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Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction can be a challenging process. It requires the support of those around you as you go through the various treatments that will help you to establish a drug- and alcohol-free life. However, when you are in a relationship where both you and your partner have become addicted to a substance, then stopping can be even more challenging after you come out of rehab and your partner is still using alcohol or drugs.

However, there is a way that you and your partner can overcome addiction together through our couples rehab for residents of Fort Worth. The problems that are common among couples who are addicted to alcohol are drugs include codependence, frequent fights, feelings of isolation, and the people in the relationship saying or doing things that they normally wouldn’t. Muse Treatment can help to mend your relationship while providing you and your partner with life-changing treatments for drug and alcohol addiction.

Our couples rehab is located in the idyllic setting of Los Angeles. The location and setting create a perfect environment for you and your partner to find respite from your addiction-related problems and work toward a healthy, sustainable life. If you’d prefer to go to our couples rehab closer to home, then we also have locations in Texas.

The specialized treatment program for couples that we offer can help to strengthen and rebuild your relationship with your significant other. It can help to establish healthy behaviors so that open communication, honesty, and trust are reestablished. Most of all, our couples rehab for Fort Worth residents can help you and your loved one to break the cycle of substance abuse and give you the strategies and techniques to prevent relapse.


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Benefits of Couples Rehab

The most important benefit of getting treatment for addiction at our couples rehab is that you and your partner will be helped to stop substance abuse and heal the areas of your life that caused the abuse of drugs or alcohol in the first place. Our accredited addiction treatment services combined with our interdisciplinary approach to treatment allow us to help you and your partner with every aspect of addiction recovery.

Joint therapy is one way in which our couples rehab helps to repair the damage that addiction has caused in your relationship. It can be a safe space where both you and your partner can work through the problems that may have been created through substance abuse and establish healthy relationship habits where issues like codependence have been causing negative outcomes.

One of the greatest benefits of our couples rehab for residents of Fort Worth is that you’ll be with your partner during the early stages of your recovery in our inpatient or outpatient rehab programs. While our staff members ensure that you feel supported during this sensitive time, having the support of someone you love who is going through recovery with you can make a significant difference in your experience.

After rehab, the things that you and your spouse or partner learned during therapy will help you to be the best positive influence on your partner that you can be. On days where one person in the relationship may be struggling, then the other person can be there for them with the knowledge of how best to help them to avoid relapse.

Our couples rehab for residents of Fort Worth can help you to prevent negative behaviors that have formed over time such as enabling behavior. It could be that you are doing something that allows your partner to turn to alcohol or drugs more easily without even knowing it. These issues can be identified and worked through in joint therapy so that you can be the person that you truly want to be for your partner in the years to come.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse is an addiction treatment center that accommodates all of your and your partner’s potential recovery needs. At Muse, we understand that addiction has many different causes and we aim to help you to explore these causes and establish better behaviors, thinking processes, coping skills, and the platform to heal from any past issues.

We also understand that addiction has causes that may be indirectly related such as the presence of a mental health disorder that has so far been untreated or not treated effectively. This is known as co-occurring mental health disorders and is fairly common among substance addiction cases. In order to help you to sustain your recovery, we provide professional treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders so that they do not interfere with your abstinence through self-medication with drugs or alcohol. It will also help to improve your overall wellbeing which will work toward your long-term recovery, too.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center provides ways for you to overcome the physical hold that alcohol or drugs have on you and your partner. Withdrawal symptoms are usually a barrier to quitting substance abuse, but through our drug and alcohol detox program, medications and round-the-clock care can help to eliminate many of the overwhelming withdrawal symptoms and cravings so that your body can have the time it needs to function normally again.

Evidence-based behavioral therapy is an important part of long-term recovery. While you’ll be involved with joint therapy with your partner, each of you will also take part in individual therapy to aid in you working through the issues that may be causing your addiction. You’ll be in a much better frame of mind that will support your future growth and abstinence, allowing for you and your partner to build a sustainable, happy life without substance abuse.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a perfect healing environment with ample treatments and therapies to help you and your loved one to beat addiction and repair your relationship. Don’t’ struggle with addiction anymore; call us today to get started on your couples rehab for Fort Worth residents.


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