resources they need to survive.

Men who are struggling with addiction may also worry about their employment situation. They may be concerned that they will lose their jobs if their bosses find out about their addiction, or that the raises they were hoping for will not materialize if they need to move away to rehab.

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand all of these concerns, and we know what it takes for men to not only get clean but stay sober as well. If you are struggling to maintain your recovery for the long term, we are here to help you learn about sober living, so you can begin to build the better life you deserve right away. So why wait a minute longer – reach out to Muse Treatment Center to explore your sober giving options today.

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