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Best Addiction Treatment Center in Brentwood

Best Detox & Rehab Center For Addiction in Brentwood, CA

Muse Treatment Center is the best choice for addiction treatment programs near Brentwood, CA for several reasons. We are a Joint Commission-accredited treatment program that includes a full continuum of care for treatment and addiction recovery. Healing from substance use disorders requires long-term support and recovery efforts. The team at our Brentwood addiction treatment center is prepared to walk alongside you every step of the way as you gain the skills and confidence to maintain a life of sober living.

Our drug rehab recovery programs near Brentwood include a variety of treatment approaches that target healing from the impacts of addiction within your body, mind, and spirit. We utilize a combination of leading treatment approaches including medical care, holistic therapies, and evidence-based treatments. Our team focuses on supporting patients in finding balance and healing from both substance use disorders and mental health conditions. Through our drug and alcohol addiction treatment approaches, patients will heal from their past addictive habits while gaining the tools and coping skills for maintaining long-lasting recovery.

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Why Choose Muse?

When you choose Muse for your Brentwood addiction treatment center, you’ll be welcomed into our recovery family for the long term. Our interdisciplinary team of nurses, physicians, addiction therapists, and support staff are dedicated to supporting you every step in your recovery process to ensure that you succeed in long-term sobriety. Patients are invited to participate in our full continuum of care – medical detox for addiction, inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and aftercare programs. Our team will work with you to heal from your underlying causes of addictive habits, develop the life skills and coping strategies to maintain sobriety and help you establish a new way of life that fosters health, wellness, and sobriety. We’re here with you for the long haul and are excited to empower you to see the potential in a life of sober living.

Alcohol Detox Program

An alcohol detox program is often a necessary first step for anyone that has been engaging in alcohol abuse for a prolonged period of time or experiencing a severe alcohol use disorder. Detoxing from alcohol can have the potential of significant withdrawal symptoms that can have serious impacts if they go untreated.

We offer a medical detox program that places your health and safety in the highest regard. As your body releases the toxins of alcohol and you experience withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be monitored 24/7 by our team of nurses and physicians. Our team will assess your progress and offer you several treatment methods— medical care, prescription medications, holistic therapies, counseling, and mental health support to ensure your physical and psychological safety throughout this healing process. Our goal is to ensure that you move through your withdrawal symptoms without experiencing any unpleasant side effects and help you restore your health and well-being so you can be prepared to transition into the next phase of your recovery process in addiction treatment.

Drug Detox Program

Similar to alcohol detox, a drug detox program within Muse Treatment Center is focused on assisting you in ending your use of drugs and cleansing your body of the harmful toxins from substances. To provide the appropriate levels of care, our Brentwood addiction treatment center patients are offered an individualized treatment program that includes evidence-based therapy, medication-assisted treatments, holistic therapies, mental health support, and counseling. Each substance induces a unique set of withdrawal symptoms and the severity of symptoms can differ depending on your specific history of substance use. Our customized treatment program is designed to meet your specific needs, maintain your comfort and safety, and support you in achieving your overarching goals for addiction recovery. Your comfort and safety is the most important thing for our team. We’ll ensure that you feel safe and supported throughout your detox and avoid any feelings of discomfort from drug detox.

In some cases, patients with a severe addiction to prescription opioids or illicit street opioids may be invited to participate in a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. Patients in a MAT program will be offered FDA-approved medications that help to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and help you to remain comfortable and balanced throughout this healing process. As you progress through your MAT and detox process and begin to restore your physical and psychological health, a doctor can monitor you to go through a gradual tapering-off period to ensure your safety. Patients in a MAT program have had proven results in overcoming opioid addiction with the support of medications that fosters long term addiction recovery.

Alcohol Rehab in Brentwood, CA

Alcohol rehab is an essential component of your recovery journey. After taking the time to heal from the physical dependence on alcohol through a detox process, you’ll need time to understand what has been at the core of your addictive behaviors. To make a long-lasting change, it’s paramount that you take the time to understand your triggers, emotions, and actions that have contributed to your addictive behaviors so that you don’t fall back on old habits. Alcohol rehab is a perfect opportunity to put your addictive patterns in the past and gain confidence in your ability to live a lifestyle that fosters sobriety and health.

