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Top Rated Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles 

Alcohol addiction can be challenging to work through without proper alcohol rehab due in large part to the fact that alcohol is a substance that is so readily available in our overall culture and society. Unlike many drugs which are deemed “illegal,” alcohol is a substance that is perfectly legal to purchase as long as you are over the age of 21. Many liquor stores or bars open in the morning and remain open until late at night which makes it reasonably easy for a person struggling with alcohol to buy it whenever they crave it. 

The reality is that alcohol addiction can hinder multiple aspects of your life. For example, you could be on your way toward being a business owner or a highly respected member of your work team. Then your addiction begins to take more and more control of your life. Suddenly, you’re in a position where you cannot manage your regular responsibilities. As a result, you put yourself in a situation where you either lose your job or you put your job in jeopardy. 

In turn, your alcohol addiction can also negatively impact the relationships you have with your friends and family members. If your drinking has affected how you communicate with your loved ones and put a strain on those relationships, it’s time for you to consider reaching out for additional help. 

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Alcohol Abuse Statistics in Los Angeles 

The scary reality is that approximately 14 million people in the United States struggle with an addiction to alcohol. The development of alcohol addiction is different for every person, and a person may fall prey to dependence on alcohol for many various reasons. For instance, did you know that if you grew up in an environment where your parents or close family members suffered from their addiction, you are more likely to develop an addiction yourself? Also, suppose you experienced some type of trauma during your life and did not receive proper psychological treatment for it. In that case, you are more susceptible to falling into the trap of addiction. 

The statistics associated with alcohol abuse are startling. If you’re a friend or a family member that has concerns about the possible alcohol addiction of a loved one, you can always reach out to top-rated alcohol rehab for more information. Educated staff will answer any of the questions you have about addiction and even provide you with recommendations regarding steps you can take to help your loved one get the help they need to tackle their addiction. It’s important to remember that you can never force a person into addiction treatment in Los Angeles. However, you can gather the information they can use when they are ready to take this vital step. 

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Options 

It’s important to understand that it would be impossible for the team at a top-rated alcohol rehab near Los Angeles to take a one-size-fits-all approach to alcohol addiction treatment. You should always have the flexibility to build and develop your own recovery program that suits your individual needs. Here are some things that you will want to consider when you’re thinking about the alcohol rehab treatment options that are available to you: 

Your schedule 

It’s essential to consider your current day-to-day schedule when planning out your time in treatment. If you have more flexibility, you may want to consider committing to an inpatient program, whereas clients who don’t have that flexibility would benefit from an outpatient program. Also, you will need to decide the length of your recovery program. You can commit to a treatment program as short as 30 days and as long as 90 days. You can also adjust your treatment plan at any time, meaning that you can start in a 30-day inpatient program then transition into a 60 or 90-day recovery program. 


You have the option to decide to stay closer to home or change your surroundings during the time that you’re in treatment. This is an important decision, and it’s one that you should always discuss with your treatment team to ensure that you make one that is best for you. 

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Alcohol Rehab 

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning to tackle your alcohol addiction is whether you will commit to an inpatient treatment plan or an outpatient one. You must understand the differences between these two program options: 

Inpatient treatment 

During inpatient treatment, you will change the people, places, and things around you for some time while you focus on yourself and your recovery. You will have the opportunity to live on campus during your treatment which gives you around-the-clock access to your recovery team. This process can be a fantastic source of comfort, especially during your recovery’s first few days and weeks. If you decide to come to Muse Treatment Center, we will go above and beyond to ensure you experience a home away from home type of experience.

Outpatient care 

If you have part-time or full-time work or school responsibilities, you may find it easier to commit to an outpatient program. Depending on your current responsibilities, you can opt to work through an intensive outpatient program or a general outpatient program. Also, you can opt to work through an outpatient program after an inpatient program if you’re interested in continuing your recovery journey. 

Remember, before you commit to an inpatient or an outpatient program, you may need to first work through an alcohol detox program. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may experience withdrawal symptoms which would make it impossible for you to properly care for yourself in the first few hours and days of your new sobriety. While these withdrawal symptoms will pass in most situations, there is always the possibility that they may become severe or even deadly, which is why you should never attempt to go through the detox process unless you are under professional care.  

MAT Alcohol Rehab 

Did you know that certain medications can help you better manage cravings or how you feel as you work toward lifelong sobriety? MAT, also known as a medically assisted treatment, can help provide you with the additional support you need during the early stages of your recovery. If this is something that you’re open to, your treatment team will discuss medication options and an approach that will never put you in a position of substituting one addiction for another. 

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare 

Something critical to remember is that your recovery path is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Although you may have established your sobriety, this is something that you could quickly begin to question unless you remain active in the world of recovery. Suppose you decide to collaborate with the Muse Treatment Center team. In that case, you will have the opportunity to commit to an aftercare program that will allow you to stay in touch with your treatment team and other Muse alumni who have successfully completed their own recovery journey. This connection is a wonderful way to continue reinforcing the critical lessons you learned while in treatment. 

Something else that you will also be encouraged to participate in as much as possible is Alcoholics Anonymous. You will quickly notice that attending an AA meeting is similar to participating in group therapy in multiple ways. AA gives you the platform for sharing your faith, hope, and experience when it comes to specific topics. One of the best things about an AA meeting is that you can find a meeting to attend at almost any time throughout the week. There are also several options for virtual meetings, which makes it even easier to log into a meeting if you feel as though you’re having a difficult day. 

Muse Treatment for Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles 

At Muse Treatment Center, you can take comfort in that you will be working with a recovery team that will always go the extra mile to ensure you have the care and support you need through this transitional time in your life. Our intake team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you begin your journey toward recovery. Regardless of whether you need to start your recovery journey in detox or whether you’re ready to fully commit to a recovery program, our team will be here to help you along the way. For more information about why we are considered a top-rated alcohol rehab near Los Angeles, please get in touch with us at (800) 426-1818.

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Josh Chandler
Josh Chandler
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