Josh Chandler | December 4, 2017

Surprising Benefits of Opiate Addiction Recovery

While opiate addiction recovery has some obvious benefits, like better health, other benefits are often overlooked. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Beginning and finishing opiate addiction recovery is a clear benefit to your health and to your family. And while that cannot be overemphasized, it’s important to realize that the pluses don’t stop there.

There are over two million people affected by opiate addiction in the United States alone. While that’s a big number, spreading knowledge of the benefits of recovery can help.

From your mental health to your relationships, there are many ways that getting through the dark tunnel can help your life. Here are ten benefits to keep in mind.

1. A New Social Circle

Completing opiate addiction recovery is a unique experience. Not everyone you know will be able to fully understand what it’s like to have gone through the journey.

Luckily, you’ll have the option to relate to people who know exactly what your experience was like. Depending on your circumstances, there are different groups you join to help keep strong in the post-recovery period.

You might just be able to add a few friends along the way. But there are other ways to gain friendships.

2. The Option to Revive Old Relationships

Through life and addiction alike, it’s easy for us to lose contact with people we once cared for and loved. For friends and family, addiction can sometimes be a point of contention.

The post-recovery period provides a great opportunity to reconnect. You’ll be in a better mental state to hash out your feelings with someone. Or, you can just grab a fancy cup of coffee with them.

3. Cash Savings

When someone is suffering from addiction, money problems are not a top priority. But, in the long run, spending a huge chunk of your budget on opiates can put a stranglehold on your bank account.

On the happier side of things, after going through opiate addiction recovery, you’ll find yourself with more financial freedom. Even if you don’t snag a high-paying job immediately, you’ll still be working with a bigger budget than you had before.

It’s lucky, however, that you won’t need to buy any products to be looking better than ever.

4. Looking Good

Recovery is in part a purge of toxins from your body. That means once those toxins have been purged, you’ll be physically healthier overall.

If you want, you can become a physical fitness expert. Or you can use your improved endurance to go for a quick jog.

One big consequence of that health is your physical appearance. Your skin will be healthier, your eyes clearer and brighter. Your heart rate will even out. Your hair and regain some of its fullness.

It’s just one reason that you’ll be feeling more confident.

5. Self-Confidence

When you climb a mountain, you feel proud. Everyone understands how tough a task it is. But not everyone understands the journey of opiate addiction recovery.

When you’ve finished, you’ll feel pride knowing the task you’ve just completed. That pride will spill over into other facets of your life, allowing you to become a more confident person in everything you do.

That confidence will also come from the new way you are able to see the world.

6. Unique Perspective on Life

The journey you undergo is important. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, along with how you can fit into the world in a sober life.

That view of the world can give you a new understanding of your priorities. You’ll feel more in touch with the things that are important to you, along with the parts that you don’t need to worry about quite as much.

And worrying less can only be a good thing for you.

7. Lower Stress Levels

Around the world, people suffer from anxiety in different ways and to different extremes. People with addiction can often experience their own version of it that’s as nasty as anybody else’s.

Many questions commonly plague people with addiction issues. Everything from questioning yourself constantly to finding the next fix can make every day a rush of butterflies and raised heart-rates.

The period in your life when you’re in recovery can ease the burden on most of these worries. Part of the solution comes from no longer including substance abuse in your life plan. But the relief also comes from your mental clarity.

8. Improved Decision Making

When you’re addicted to a substance, making decisions can be difficult. You might be overwhelmed with simple choices or end up convincing yourself that things that are not good for you are what’s best.

Luckily, sobriety provides a clarity and calm that makes decisions easier for everyone. You’ll start to avoid diving into pools of uncertainty that you can easily avoid. And, when those tough decisions do come around, you’ll be in a better position to assess them.

Improved mental health is as important as being more physically active.

9. New Passions

With your new mental clarity, you’re not obligated to constantly push yourself to try new things. That’s the whole point, in fact. You’ll feel happy experimenting with new activities.

You could revive routines you used to have as a kid when you biked or hiked or read books (it’s all up to you). Or, you could expand your comfort zone and try something new.

And then hit the sack for a long night’s rest.

10. Better Nights of Sleep

We spend on average about one-third of our life sleeping. But not all sleep is created equal. When you’re suffering from addiction, it’s extremely difficult to get a good night’s rest without waking up, if you fall asleep at all.

That changes dramatically in the post-recovery period.

It’s a fundamental benefit that can help you live a happier, fuller life when your eyes are open. If you go through opiate addiction recovery, you’ll notice this change immediately.

Consider Opiate Addiction Recovery

The journey from the start to finish of opiate addiction recovery is different for every single person. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, it’s important to know about the benefits.

Interested in creating a new path free from opiate addiction? We’re here to help. There’s no downside to giving us a call. Why not reach out?

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