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Thriving in Recovery: Best Gyms and Personal Trainers for People in Recovery in West Hollywood

Exercise in Addiction Recovery

You will learn several things during the period that you are in addiction recovery. While it’s true that the focus of your addiction treatment plan will be to overcome your addiction through participating in different forms of therapy, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you can do to navigate through feelings of stress or anxiety that you will undeniably feel at different points in your life. During addiction treatment, you will be encouraged to try new and different things that can help to keep you focused on your goals for your sobriety so you can be thriving in recovery. You may learn to love exercise during recovery, and there are plenty of gyms and personal trainers in West Hollywood to help the process of thriving in recovery.

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What Role Does Exercise Play in Recovery?

Exercise during recovery isn’t something that you can do just when you’re in addiction treatment in West Hollywood. Instead, this healthy habit can stay with you throughout your recovery journey. There are tremendous benefits associated with exercise during recovery, specifically for people that are in recovery, which include:

Being in a better mood

When thriving in recovery, countless people love to exercise because it helps them to feel better overall. This comes as no surprise. Working out naturally releases endorphins in your body, which means you will feel happier and more at ease once you complete your workout.

A better night sleep

One of the leading complaints among many people that were once in active addiction is the lack of restful sleep. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that taking drugs or drinking can actually help them get a better night of sleep. The reality is that even though you may fall asleep while you’re under the influence of this drug, you will not be getting the restful sleep that you need. As a result, you will likely wake up more tired than you did before you went to sleep. Once you remove addiction from your life and incorporate exercise into your schedule, you will notice that you can sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed, leading to an increase in energy throughout your day.

A welcome distraction

Just because you complete your treatment program doesn’t mean that you will be thriving in recovery forever. Some of these days could include struggling with cravings or just frustration in general. Exercise during recovery can serve as a wonderful distraction from these genuine struggles. Whereas before your workout, you may have felt as though you had no other option than to give in to your addiction, so you feel some sense of peace. After your workout, you will come to see that there is a much better way of managing these difficult times.

Opportunity to meet new people

Part of the process regarding thriving in recovery revolves around developing a healthy system and routine that you can follow regularly. When you commit to working out, you may meet new people along the way. Whether you happen to bump into someone new while you are out on a walk, or perhaps you meet someone during your group activity, working out can put you in touch with people who can positively influence your life. Keep in mind that you can always invite your friends or loved ones to work out with you as well. This can be an excellent way to reconnect with these essential people in your life that you may have lost touch with due to your addiction.

Exercises Good for Addiction Recovery

Several different types of exercises can help you through your addiction recovery process while thriving in recovery. Here are some examples:

Taking a quick walk

Are you feeling stressed throughout your day? If your answer is yes, then you wouldn’t be the first person to feel this way. While addiction recovery can provide you with certain tools that will help you better manage these stressful feelings, there are some times when going outside and taking a quick walk can help reduce the feelings of stress you may be feeling. It doesn’t have to belong. Sometimes just a walk around the corner can make all the difference in the world to manage these stressful events in your life better.

Go for a hike

Getting outside can be incredibly helpful for a person that is working through their recovery process. Being in the sun gives you a great example to naturally absorb vitamin D. Also, a hike can help you to see new parts of your area that you may not have known were there. One of the best things about a hike is that you can bring along your pet which can be a welcome comfort, particularly if you feel as though you’re struggling with a difficult time in your recovery journey.


If you feel as though going for a walk or a hike is too strenuous, but you’re still looking for a way to relieve stress, yoga is a wonderful alternative. The premise of yoga revolves around the concept of performing specific body movements while taking healing breaths. Yoga also incorporates the art of meditation, which can help you feel better during difficult times.

Team sports

Many people mistakenly believe that team sports are something that only children participate in unless you are playing professionally. The reality is that there are plenty of towns that offer organized team sports for adults. Throughout the year, you may want to check in with your city and see what sports are provided for that period. You may find it enjoyable to play on a soccer team for the fall or a baseball or softball team for the spring. Also, you may want to reach out to your local YMCA as this organization tends to offer more options.

Best Gyms and Personal Trainers for People in Recovery in West Hollywood

Are you ready to commit to your fitness journey? Thankfully, there are plenty of gyms and personal trainers in West Hollywood, so why not try some of these great options:

Mansion Fitness

The premise behind Mansion Fitness is that every member should have the opportunity to work out in luxury. This private gym offers members access to an abundance of gym equipment and private personal training sessions. Regardless of the time of day you go to this gym, you will always feel the relaxed yet focused atmosphere that the gym creates. This gym is open seven days a week. However, the hours of operation do change depending on the day, so you must check ahead to confirm the hours.

8358 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069


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24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness provides you with a great variety of workout options. During the cooler winter months, you can take advantage of the gym’s indoor amenities, including traditional workout equipment and group classes. However, when it’s warmer, you can opt to go for a swim or use the hot tub outside. The best thing about this gym is that it is open seven days a week from 5 AM to 9 PM, regardless of what day it is. If you would like to test out the gym to see if it’s right for you, you can always decide to use one of the free day passes that the gym offers potential new clients.

8612 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Health House

Do you feel overwhelmed by the traditional “big” gym environment? If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be the only person to feel like this. Health House was created out of a need to provide clients with a smaller and more personalized gym experience. While you will still have everything you need to get in a successful workout, there is an increased chance that you will feel more comfortable during your workout because of the fantastic and individualized accommodations that this gym offers. This gym is open seven days a week; however, the hours do change on the weekend.

605C N W Knoll Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90069


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