The first step in alcohol rehab is to meet with our consultation team who will get to know you and your specific circumstances with alcohol use. We’ll identify your goals for addiction recovery and form a customized treatment plan that is centered around your goals. A treatment plan in alcohol rehab can include individual or group therapy sessions, physical exercise, 12-step recovery programs, family therapy, holistic therapies, life skills training, relapse prevention work, and social programs within the recovery center that allow you to connect and build relationships with others in early addiction recovery. The goal of alcohol rehab is to provide you with the tools to leave our recovery center feeling confident in your ability to maintain long-term sobriety.

Drug Rehab in Brentwood, CA

Drug rehab, like alcohol rehab, is an opportunity for patients to heal from the underlying causes of drug addiction within our safe, supportive environment. You can choose from an inpatient rehab program or an outpatient treatment program. Both options provide you with a personalized treatment plan designed to meet your specific healing and personal growth needs. Through our person-centered approach to healing, you’ll be given the personal levels of care that you need and deserve to safely and effectively overcome your history of drug addiction. As you heal from the past, you’ll be given the right tools for relapse prevention and healthy life skills that will assist you in flourishing in a new lifestyle of sobriety, health, and wellness.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of rehab is dependent on several factors. Due to the individual nature of substance use disorders, every Brentwood addiction treatment center program at Muse is specifically created to meet the individual needs of the patient. There cannot be a one size fits all treatment approach or one standard rehab price. It will be based on your needs and treatments from a rehab program.

The cost of your rehab program can vary depending on some factors – the length of time that you are in a rehab program, types of treatment you require if you require any medications throughout your stay if you are participating in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, and if you require a detox or aftercare program. We are committed to providing patients with the types of care needed at an affordable price. We’ll work with you to find insurance coverage for your treatment program and offer payment options that will work with your budget so you can receive the help you seek when you’re ready.

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How Long Is Detox?

Each person in detox will have their own experience that will depend on their unique history with substance use. The length of time you’re in detox will occur until your body has flushed out the toxins from substances and restored its healthy, stable functioning. Detox will typically occur over a period of seven to 10 days. The onset of withdrawal symptoms will occur within 24 hours of stopping your use of substances and the peak of withdrawal symptoms often occur within 72 hours. After experiencing the peak of your symptoms, the severity of side effects and impacts will begin to dissipate and you’ll start to slowly regain normal, healthy functioning without the presence of alcohol or drugs. Once you complete your detox program, you’ll be presented with options for the next portion of your recovery program including inpatient or outpatient treatment programs.

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How Long Is Rehab?

Rehab programs are offered in both short-term and long-term rehab programs. The length of time that you choose to participate in a rehab program will be determined by some factors– your specific history with substance use, your personal preference for length of time, any mental health or physical health conditions that needed to be treated and monitored during rehab, and the types of addiction therapy methods you choose to engage in. The time that you commit to treatment is flexible. If you reach the end date of your rehab but determine that you still require more time in rehab, you can continue receiving treatment until you feel you’ve gotten the most from your rehab program and are confident in your ability to maintain sobriety.

An inpatient rehab program can occur over a period of 30 to 90 days. If you decide to participate in an outpatient rehab program, you can choose from a partial hospitalization program that typically lasts for a few weeks or an intensive outpatient program where you can participate for anywhere from 3 to 9 months. All of our patients who enter our recovery center can engage in aftercare programs that can last as long as needed. A life in addiction recovery is a long-term commitment and the team at Muse offers the same commitment to your recovery and healing process. We’ll be with you every step of the way in this journey to assist you in achieving your goals for recovery and help you thrive in a new life of sober living.

