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Substance use disorder, the medical name that is given to drug and alcohol addiction, is a serious mental health disorder. If drug or alcohol abuse is left untreated, it eventually leads to more problems with your health, mental wellbeing, family, work, and friendships. It is, however, treatable at a rehab center equipped to handle substance use disorder treatment.

When seeking the best detox and rehab center for addiction in Culver City, it’s crucial to consider treatment principles that align with the recommendations outlined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). NIDA emphasizes several key components that effective rehab centers should provide to effectively treat drug or alcohol addiction.

One of these vital components is the availability of medically assisted treatment (MAT). MAT involves the use of FDA-approved medications as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. These medications can help manage withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and support long-term recovery.

Costa Mesa medically assisted treatment programs, like those offered by our rehab center, are designed to provide individuals with a safe and effective way to address their addiction. By incorporating MAT into our treatment approach, we aim to enhance the overall quality and success of our addiction recovery programs, helping individuals on their path to lasting sobriety.

When choosing a rehab center, it’s essential to prioritize treatment principles that align with evidence-based practices and recognized standards of care, such as the inclusion of medically assisted treatment as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment plan.

Some of the principles of effective treatment are as follows. Each person should receive their unique treatment plan that accounts for their unique needs. Muse Treatment will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to improve the overall effectiveness of your treatment for addiction. Multiple needs of a recovering person must be addressed and treated. At Muse, we offer a wide range of holistic treatments such as dual diagnosis which treats co-occurring mental health disorders on-site.

Treatment program length should be lengthy to allow for the treatments to take hold and be effective in the long term. According to NIDA, 90 days is required. At Muse, we offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs and a combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs followed by aftercare services can help you achieve this 3-month suggested time in recovery. 

To treat the underlying causes of addiction and to help heal the problems that addiction has caused, a rehab should provide behavioral therapies in an individual and group setting. Muse Treatment and Recovery Center offers a range of behavioral therapies such as trauma-focused therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy among others. These therapies are carried out in a private and group setting. 

Medications are not only important to help a person to overcome their physical reliance on a substance during detox but also as a long-term treatment to prevent relapse and restore brain function. In our alcohol and drug rehab programs in Culver City, we offer medical detox programs that use medication to treat symptoms of withdrawal and to make sure that you have a safe recovery. We also offer a medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program which is a long-term treatment to help restore normal brain function and prevent relapse. 

These principles of effective treatment along with many more keys to successful recovery from addiction are why Muse Treatment is the best detox and rehab center in Culver City. We will help you through every step that you need to be able to recover in the long term and build a drug- and alcohol-free life.

Why Choose Muse?

Muse Treatment has been fully accredited as a drug and alcohol treatment center that is able to treat addiction and things that commonly affect recovering people such as co-occurring mental health disorders. We provide a level of care that is unmatched, helping you or someone you care about to overcome the difficulties surrounding long-term recovery from addiction.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Culver City is an ideal healing space to find the kind of care and treatment to overcome even the most severe addiction. We use a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, meaning that we can not only provide the elements of a standard quality treatment program but we have holistic treatments ranging from art therapy to treating co-occurring mental health disorders. At Muse, we also have cutting-edge treatments such as our neuro-rehabilitation therapy to help improve the overall wellbeing of our patients. 

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is monitored by LegitScript – an organization that ensures the safe use of medications such as the medications involved in our MAT and medical detox programs. Above all else, Muse understands the problems that you may have been facing and is here to help you to heal and improve your life so that you are no longer held back by the abuse of alcohol or drugs. 

Let Muse help you with your recovery journey. Our compassionate staff members and healthcare workers are dedicated to your recovery, healing, and helping you to create a sustainable life that can make you happy.

Alcohol Detox Program

If you have been considering quitting alcohol but you’ve heard about the dangers of quitting alcohol alone, then Muse can help. Our alcohol detox program in Culver City can make sure that you make a safe recovery from alcohol dependence and that the symptoms that you experience are minimal thanks to the medications that you’ll have access to. Our medical detox program in Culver City is a perfect place to overcome alcohol dependence safely. 

Alcohol withdrawal is known to be one of the most intense and dangerous withdrawals there is. Among the symptoms that one can experience includes irritability, anxiety, fatigue, depression, rapid heart rate, headaches, insomnia, tremors, heavy sweating, and stomach problems. These symptoms tend to start around the 12-hour mark and reach their peak intensity around day 3 of alcohol detox. 

