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Maintaining your sobriety after receiving drug addiction treatment to stop alcohol or drug abuse is a long-term process. As you return to your normal life after rehab, it can be difficult to prevent old habits from returning as you’re suddenly surrounded by all of the triggers from your past. So, how do you avoid this situation and maintain your sobriety while you create the foundation for a sustainable substance-free life?

The answer can be found in sober living homes. Our sober living housing programs for residents of Bakersfield provide you with the platform for long-term recovery success. Sober living homes or environments are houses where you can live after rehab that promotes your recovery and helps to prevent relapse. This is achieved through various house rules such as curfews, drug tests, and a focus on building healthy habits.

In our sober living for residents of Bakersfield, our structured environment together with the guidance and support that you’ll receive will help you to continue with your recovery and create the kind of life that you want to have. The long-term process of recovery from addiction is made much easier through aftercare programs such as sober living homes.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

The high rates of relapse in the first month of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, which is said to be roughly 40 to 60 percent, is the main reason why sober living homes are important for maintaining your recovery. Our sober living homes for residents of Bakersfield can help you to prevent relapse. It is the main benefit of using the housing option after rehab because the first year of recovery can be difficult. You will be supported during your time with us to help you achieve your goals such as getting and maintaining a job and forming healthy daily habits.

Our sober living homes for Bakersfield residents can ease fears and anxiety that you might have after completing an inpatient rehab program. You may worry about what will happen when you return to your normal life again, such as whether you’ll be able to adhere to the relapse prevention strategies and avoid situations and people that may trigger your cravings.

A sober living environment is an excellent place to make new friends. Many people in recovery find that their old social circle and friends don’t have a place in their new life anymore because they are still abusing drugs or alcohol. This can leave one with feelings of loneliness as old relationships are put on hold or severed. A benefit of a sober living home is that you will have a chance to meet new people that share similar life goals and have been through similar experiences. It opens the door to the establishment of meaningful friendships that will help to keep you motivated and on track with your recovery.

The structure that you’ll have in our sober living home for Bakersfield residents will help you to grow your confidence as you are guided through your first year of recovery. Simple things such as waking up at a reasonable time, doing chores around the home, and working toward your future by finding a job can be very important for someone recovering from a severe addiction where their life was turned upside down.

Why Choose Muse for Sober Living for Residents of Bakersfield?

As with Muse’s addiction treatment center that is fully accredited, our sober living homes are kept to the same level of care and support. Our high standards and clean sober living can make your time in our sober living homes enjoyable and relaxing. We are here to help you comfortably transition from intensive treatment to maintaining your sobriety as you build a new lifestyle.

Our sober living environments for Bakersfield residents are structured and completely suited for a sober lifestyle. The house rules ensure that each person is pulling their weight in the home and doing what they need to in order to properly manage their addiction in the long term. This includes going to support group meetings, regular drug tests, and weekly house meetings to resolve any issues and make sure that everyone is doing well in the transitional phase they are in.

Thanks to the regular drug tests, if there is a relapse, then it can quickly be addressed. Our goal is to help you find your footing again so that you have the best chance at achieving long-term abstinence from substance abuse. With our support and the shared goals of your peers in the aftercare program, you can have the platform that’s needed to rebuild your life.

Women's Sober Living for Residents of Bakersfield

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we find that the best way to help our clients in our sober living home is to provide gender-specific sober living homes. Our women’s sober living for residents of Bakersfield is a way for you, as a woman over the age of 18, to find transitional support and guidance to assist you in maintaining your recovery and creating a healthy foundation.

Our sober homes are clean and comfortable. Our staff members are acutely sensitive to the needs of women in recovery that may be dealing with issues such as anxiety disorders or eating disorders among other things. You’ll feel at home and surrounded by people that care about your success.

Men's Sober Living for Residents of Bakersfield

The sober living homes that we offer to residents of Bakersfield can place you in a home where you’ll feel comfortable, surrounded by people that have experienced similar experiences. Our men’s sober living homes for residents of Bakersfield are an ideal place for men over the age of 18 to get transitional care after rehab. It provides a safe space where healthy habits can be formed to create a lifestyle that promotes sobriety in the long term. We will guide and support you as you seek to find a job, maintain your job, and create a sustainable way of life backed by the transformative therapies and treatments of our rehab.

Get in touch with Muse Treatment today to find out more about our sober living homes for Bakersfield residents. We will assist and support you as you transition to your mainstream life again after rehab.

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