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Muse utilizes an integrated approach to healing the brain. While most facilities focus on one general area, we emphasize a holistic, whole-brain approach in our drug rehab, alcohol treatment and dual diagnosis programs…

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Muse Treatment offers residents of Beverly Hills one of the best alcohol detox programs in Los Angeles County. 

Our clinicians custom tailor detox treatment plans for each of our clients, because everyone who enters our doors seeking relief from alcohol addiction comes to us with their own unique history of substance abuse and any related medical or behavioral issues. You deserve individualized detox support because the way you’ll react to alcohol withdrawal will be specific to you, whether in terms of any emotional distress, physical discomfort, or symptoms that only you might experience.

The expert, accredited staff at Muse Treatment takes a whole-patient approach to alcohol detox and subsequent addiction rehab treatment. Alcohol use disorder is a brain disease that’s chronic but treatable. The disease can affect every aspect of your being, from your mental state to your emotional and physical well-being. 

Going through withdrawal from alcohol is just the beginning stage that will lead to addiction rehab and recovery, though it’s often very difficult to take the first step you need to take, which is calling Muse Treatment to ask for help.

At Muse Treatment, our clinical staff takes a whole-person approach to care for our clients undergoing alcohol detox with us. There is more to the alcohol withdrawal process than simply keeping our patients comfortable from the physical side effects of withdrawal they may experience during detox. Our aim is to treat every aspect of a person’s physical, mental and emotional reactions to alcohol detox. Undergoing medically assisted detox at Muse Treatment, followed by one of our premier alcohol rehab programs, are what makes us known as a top-rated alcohol detox program for Beverly Hills residents. 

The patient testimonials found on the Muse Treatment website attest to the positive differences our teams have made in the lives of those afflicted with an alcohol use disorder.

On a national accreditation level, The Joint Commission for Mental Health has awarded Muse Treatment not only full accreditation but also they’ve given us the Gold Seal of Approval for ongoing improvements achieved in client care. This is a highly recognized mark of quality in the field of addiction services.

What Is Alcohol Detox Like?

When you’ve been drinking alcohol heavily over a long period of time, your body develops a tolerance to this substance. Your body’s gotten used to taking in a certain amount of alcohol, and it no longer provides you with the same feelings of relaxation or ‘high’ that those same dosages used to. 

Eventually, you need to ingest more and more alcohol in a sitting to feel the same effects that it once delivered or simply to feel ‘normal’. You’ll need to drink just to be able to function if you’ve built up a tolerance through addiction.

Alcohol activates the brain’s neurotransmitters known as GABA receptors, causing those feelings of relaxation and reducing anxiety and fear, in fact, diminishing your brain activity. Your body and your brain become used to alcohol being consumed on a regular basis. 

The balance between GABA and another neurotransmitter, glutamate, can become upset when you stop drinking, causing you to suddenly feel symptoms of withdrawal, such as anxiety and other upsetting feelings, because you’ve not ingested the alcohol that’s been stimulating GABA all along. 

Alcohol detox can cause withdrawal symptoms while your system begins to return to normal functioning and proper neural balance. It can be dangerous to suddenly stop drinking alcohol on your own, without medical supervision. At-home alcohol detox has the potential to cause severe withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures, hallucinations, fever, and delirium tremens (DTs), some of which can be life-threatening.

It’s much safer and highly advisable to undergo alcohol detox at an accredited addiction treatment center offering medication-assisted detox. Muse Treatment has an excellent alcohol detox program designed to address your withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably under the constant supervision of a clinical professional team.

What to Expect During Detox?

Withdrawing suddenly from alcohol use can cause mild, moderate, or severe, even life-threatening, effects. At Muse Treatment, we are equipped to get you through this trying period in a safe atmosphere, with a dedicated, compassionate staff by your side.

Our fully licensed center and its medical team are able to provide you with FDA-approved medications to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms and any complications that may crop up during your alcohol detox. Whether you require benzodiazepines, sedatives, or other over-the-counter medications to help you feel more comfortable, be assured that we’ll accommodate your needs.

During detox, you may also need extra nutrition and fluids as your body starts to heal. Our team will be able to offer you IV saline and vitamins to ensure you remain in good health during alcohol detox.

How Long Is Detox?

Depending on your medical history, the severity of your alcohol use disorder (AUD), and how long it’s been ongoing, detox can take about 5-7 days to complete. Most of your withdrawal symptoms will dissipate by the fifth day of detox for most people.

Between 6 and 12 hours after you’ve had your last drink, you can expect to experience your first withdrawal symptoms. You may have felt these symptoms in the past if you went this length of time without drinking. Perhaps you’ll feel some stomach discomfort, nausea, or not be able to get to sleep. 

Between hours 12 and 48 after no alcohol ingestion, more intense symptoms may begin to set in, such as seizures or delusions, with the most difficult effects felt in days 2 to 3.  Our team will be overseeing your condition around the clock, and they’ll be monitoring you for any sign of the DTs, a condition that will require medical assistance.

You’ll begin to feel a return to normal by the fifth day of alcohol detox. By the seventh day, most people are ready to begin participating in their rehab treatment, the next stage of recovery from alcohol addiction.

Why Choose Muse For Alcohol Detox

Your comfort and health is our top goal during your alcohol detox at Muse Treatment. Not only do we offer medication-assisted detox to help you get through this difficult time more easily, but we also can provide you with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) during your rehab treatment, should you continue to experience lingering withdrawal symptoms after detox. This long-term, substitute medication treatment helps control cravings for alcohol while blocking its addictive effects. We use MAT in conjunction with behavioral therapy at Muse Treatment during rehab.

Muse Treatment can provide you with a safe period of alcohol detox, after which you can take advantage of all the various types of behavioral and holistic treatments we offer in our different alcohol rehab programs.

Begin an alcohol detox program with Muse Treatment now to get you started on the road to recovery from substance abuse and a new, sober lifestyle. 

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