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Substance use disorder (addiction) is a complex mental health disorder. The causes of addiction may be so deeply rooted that simply going through detox isn’t enough to bring about the profound changes needed to create a drug-free, sustainable life. Substance use disorder can require an intensive approach to help heal and overcome the complexity of the mental health disorder.

Our top-rated residential drug rehab program for residents of Bakersfield offers you the most intensive and effective way to overcome drug addiction. If you are trying to stop using drugs such as RX drugs, meth, heroin, or cocaine but are finding it difficult to quit or to maintain your sobriety then our inpatient rehab is your best option.


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Residential drug rehab at Muse is a highly effective way to beat addiction because it allows you to be fully focused on your recovery and the usual triggers that are in your life such as peer pressure or stress aren’t present in our facility. If you have a severe drug addiction or if previous attempts to stop have fallen short, then get in touch with Muse today to take advantage of our residential drug rehab program for residents of Bakersfield.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Our inpatient drug rehab program, or residential drug rehab, is a type of treatment setting that we offer. One of the things that make it difficult to stop drug abuse is being surrounded by things, people or places that trigger drug abuse. It can make breaking the habit and undergoing drastic lifestyle changes far more difficult because you’re still in the process of learning new coping skills and working through the causes of your addiction.

However, our inpatient drug rehab for Bakersfield residents allows you to get away from your current habits and surroundings so that you can focus on your recovery and wellbeing. You will have a chance to live at our comfortable facility so that each day can be dedicated to healing and improving your recovery. It is the most intensive and usually the most effective form of treatment available.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center will help you to change your life for the better. You will learn how to prevent relapse, how to cope with stressors effectively, and you’ll be able to overcome and heal from the causes of your addiction. We do this through a family-like setting where your wellbeing is the top priority.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like?

At Muse’s inpatient drug rehab, you will enter into a healing space where your mental and physical wellbeing takes the center stage. It’s common to be apprehensive about professional addiction treatment because substance abuse may have become a focal point of your life, but with the compassion and caring that our healthcare professionals will show you, your apprehensions will quickly fade.

You will be staying in a shared or private furnished room that has ample comforts to help you feel relaxed and at home. Your mornings will start with making your bed and preparing for the day ahead followed by a delicious breakfast, packed with all of the nutrients you need to energize you for the day. Since you will have a personalized treatment plan, the therapies and treatment programs that you’ll be involved with will be unique to you with shared experiences with other people in the rehab program.

A nutritious lunch and dinner will be served at the appropriate time and during the day, you’ll have some free time that can be used to socialize with others or just to relax. Our residential rehab for Bakersfield residents is a stress-free experience where you’ll be carefully guided through each step of your recovery process.

What to Expect During Residential Rehab?

At our inpatient rehab for residents of Bakersfield, part of our success in treating drug addiction originates with the tailor-made treatment plan that we create when clients first enter our residential rehab program. When you first get here, your caseworker will discuss potential goals with you that you can achieve during your time there and talk to you to better understand what your unique recovery needs may be.

Drug addiction recovery often starts with withdrawal symptoms because the commonly abused drugs are physically addictive. Thankfully, there is no need to struggle through your symptoms because our drug detox program will treat your symptoms safely with various FDA-approved medications.

At Muse, we provide the most effective evidence-based behavioral therapies to treat the causes of addiction. These therapies include modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy among others. These therapies create the core elements of addiction treatment that help to achieve long-term sobriety.

Muse also approaches addiction treatment holistically, and our holistic treatment programs will aid you in improving your wellbeing and moving into a way of being that will help you to maintain your new drug-free lifestyle and heal from the damage that drug abuse caused.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab for Residents of Bakersfield Last?

Our residential drug rehab programs for Bakersfield residents last between 30 and 90 days, depending on the needs of our clients. The 30-, 60-, and 90-day inpatient rehab programs offer access to the same types of treatments and therapies. The more time that a person spends in rehab, the greater their recovery and long-term sobriety will become.

Why Choose Muse for Residential Drug Rehab?

Drug addiction is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive, rounded approach to treatment. At Muse, you will have access to every important treatment required for drug addiction treatment as well as holistic treatments that improve your wellbeing and recovery sustainability.

Our residential environment is clean and comfortable. Muse is accredited by The Joint Commission and we are monitored by LegitScript. Allow us to help you to overcome drug addiction through our residential drug rehab program for residents of Bakersfield.  

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