In some cases, a person will experience severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are known as delirium tremens or DTs. It includes symptoms such as seizures, confusion, agitation, fever, and hallucinations. If DTs occur, then it’s imperative that you get immediate medical help if you are trying to detox alone – which is never recommended. 

In our alcohol detox program in Culver City, your symptoms can be safely managed. What is a usually intense experience becomes far easier to manage in our professional detox program. Medications are given to you as needed that will help to greatly reduce your symptoms and control severe symptoms such as DTs so that you can make it through detox safely. 

With Muse, alcohol detox is easy. After breaking the physical reliance that you might have on alcohol, we offer treatment programs and therapies that will help you to improve your wellbeing and life so that you can prevent yourself from relapsing in your future because detox by itself isn’t a treatment for addiction. Alcohol detox as a part of a larger treatment plan, however, can help you to overcome alcohol addiction.

Drug Detox Program

One of the hardest things about stopping drug abuse is the intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings that can start within hours of your last dose. As your body becomes more reliant on the constant presence of drugs such as meth, cocaine, prescription medication, and heroin, you’ll feel compelled to continue to use them to stave off the intense withdrawal symptoms that you experience when you haven’t had a dose recently. 

Withdrawal symptoms usually hamper your progress toward becoming drug-free, but in our drug detox program in Culver City, the physical hold that a drug may have on you can be dealt with effectively and safely. You won’t have to deal with the symptoms alone; we will provide you with FDA-approved medications that will make the detox process easy and comfortable. 

Drug withdrawal is something that occurs because of how your body adapts to substances that are repeatedly used. Given enough time, your body will change as it adapts to the presence of drugs in your system. The chemical processes that are involved with each drug, such as feel-good chemical production associated with heroin use, cause your body to in turn produce less naturally. This means that when you have not taken the drug, your body is in an adjusted state that can make coping with each day difficult. 

During your drug detox program in Culver City, your body will have the chance to restore itself to healthy function again, assisted by the medications that we can provide. The medications that we use during a drug detox program help to counteract the specific effects of each drug withdrawal. With your cravings and various withdrawal symptoms properly managed, you will feel much more comfortable and not overwhelmed as you might be if you attempt to stop alone. 

Our drug detox program in Culver City provides you with a safe platform to overcome physical drug dependence. It opens the door to further treatment to help solidify your goal to stop drug use. At Muse Treatment, you can be safely and comfortably helped through your drug withdrawal symptoms so that you can start building a drug-free life that is sustainable. 

Alcohol Rehab in Culver City

An addiction to alcohol goes beyond just becoming physically reliant on alcohol through repeated heavy use. Alcohol addiction forms as a result of several factors that are personal to you. These factors usually fall into the biological, environmental, and developmental categories. Without addressing and treating these areas, long-term sobriety can be difficult to achieve. 

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we approach addiction treatment through a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. Because addiction is a complex disease, treatment for addiction can be equally complex as it helps to address and treat all of the things that may be contributing to your abuse of alcohol. 

Our treatment process at Muse for alcohol use disorder is comprehensive. When you first start with your alcohol rehab program in Culver City, we will explore the intricacies of your situation to better understand how we can best help you. A personalized treatment plan will be created for you that will take you through the various steps and goals of your recovery. 

Since alcohol addiction is accompanied by potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms, it will be the first thing that is addressed at our alcohol rehab in Culver City. Through our medical detox program, your symptoms can be safely managed, allowing you to get through detox much easier and ready for the next steps in your recovery.

Once your withdrawal symptoms have faded, then you will start with your treatment and therapy that will help to treat the various components of your addiction since the mental haze that alcohol dependence had on you will be gone, allowing for more effectiveness of treatment. You will be involved in individual and group therapy and be treated through proven behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

The therapy in our Culver City alcohol rehab is designed to improve your motivation, create incentives to help you to change, replacing negative behavior with rewarding activities, help to improve your relationships, develop relapse prevention skills, and improve your problem solving and coping skills. Through therapy, long-term sobriety can be achieved. 

At Muse Treatment, we also address other areas of your life, giving you a platform to heal and improve things in your life. For example, it’s common for a person with alcohol addiction to also suffer from an untreated mental health disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At Muse, we can treat these conditions so that they no longer affect your ability to remain sober as well as to help improve your overall quality of life. 

Aftercare services are available to help you transition from rehab to your mainstream life. These services include access to support groups, alumni events, and our sober living homes. Through the comprehensive treatment program that we offer, you can break free from the doldrums of addiction and create a sustainable life. 