Short-Term Rehab

A short-term rehab program of 30 days is the minimum length of time that patients can participate in an inpatient rehab program. Research has shown that to make a long-lasting change, it requires 28 days of putting the change into action. A 30-day rehab program gives you ample time to start your recovery process and engage in addiction therapy programs. As you participate in your individualized treatment plan, you’ll have the chance to explore the root causes of your addiction, develop an awareness of your triggers, and establish coping tools to support your long-term recovery.

Patients who complete a short-term rehab will leave with a strong foundation for recovery. It’s recommended that you continue with addiction support programs afterward such as an outpatient treatment program or aftercare program. The continued support from our experienced team will ensure that you solidify your new way of life in sobriety and have access to counseling support when needed. With the right support and recovery plan in place, you’ll set yourself up for long-term success living in addiction recovery.

Long-Term Rehab

A long-term rehab program can occur for either 60 or 90 days depending on your preference and needs from a Brentwood addiction treatment center program. The more time you spend in a rehab program allows you more opportunities to gain a clearer understanding of your triggers, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that have influenced your addictive patterns.

Long-term rehab gives you the time you need to participate in your individualized treatment plan and any specialized treatment methods including dual diagnosis treatment, trauma therapy, family therapy, and relapse prevention planning. Before you complete your long-term rehab program, our team will work with you to create an extensive aftercare program that will provide you with the appropriate levels of care and support to maintain sobriety.

Couples Rehab

When a couple actively engages in substance use, there can be individual impacts on each partner’s life emotionally, socially, and health-wise. Additionally, couples will experience negative impacts on the relationship they have together. Couples rehab is designed to support both partners in identifying and healing from the individual impacts of addiction while exploring how substance use has influenced their relationship together.

Couples detox invites both partners to engage in a personalized treatment plan that aims to support you in healing from the root cause of your addiction, gain the tools for long-term recovery, and establish a healthy lifestyle. As you heal individually, you’ll have opportunities to participate in couples therapy to help you heal together. Couples will gain an understanding of how addiction has changed the dynamic of their relationship and start to address the impacts that addiction has had. You and your partner will learn new healthy approaches for communication, identify enabling behaviors and learn how to love one another in a supportive, healthy manner, establish boundaries to avoid codependent behavior and learn new healthy habits to start your relationship anew in recovery.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

Our pets are important in our life. When you’re preparing to go to rehab, you don’t want to have to worry about leaving your pet alone or finding someone to care for them while you’re gone. Muse wants to help you put your mind at ease and allow you to have your trusted companion with you during your healing process. Our recovery center allows patients to bring some pets with them to rehab. Before arriving, inform our admission team of the pet you’d like to have with you for your recovery journey.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage For Rehab?

Yes, most insurance companies will cover some or all of the costs associated with your addiction treatment program. Each insurance coverage plan has specific types of care that are included in your insurance plan. To find out your specific insurance coverage available, the team at Muse can verify your insurance. It’s important to determine what specifically is covered for costs if you must pay a deductible or if a copay is required before starting treatment. Our team is here to help you navigate insurance coverage to find the most coverage possible within your specific treatment plan.

Recovery-Friendly Attractions Near Brentwood

Marsh Creek State Park

21767 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513

If you enjoy getting out in nature, this local spot offers some exciting outdoor activities to enjoy. You can go hiking, horseback riding, or bicycling throughout the various terrains and trails throughout the park. If you enjoy spending the night under the stars, there are areas for camping equipped with picnic tables and specific camping spots that are perfect for a night out in nature.

Delta Kayaking Adventures

5 Marina Plaza, Antioch, CA 94509

This attraction is located just outside of Brentwood and is perfect for anyone who loves being outdoors and on the water. Rent a kayak or paddle board to experience the waterways of the San Joaquin River. Guided tours are available, or you can set your adventure on the water without a guide.

Cinelux Delta Cinema Saver

641 1st St, Brentwood, CA 94513

If you’re a lover of old fashion movie theaters and looking for a unique experience to catch a flick, this movie theater will transport you back in time. From the classic exterior and interior design, you can enjoy a classic or new movie within this ideal location for movie buffs.

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Brentwood, CA, Neighborhoods We Serve Include:

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