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While addiction is a complex mental health disorder, effective ways to manage addiction are available. But after someone leaves rehab, it’s up to them to take what they learned and to apply it to their normal life. Someone in recovery may think that because they are drug- or alcohol-free that they no longer need to continue with their recovery or may simply fall back into old habits. However, when effective treatments are neglected or you become overwhelmed, relapse may occur.

If you consider another chronic, relapsing disease that is similar to addiction such as hypertension, if a person were to stop their hypertension treatment then their symptoms are expected to return. The same situation happens with addiction recovery; the management of addiction should be ongoing to prevent relapse. This is where sober living homes can be useful; they provide you with support and guidance after rehab, helping to stay on top of your recovery while you adjust to mainstream life again.

Our sober living homes for residents of Houston can help you to establish healthy habits that will lead to your long-term sustained recovery. You’ll be a part of a household where everyone is working toward lasting recovery and pushing each other to achieve their goals. The sober living homes that are available for residents of Houston can make a significant difference as a transitional form of care in an environment where sobriety is a top priority but with the freedom to be able to do things in your life again.


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Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

The main benefit and purpose of sober living for Houston residents is to help you to maintain your relapse prevention techniques and sobriety through guidance and support. Our sober living homes are a way for you to be able to adjust to your mainstream life after rehab by forming healthy, sustainable habits. It is far easier to maintain your sobriety with the guidance and support of our staff, the structured environment, and the support that you can get from others in the sober living environment.

After you finish your rehab program having secured your sobriety, it can be time to make new friends because many of your old friends will still be involved in alcohol or drug abuse. They might still frequent places that are triggers for you and it’s best to avoid such situations in early recovery. In our sober living home for Houston residents, you will have the opportunity to meet new people with whom you have many things in common as well as a shared goal of sobriety.

Your stay in our sober living home can be liberating and empowering because if you’ve undergone residential rehab treatment, then your new-found freedom can be a welcomed next step in your recovery. You can make food for yourself, look for a job, continue with your studies and do things that can reinforce your independence.

Preventing relapse is the ultimate goal of our sober living home. As many as 40 to 60 percent of people return to drug or alcohol use in their first year of addiction recovery and being able to spend time in a sober home while you adjust to your new life can prove to be an invaluable service.

Why Choose Muse for Sober Living for Houston Residents?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is an LA-based rehab. We have accreditation due to our high level of addiction treatment services that extend to all of our services including our sober living homes. The principles that drive us in our rehab program are what will continue to help you through our sober living environments that are also available in Texas.

If you’ve received treatment through our inpatient and outpatient rehab program then you’ll know that you are a part of our family when you come to Muse. We continue to show that support as we help you through our sober living homes that will ultimately help to prevent relapse and make it easier to establish positive behaviors and habits in your life.

Structure in the life of a newly-recovering person is important. Our sober homes will require you to take part in 12-step programs and our staff members will ensure that you continue to follow the effective relapse prevention strategies that you learned in rehab. With Muse’s sober living homes, you can have ample support, build friendships, and find your footing as a drug- and alcohol-free person working toward a sustainable future.

Women's Sober Living for Residents of Houston

Being among your peers during your stay in our sober living home can help you to make new friends and feel more comfortable living in the home. Our women’s sober living for residents of Houston helps to achieve this. You will be able to stay in a clean, safe environment that is completely geared toward your recovery and it will help you to find your independence again with confidence. Our women’s sober living homes are open to women over the age of 18.

Men's Sober Living for Residents of Houston

Forming new friendships among people that you can relate to is important during your early recovery. In our men’s sober living for residents of Houston, you can be surrounded by your peers in a sober environment free from distractions. Your focus can be on finding work, getting into a daily rhythm, and being among people that want to see you succeed with your recovery. Our staff members are sensitive to the needs of recovering people and to other situations such as mental health disorders.

Find the help you need to sustain your recovery with Muse’s sober living homes for Houston residents. Your long-term recovery goals are as important to us as they are to you. Let us help you to achieve them after you’ve completed your rehab program. 

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