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Sober Living in Orange County: Best Rehab to Stay in Recovery

Sober Living Orange County: Addiction Statistics in Orange County

Orange County is a city that is globally known for being a hub for glitz and glamor with the buzz of Hollywood, which makes sober living in Orange County difficult. Many tourists travel to Orange County to see the world-renowned sights and attractions that have been made popular within mainstream media. While Orange County can be a bustling city of culture and vibrance, there is a culture of addiction that is rarely spoken about but is a growing concern for residents of Orange County.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 15% of Orange County residents are living with some form of a substance use disorder whether it be illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increase in individuals experiencing addiction with the number of Orange County residents living with an addiction rising by 14%. Orange County residents are experiencing high numbers of alcohol consumption and heroin abuse. The country has seen a dramatic increase in overdose-related deaths and the Orange County area has seen a 52.4% increase in accidental overdose-related deaths since 2019.

With the staggering number of Orange County residents living with an active addiction, it is more important than ever to have addiction treatment programs and long-term care for individuals to maintain addiction recovery.

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What Is Sober Living in Orange County Like?

Addiction treatment in Orange County is a long-term process that occurs within different phases. It is often believed that the most important part of your recovery process is the initial detox and rehab program. These programs are necessary for your healing as they allow you to safely end your use of substances and develop the tools for relapse prevention.

However, to maintain long-term recovery, you must remain focused on your recovery process. A sober living program invites you to reside in an environment free of temptations or distractions as you will live with other individuals who are living in early addiction recovery. Orange County sober living programs are often a great stepping stone for those completing addiction treatment. They allow you to remain in a home with house rules and expectations that you continue engaging in activities and programs that foster continuous healing from addiction. You will be offered continuous support, resources, and connections while living within a sober living program that will help you establish a strong foundation in life in sobriety, health, and wellness.

Sober Living in Orange County

Sober Living Orange County: 5 Advantages of Sobriety

There are different forms of drug or alcohol rehab that a person can engage in to obtain addiction recovery including inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment programs. An inpatient rehab program offers a safe space for recovering addicts or alcoholics to reside while undergoing addiction therapy and treatment. Recovery centers offer a sober living environment that is free of any triggers or distractions allowing you to remain focused on your goals for achieving sobriety. Others may participate in an outpatient treatment program such as a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program.

Either option for outpatient rehab will invite patients to attend the recovery center during the day for addiction therapy sessions without residing within the recovery center. Staying in an Orange County sober living program while attending outpatient rehab offers Orange County residents the following advantages to their recovery process:

  • Structured house expectations and rules will support you in maintaining addiction recovery.
  • Surrounding yourself with others that are on the same healing journey of achieving sobriety
  • Eliminating the ability to live with others who may impede your success in competing for addiction treatment
  • Continued guidance from in-house support workers will encourage you to continue with your rehab program and offer support when any challenges occur
  • Increase your likelihood of completing your rehab program as you will have the support of others living in the sober living home

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Sober Living in Orange County: Benefits of a Sober Life After Rehab

After completing a drug rehab program in Orange County, transitioning from a structured environment of addiction treatment back to your home environment that once fueled your addiction can create triggers or barriers to your success in maintaining sobriety. While you are in addiction treatment, you are offered the support of developing tools for relapse prevention and once you return home, you may be overwhelmed with the new knowledge and skills you have acquired and need additional support in making this change toward sobriety a long-term commitment. A sober living home offers several benefits to your recovery journey that will help to ensure you can safely and confidently remain in addiction recovery.

Benefits of attending a sober living program after rehab include:

  • Smooth, seamless transition from the structured environment of rehab back into a community-based living place
  • Maintain stability within your life. As you transition out of rehab, it can be emotionally fragile as you enter into new territory of living free of substance abuse. Sober living homes offer stability where you can have the reassurance of a safe, routine environment that fosters sobriety.
  • Continued support from live-in workers and addiction therapists
  • Accountability as you are expected to continue with attendance to recovery programs and maintaining a daily routine that maintains sobriety
  • Social connections with other housemates who will support each other in your early addiction recovery process
  • Continued access to physical and mental health services
    Support in developing and strengthening your tools for relapse prevention and life skills

Sober Living for Orange County Residents: What Should I Look for in a Facility?

When choosing a Fort Myers sober living facility, there are specific supports, services, and expectations that you can look for that will help you determine the appropriate place for you to help you flourish in your recovery process. The following are key aspects to look for in a sober living facility that will ensure you are provided with appropriate structure and support to stabilize in your new life in sobriety:

  • House expectations and rules
  • A structured daily routine
  • Residents are supported in developing life skills that are essential when living in recovery
  • On-site workers will offer emotional support and guidance as you encounter any successes and challenges within your recovery process
  • Provides support in re-entering back into your day-to-day life such as attending school, reconnecting with loved ones, and having employment
  • A facility that meets safety standards and is a comfortable, safe space for you to live in

Muse Treatment Is the Best Place to Find Sober Living in Orange County

At Muse Treatment Center, we support Orange County residents’ journey toward sobriety, health, and wellness. Each patient has their own unique needs for healing and establishing long-term recovery which is why we offer our patients a continuum of care that will meet them with the levels of care they require to achieve long-term sobriety. Sober living homes offer a supportive environment for people in addiction recovery to reestablish a foundation in life that is free of substance abuse. Our team will support you in finding a sober living facility that meets your needs and expectations so that you can have long-lasting success in addiction recovery. We are waiting to hear from you to help you find the best sober living facility in Orange County and create a new direction in life that is centered around long-term recovery. Call us today at (800) 426-1818 to have any of your questions answered and start your recovery journey now.

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