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Thriving in Recovery: Best Beaches Near Burbank for People in Recovery

The Beach and Addiction Recovery

Struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is something that no person ever consciously asks to have. The reality is that if you were to tell any person about to take their first drink or consume their first drug that they were going to develop an addiction, they likely would run the other way. Unfortunately, taking that first drug is similar to rolling the dice. Although the possibility of developing an addiction is always there, everyday people still consume these substances, which unfortunately leads to sad or deadly consequences. However, when you decide to reach out for help by participating in drug rehab or alcohol rehab to foster recovery, you are taking the first step toward completely changing your life.

When you are in drug rehab or alcohol rehab, you will learn specific tools and techniques that will help you establish and maintain your sobriety. You will be encouraged to try new and different things that can help you learn more about yourself, such as new likes or dislikes. If you opt to work with the Muse Treatment Center team, we always recommend that you take the opportunity to learn more about yourself and explore some of the outdoor sites and sounds that the Burbank area has to offer.

Going to the beach provides you with an excellent opportunity to spend some time outside. From the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore to the smell of the saltwater air, you’re sure to discover that there are several things about the beach that you may not have realized during the time that you were in active addiction.

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Why Being Outdoors Is Beneficial for Your Recovery

It’s important to remember that your time in recovery is a journey. You will probably learn more about yourself in ways that you didn’t think were possible. For example, when you were in active addiction, you may have never thought that it would be possible for you to genuinely enjoy time outside. However, along your journey in drug rehab, you may come to find that there are certain aspects of being in the great outdoors that you absolutely love. A couple of the ways that being outside is beneficial for your overall health is:

A more profound sense of self-awareness

It’s easy to forget to focus on yourself throughout the day. Whether you have work, school, or just everyday life responsibilities, you may feel it’s all but impossible to slow your mind down and take a deep breath during the day. Being outside at the beach can help you to slow those racing thoughts down. Whether you decide to go to the beach early in the morning before anyone else is there or take time out of your day during lunch to sit on the sand, being outside can bring an incredible sense of self-awareness that can help to relax any person.

Stress relief

One of the leading reasons why a person often turns to drugs or alcohol is a result of feeling a tremendous amount of stress. While going through a rehab program will help you understand the impact that stress can have on your life, it doesn’t mean that you will never feel anxiety again. Instead, you will have more tools available to you that can help you to manage that stress. You may come to find that going outside to the beach will help distract you from the stress you’re feeling.

A group activity

The best thing about planning an outdoor activity is that you can take some time to be on your own or opt to make it a group or a family event. You may have recognized that your relationship with your friends or family members may have suffered when you were in active addiction. Inviting them to come to the beach with you or go on a hike is an excellent way to reconnect with them and begin developing your relationship again.

Benefits of Exercising in Recovery

While it’s true that going to the beach is a great way to spend some time relaxing outside, the beach also provides an excellent opportunity for you to get in the best physical shape of your life. When you work out on the beach, you can go for a swim or a walk or a run in the sand which can challenge you in more ways than you may realize. Here are a few reasons why you should workout not only during the time that you are in recovery but for the rest of your life:

Better sleep patterns

Do you struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep? For some people, sleep issues are why they turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place. Many substances can force your body to sleep and provide you with the false impression that they can actually help you sleep at night. However, the reality is that addiction forces your body into an unhealthy sleep that is not restful. Once you remove the influence of drugs or alcohol and start to take the time to get physically active, you will likely find that your body is naturally tired and that you are sleeping better at night.

Improved sense of self-confidence

As you work out more, you will begin to notice not only an improvement in your mind but will start to detect physical changes in your body. You will probably come to find that there are certain physical activities that you can do that you didn’t think were possible just a few months ago. Muscle definition and even weight loss are some of the examples of the benefits of exercise.

A regular schedule

During your time in addiction treatment, you will realize the importance of maintaining a healthy schedule. This should include healthy eating patterns and attending 12 step meetings, which will help you keep and focus on the essential lessons you learned during rehab. Something else that you can incorporate into your schedule is time to exercise. A structured program will go a long way in keeping yourself focused on the steps you need to continue to take in your sober journey.

Best Beaches in Burbank

Are you ready to see for yourself what is so great about visiting beaches after your time in recovery? Some excellent recommendations of beaches that you may want to visit that are in and around the Burbank area include:

Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach provides you with an excellent opportunity to enjoy a day in the sun either on your own or with other people. There are plenty of attractions on the legendary Santa Monica Pier that children of all ages are sure to enjoy. This beach is well-known for maintaining a clean and friendly environment. If you want to take a break from sitting on the sand, there are plenty of places to rent bikes so that you can explore the area in a different way.

415 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica, CA 90402


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Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in California. Coming to this beach provides you with the perfect opportunity either to enjoy the day outside, or you can opt to go to Malibu Beach to enjoy an incredible sunrise or sunset. You will want to make sure that you bring your camera with you as you will undoubtedly want to capture as many pictures of this majestic beach as possible.

22126 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90263


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Downtown Manhattan Beach

Downtown Manhattan Beach is known as a family-friendly beach in the area. Unlike many other beaches open around the clock, Downtown Manhattan Beach is only open between 7 AM to 11 PM on any given day. This still gives you ample time, however, to enjoy the beach from sunup to sundown. If you need some time off of the beach, you can opt to go shopping at one of the nearly 80 stores that are local to the area.

1142 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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