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What Is the Average Time Spent in Drug Rehab?

How Long Is Rehab?

When you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, it may feel as though you can’t maintain any sense of normalcy. Instead, your entire life begins to revolve around the next time you will be able to consume your drug or drink of choice. Although it’s essential to understand the different options you have for individualized treatment, another critical decision you will make revolves around the amount of time you will spend in rehab.

One of the great things about working with a top-rated addiction facility is that treatment programs are flexible. This flexibility means that you have the opportunity to begin your recovery in a shorter 30-day program and then transition into a longer 60 or 90-day program at any point. One of the other wonderful things about working with a facility like this is you can transition from one program to another. For instance, you can begin your recovery in an inpatient treatment program and then opt to continue your recovery through an outpatient form of treatment.

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The Average Length of Inpatient Drug Rehab

It’s important to remember that addiction impacts every person differently. Therefore, what looks like an average amount of time in addiction treatment to one person may look very different for another. When you initially reach out to your treatment facility of choice, you must be upfront and honest regarding the extent of your addiction. Although it may feel embarrassing to be this transparent, it’s critical to ensure you receive the treatment you need during this stage of your life.

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Choosing the Right Treatment Program

The decision regarding the treatment program you select when addressing your drug or alcohol addiction is critical. Before you can begin a program, you should consider committing to a drug and alcohol detox program. This is because, depending on the severity of your addiction, you may experience specific withdrawal symptoms during the initial hours and days of your sobriety. Although you may think that you would feel more comfortable being at home for drug and alcohol detox, the reality is that the withdrawal symptoms that you may feel are unpredictable. As a result, it’s possible that you could experience symptoms that can be potentially dangerous and deadly. Therefore, before you commit to substance abuse treatment, your best bet is to first work through a detox program.

Once you complete your detox program, you will be in a much better place both physically and psychologically to complete your addiction treatment program. Many people feel more comfortable in residential treatment or an inpatient rehab program if they need to complete a detox program. That is because residential treatment or an inpatient rehab program will provide you with the same around-the-clock care you received during your time in detox. This type of substance abuse treatment also allows you to connect with other people working their way through their program, which can help you feel more comfortable with the premise of addiction treatment.

Common Lengths of Stay in Rehab

In most cases, you will need to decide whether you’re committing to a 30, 60, or 90-day addiction treatment program. Although this is ultimately a decision that you will need to finalize, your treatment team can help you make this decision. Also, you may want to speak with your friends or family regarding the options available to you. Keep in mind that regardless of the length of your treatment program, you will need to participate in certain forms of addiction therapy so you can identify and address the events in your life that may have led you down the path of addiction.

30-Day Drug Rehab

If you aren’t sure if addiction rehab is for you or simply don’t have the flexibility to commit to a long-term treatment program, you may be the perfect candidate for a 30-day drug rehab program. During this form of treatment, you will lay the foundation for addiction recovery and begin to develop an understanding of the events in your life that may have contributed to your addiction.

60-Day Drug Rehab

If you recognize that a 30-day program may not be a long enough treatment program for you, however, you still don’t feel comfortable committing to a 90-day treatment program, you may find that 60-day drug rehab is the best option for you. A 60-day program will help you build on the foundation you laid during your initial 30 days and help you take a deeper dive into how addiction has impacted your life.

90-Day Drug Rehab

If you have a severe addiction, the best treatment option would be a comprehensive 90-day program. A 90-day treatment program gives you the best opportunity to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. You will provide yourself with the time to truly heal physically and psychologically, which is necessary during addiction treatment and can also help prevent any type of relapse possibility.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Many people do not want to commit to inpatient rehab or residential treatment for one reason or another. Someone who is easing into the premise of drug abuse treatment or alcohol treatment may not want to commit to this type of structure. Some people have full-time or even part-time work or school responsibilities. Just because you cannot work through inpatient rehab or a residential treatment program doesn’t mean that you cannot receive the addiction treatment you need.

Examples of outpatient drug rehab programs include intensive outpatient treatment and general outpatient treatment. The main difference between an intensive outpatient treatment program and a general outpatient treatment plan is the number of hours you will need to commit to treatment each week. General outpatient rehab has slightly less of an hourly commitment than an intensive outpatient treatment program.

If you commit to one of the outpatient treatment programs, it would also benefit you to make time to attend 12-step programs that are in and around your area. If you’ve struggled with drug addiction, you would greatly benefit from a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, while those struggling with alcohol addiction will benefit from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

The premise of these 12-step programs is that you will have the opportunity to connect with others local to your area about addiction recovery. You will be able to enhance your own addiction recovery through this type of interaction, and you will be able to learn how to grow your system support. One of the great things about Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step programs is that a meeting takes place every day at almost any time of day. There are also several options for both in-person and virtual meetings.

How Much Time Does Insurance Cover?

One of the understandable questions that many people have regarding the amount of time they will need to spend in addiction treatment revolves around the cost associated with the different levels of care offered. Often, a person may feel less inclined to commit to an addiction treatment program at one of the local rehab centers because they think they are too expensive. However, did you know that if you have private insurance, there is a strong possibility that your inpatient rehab or one of the outpatient programs may be covered entirely through your insurance? As you’re considering the different options you have regarding outpatient treatment or inpatient recovery, you should always take the time to call various rehab centers and your insurance provider. This process will help you learn more about what is covered by your insurance provider and whether or not a treatment center will accept your insurance coverage.

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