Couples Rehab for Residents of Houston, TX

The complex nature of addiction as a mental health disorder means that treatment needs to be multifaceted. Every area of your life may need to be adjusted to help you to create a life that is drug- and alcohol-free. But what happens when you and your partner are abusing drugs or alcohol? Such a situation can add additional layers of obstacles to overcome in order to achieve a sustained recovery.

If you were to come out of rehab and your partner is still taking part in substance abuse, it may be too difficult to stop yourself from returning to old habits and relapsing. There may also be other unresolved issues such as codependency and enabling behavior that can add further layers of complexity to your long-term recovery.

However, when you and your partner go to rehab together, then issues within the relationship can be resolved, your relationship can be strengthened, and you and your partner can learn how to provide support for one another that will help to improve both of your recoveries. These advantages of couples rehab can be combined with the evidence-based therapies and treatments that are the most effective way to overcome addiction.

Our couples rehab for residents of Houston offers you and your loved one an effective way to receive treatment together, turning the potential downsides of only one person receiving treatment into positives. You will be able to be there for each other as you go through the recovery process. The new way of being that you will both learn will be shared and it will help to carry you and your partner into a sustainable future.


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Benefits of Couples Rehab

The benefits of our couples rehab for Houston residents include many different aspects of recovery as well as within your relationships. You and your partner will have a personalized treatment plan with individual goals and a set of treatments that will likely work best for you. You will also be involved with joint therapy with your partner to help to improve your communication, resolve issues such as codependency and enabling behavior, and you will likely discover things about your partner that will serve to improve your relationship. This is especially important if addiction has caused problems in your relationship which is common in addiction.

One of the things that happen to a person abusing drugs or alcohol is that they start to feel isolated from those around them. In your couples rehab program for residents of Houston, the experience that you and your partner will have as you go through recovery will ultimately bring you and your partner closer together again as the effects of addiction fade.

Another benefit of our couples rehab is that the relapse prevention techniques and how you can effectively support each other will serve to improve your long-term recovery goals. You will know exactly how to help your partner when they have a stressful day, knowing that they may be dealing with triggers. The support that you will be able to constantly give your partner will be essential in both of your recovery journeys.

The biggest benefit of couples rehab, of course, is that you and your partner will finally be able to overcome addiction. The problems that you’ve each had to face can begin to fade and any trauma or issue can be healed in our rehab center for Houston residents. You and your partner will have the profound experience together and be able to build a future that is alcohol- and drug-free.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Our accredited treatment services provide you and your spouse or partner with everything that is needed to overcome withdrawal symptoms, alter behavior and thinking positively, heal from past difficulties, and the relapse prevention skills that will help you to remove the need to use drugs or alcohol.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center uses the best-known methods of treatment including evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy among others. We offer a medical detox program so there is no need to worry about the withdrawal symptoms that occur when you or your loved one stops using drugs or alcohol.

Our couples rehab for Houston residents is comprehensive. There are many causes of addiction and a common cause, for example, is comorbidity or when you have a mental health disorder happening along with your addiction. These kinds of situations can make long-term recovery difficult because if the mental health disorder remains untreated then it will likely lead to the same cycle of self-medication with alcohol or drugs repeat. Muse Treatment offers a variety of treatment programs thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise. You and your partner can receive treatment for addiction while also receiving whole-patient treatments such as dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental health disorders.

Muse’s couples rehab also offers treatment programs such as our medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program. It is a long-term treatment that can help to normalize brain function and prevent relapse by incorporating medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with behavioral therapy. It can provide lasting recovery in situations where rehab by itself isn’t enough. It can also help to prevent overdose because if relapse were to occur, then the effects of the substance can be blocked by the medications provided.

Our couples rehab is in stunning Los Angeles. This means that you and your loved one can leave your normal life for a time while receiving treatment that will help to overcome addiction, away from your triggers and potential negative forces in both of your lives. The fresh start that an out-of-state rehab can give you and your partner can become a benefit to your recovery.

Discover the benefits that our couples rehab can give you and your partner by calling Muse Treatment today. Your relationship can be improved while addressing substance addiction so that you and your partner can sustain your recoveries.

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