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Are you or someone you care about struggling with drug addiction? It can be difficult at times to see just how bad things have gotten when you’re in the middle of the situation. Once it becomes clear that there are negative consequences that you wish to stop from worsening, then stopping becomes the only real option. However, addiction is a mental health disorder that has deeper root causes than just poor choices – stopping isn’t always as easy as just choosing to.

Our top-rated drug rehab for residents of Bakersfield can assist you or someone you care about with beating addiction. Since drug addiction is a mental health disorder, to beat it, evidence-based behavioral therapies and a range of holistic treatments are required. By treating the underlying causes of your addiction, providing you with ample support, and guiding you through positive changes in your life, we will be able to help you to beat addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a place where you will be able to find the support and treatments that will help you to change your life. Drug addiction is treatable, and a sustainable recovery is possible through our multidisciplinary treatment approach that treats you as an individual with multiple recovery needs.

Heroin Rehab

Heroin abuse is a life-threatening situation. The risk of overdose with unscrupulous drug dealers adding fentanyl – a powerful opioid – into their heroin as a cheap way to increase their profits or an overdose due to taking too much as your tolerance builds is a real concern. Problems with your family relationships, social life, work, finances, physical health, and mental wellbeing can easily pile up as heroin abuse continues.

At our heroin rehab for residents of Bakersfield, we can take you through the phases of recovery that will ultimately help you to remain drug-free and embrace a sustainable life. Your withdrawal symptoms can be managed through our medical detox program for Bakersfield residents, helping to make you comfortable through the process so that your physical dependence on the drug can be overcome.

We also offer medically-assisted treatment (MAT) programs for heroin addiction. In the more severe cases of heroin addiction, MAT programs can offer a long-term treatment solution that will aid in preventing relapse and helping to improve healthy brain function. MAT programs also improve the effectiveness of behavioral therapy – a core component to long-term recovery.

From our evidence-based behavioral therapies and medication-assisted treatment programs to our holistic treatment services and multidisciplinary expertise, Muse Treatment can help you to stop using heroin and give you the means to create a drug-free life.

Our heroin rehab for Santa Ana residents can do more than just help you to overcome your physical addiction; we can provide you with the therapy and treatment required to work toward a sustained recovery. It is through the treatment of the underlying causes of your addiction that lasting change is achieved.

Cocaine Rehab

With frequent use of cocaine, you are susceptible to a range of long-term side effects and addiction. Once you become reliant on cocaine to cope and make it through your day, then the negative effects of cocaine can quickly become consuming, affecting important areas of your life and wellbeing. The addictive properties of cocaine make it increasingly difficult to stop as the drug takes a deeper hold. Our cocaine rehab for residents of Bakersfield can give you a way to overcome cocaine addiction and prevent relapse in your future.

At Muse Treatment, we will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to improve your recovery process. The range of treatments that we offer ensures that we are able to help you regardless of your unique recovery needs. For example, we offer onsite co-occurring mental health disorder treatment, also known as dual diagnosis. Co-occurring mental health disorders are common in addiction and are often one of the main causes of substance abuse.

Our cocaine rehab for Bakersfield residents will be able to assist you with your withdrawal symptoms in our drug detox program. After detox, you’ll focus on healing and overcoming the causes of your addiction as you progress with your treatment program through evidence-based behavioral therapy and a range of whole-patient treatment programs.

Meth Rehab

Long-term meth abuse can create a multitude of problems that become progressively worse as meth use continues. The long-term effects of meth abuse include difficulty in completing daily tasks, concentration problems, impulsivity, depression, anger, psychosis, sleep problems, and anxiety. Stopping can be tough because of the range of withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings that you’ll experience, but help is just a phone call away.

At our meth rehab for Bakersfield residents, we can give you the means to overcome your drug addiction. Your withdrawal symptoms, which can make it feel impossible to quit meth, can be safely managed in our drug detox program. Once the physical reliance on meth has been dealt with, then emotional healing and improvements can be made to your behavior, thinking, and life as a whole. The therapies and treatments that we offer will ultimately be what frees you from the reliance on drugs to cope.

Long-term recovery from meth addiction is about learning how to manage addiction. At Muse Treatment, we will help you to sustain your recovery after rehab through our aftercare programs, helping to solidify the skills you learned and providing you with support during the early stages of your recovery.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab?

As an accredited inpatient drug rehab center – ideal for residents of Bakersfield – Muse can provide comprehensive treatment that will provide you with the tools for sustaining your recovery from drug addiction. Our sober community and the family-like setting of our drug rehab will help you to stay motivated and cared for as you progress through your recovery. We are also LegitScript monitored which means that you can be assured of professional, safe use of medications through the short- and long-term treatments for drug addiction.

Let Muse motivate and guide you through your path to lasting recovery from drug addiction. Take a moment to call us today to get the professional help required to overcome drug addiction.

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