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The first year of a person’s recovery from alcohol or drugs is the hardest in terms of staying sober. In fact, research shows that in the first year of recovery from addiction, as many as 40 to 60 percent of recovering people go through a relapse. This significant relapse rate statistics is one of the reasons why an addiction, as a mental health disorder, is considered to be a relapsing, chronic disease.

The first weeks and months after rehab is when you need the most help to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Right after you finish a residential rehab program, returning to your normal life can cause you to fall back into old patterns of behavior such as seeing substance-abusing friends or going to places where you used to drink or take drugs. While you are in the early stages of your recovery and are still adjusting to your new substance-free life, it can be difficult to establish yourself and set the right priorities.

Sober living in Culver City, however, can make all the difference in your early recovery. A sober living home is a house where you can stay after your rehab program at Muse. The home will be shared with other people in recovery and be overseen by our staff members. The environment will be completely geared toward sobriety and making sure that each person is doing the things that need to do, such as going to support group meetings so that they can sustain their recovery.

You can stay at our sober living housing programs in Culver City for several months should you need it. It gives you the time to be able to adjust to mainstream life again while still being guided and supported through your recovery. It gives you the chance to get back into healthy patterns of behavior that range from doing chores to keeping a job and attending support group meetings.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

The most important benefit of our sober living homes in Culver City is the support for your recovery that you can receive. The ultimate goal is to help you to transition from residential rehab programs or outpatient rehab programs to a normal, functioning life again. Sober living homes, therefore, help to prevent relapse by ensuring that you are following your relapse prevention strategies and not neglecting your recovery.

Another benefit of our sober living environments is that you will have the chance to be among your peers, opening up the chance to make meaningful connections and friendships. Since it’s likely that many of the people in your previous social circle will still be involved in substance abuse, finding new friends can help you to avoid trigger situations and peer pressure and rebuild a healthy life. Being among similar-minded people will also help you to overcome feelings of loneliness which may otherwise be an issue for you in early recovery.

Our sober living environments in Culver City can help you to regain your sense of independence. If you’ve been in an inpatient rehab program, then the sudden independence that you have in our sober living homes can be empowering. It can allow you to become more confident in yourself and in your ability to refrain from substance abuse. You will be able to cook meals for yourself again and do things to take care of yourself.

Sober living homes with Muse can also be more affordable as a long-term recovery solution. It is more affordable than staying in an inpatient rehab program and while you may not be involved with intensive treatment anymore, you are still surrounded by supportive people that can help to guide you through your recovery journey.


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Why Choose Muse for Sober Living Culver City?

You can expect to find clean, comfortable sober living housing with Muse Treatment. Everything about the sober living space is about helping you keep to your recovery goals. There aren’t distractions or negative influences at our sober living homes in Culver City – only support, guidance, and comfort.

The Joint Commission has awarded Muse Treatment and Recovery Center with their international quality approval. This is because we provide the best treatments possible for substance addiction, and our meticulous care for our clients extends to our sober living housing programs. You will get the same level of compassion and care from our staff members and support groups.

We will provide you with access to our 12-step support groups during your stay in our sober living homes. In-house 12-step meetings are held or you can choose to go to another meeting in the area with your housemates. Our homes and rules help to maintain everyone’s comfort and sobriety. These rules include chores to be done by everyone in the house as well as drug testing and curfews among other rules.

As you show progress in your recovery by maintaining healthy habits, you will be given various rewards such as no chores for a week, free time, family visits, and group outings. With our sober living homes in Culver City, you can get the support needed to sustain your recovery and transition into mainstream life again.

Women's Sober Living Culver City

Our women’s sober living in Culver City is open to all women over the age of 18. You can expect clean and comfortable home environments that are shared among the other women in the program. Our staff members are sensitive to a wide range of recovery needs and situations such as co-occurring mental health disorders.


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Men's Sober Living Culver City

To help you keep on track and focused on your recovery goals, we offer men’s sober living in Culver City. It is open to men over the age of 18 after completing a rehab program. It can be the ideal place to find guidance and support to see you through your early recovery after rehab so that you can get a new job, build new friendships, and solidify your habits and routines that support your sobriety.

Call Muse Treatment today to find out more about our sober living homes in Culver City. We are happy to help you to find your feet again and adjust to a sustainable, fulfilling life after rehab.

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