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Opioid Detox Culver City

The Best Opioid Detox in Culver City

Detoxing from an opioid addiction can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful, as the drugs leave your system. The longer you’ve been dependent on them, the harder your detox is likely to be. Rehab experts strongly recommend that professionals manage it. It’s not something you should go through without someone who has medical expertise and can offer medication if needed. Muse Treatment provides the best opioid detox in Culver City.

We believe our compassionate, highly trained staff is one of the keys to our success with opioid detox. They use the latest treatment for an excellent start to your recovery. Detox is managed in a comfortable setting where effects like nausea, stomach cramps, and profuse sweating can be relieved in the most effective way. If medical detox is warranted, they’re well qualified to offer it.

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The Importance of Medical Detox for Opioid Addiction

Some addicts can detox without medication and only need help to reduce the pain and discomfort that occurs when you deprive your body of the toxins it has become used to. Recovery is a highly personal experience, and what one works for someone else may not be effective for you. Don’t base your choice in detox methods on someone else’s experience. Get a professional medical assessment to determine what may work best for you.

What Is Opioid Detox Like?

During detox, you will be closely monitored to ensure everything goes smoothly. Non-medical detox may include nutritional supplements to help treat dehydration. Pain relievers are also available to alleviate body aches. Supervision significantly reduces the likelihood of relapse. Drugs are withdrawn gradually to keep the patient as comfortable as possible, avoiding the shock of sudden deprivation. The FDA has approved Suboxone as a viable treatment option for opioid addiction withdrawal as well as ongoing maintenance therapy.

What Medications Are Used in Opioid Detox?

When medications are used in detox, a typical choice like Suboxone, an FDA-approved drug, is regarded as one of the most successful treatments for addiction treatment. It is classified as a partial opioid agonist. This means Suboxone is capable of producing similar effects as opioids but in a much milder form. It works by accessing the brain’s receptors in the same way as opioids but without the same pronounced effect. It is challenging to achieve a “high” from Suboxone, making it one of the best for treating opioid addiction.

Because it’s similar to heroin and other opiates, Suboxone can also lessen the physical discomfort caused by removing opioids from the body. The pain and discomfort of opiate detox is a primary cause of relapse back into addiction. Our medication-assisted treatment provides individuals with a better chance at long-lasting recovery.

How Long Does Opioid Detox Last?

For addicts who’ve been moderate to heavy opioid users, it can take the body up to 10 days to eliminate all traces of opioids. But again, each person’s experience will be different. The withdrawal symptoms can be challenging to endure, which is why we suggest that users who wish to detox safely, do so in a professional setting like ours.

Why Choose Muse for Opioid Detox in Culver City?

We believe we simply offer the best opioid detox in Culver City. Our highly trained treatment specialists have years of experience helping people free themselves of addictions to various substances, including opioids. Most importantly, we follow up your detox with a comprehensive treatment program of individual and group therapy, including outpatient medical rehab with closely monitored prescription medications.

We are passionate about providing a flexible approach to drug treatment and utilizing evidence-based treatment techniques, traditional therapy, and scientific methods to help rewire the addict’s brain and facilitate lasting change. For help with your addiction or that of a loved one, call the best opioid detox in Culver City at (800) 426-1818 today.

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Josh Chandler
Josh Chandler
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