Drug Rehab in Culver City

If you are addicted to drugs then you will know just how difficult it is to stop using drugs for good. You may be able to stop for a period but struggle to maintain your abstinence because drug addiction, or substance use disorder, is a mental health disorder not just a result of bad choices or your willpower. As with other mental health disorders with chronic, relapsing qualities, drug addiction requires a professional approach to properly treat. 

Long-term recovery from drug addiction is achieved through consistent effort to manage the mental health disorder. You will learn ways to manage the symptoms of your addiction at our drug rehab in Culver City such as relapse prevention skills and coping mechanisms to help you refrain from turning to drugs as a means of coping. 

Drug addiction treatment also needs to help you through the underlying causes that may have spurred your substance abuse. It may be that you are susceptible to stress and have a predisposition to addiction due to your genetics. These issues can be treated at our drug rehab in Culver city through a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapies that are proven to help overcome drug addiction in the long term.

Before you start with your therapy, you will undergo a drug detox that will help to treat your symptoms of withdrawal, making dealing with withdrawal symptoms much easier. After about a week of detox, your mind will be clearer and you’ll be ready to go through the various therapies that will bring about profound, lasting change. 

No matter what the causes of your addiction are such as early exposure to drugs at critical developmental stages or co-occurring mental health disorders causing you to use drugs to self-medicate, Muse Treatment can help you to overcome the unique causes of your addiction so that you can manage and control your addiction so that it doesn’t affect your life negatively. Through our accredited drug addiction treatment programs in Culver City, you can beat addiction. 

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Muse Treatment ensures that we can provide our clients with affordable addiction treatment programs in Culver City. With our range of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, we can create a personalized treatment plan that will not only account for your unique recovery needs but also your budget. 

Various factors can decrease the cost of your rehab program. For example, outpatient rehab is cheaper than inpatient rehab because of the reduced costs that are involved. The length of your rehab program also increases or decreases the cost of rehab with shorter programs such as our 30-day rehab being more affordable. 

The cost of your rehab program at Muse can further be reduced if you have health insurance with coverage for rehab. ACA plans are required to provide some form of cover for addiction treatment but it may be limited to certain treatment programs such as outpatient rehab. Private health insurance varies more than ACA plans but they can provide coverage for rehab depending on the type of plan that you have. We are happy to help you verify your health insurance by filling out our easy online form so that you know what you will have to pay and what’s covered. 

How Long is Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox is the first treatment program that you’ll likely undergo when you enter our detox and rehab center in Culver City. Your drug or alcohol detox program will conclude when you have surmounted your withdrawal symptoms. Detox length will vary from person to person because of the unique aspects of each person’s addiction such as the type of drug and the severity of the addiction. 

In most cases, detox takes about 5 to 7 days to complete. The start of your detox is marked by the appearance of withdrawal symptoms which can start in just a few hours from the last drink or drug dosage. These symptoms will start rather mild but then progress to their highest intensity by around day 2 or 3. After this period, you’ll start to feel better with each day that passes and by day 5, you may be ready to carry on with the rest of your rehab program but it may take as long as 10 days in some cases. 

You will be helped through the entire detox process through medications that we can provide as an accredited rehab center and through the monitoring of your health and wellbeing by our healthcare professionals.

How Long is Rehab?

Depending on how severe your addiction is and prior attempts to stop drinking or taking drugs, rehab can last between 30 and 90 days usually. According to the findings of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is important to spend at least 90 days in rehab and aftercare programs otherwise the effectiveness of treatment may be less impactful on your long-term recovery. 

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center in Culver City, we offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day rehab programs. These rehab programs can be completed through outpatient or residential settings or a combination of both. For example, you could spend 60 days in our residential rehab program in Culver City and then switch over to our 30-day outpatient rehab program for transitional care as you adjust to your mainstream life again. 

Our aftercare programs include our alumni program, sober living homes, and 12-step support groups. These programs will be an important part of your longer-term recovery after your inpatient or outpatient programs are completed. 

30-Day Rehab

At Muse, we offer a short-term rehab solution in the form of our 30-day rehab program in Culver City. It incorporates all of the best-known treatment methods for addiction in a comprehensive treatment plan that is personalized to your recovery needs. The 30 days you spend in our rehab program can be completed through either an inpatient or outpatient format. 

30-day outpatient rehab offers you a way to continue to remain autonomous while having access to some of the best therapies and treatments for addiction. You can use your free time to go to work, school, or to take care of responsibilities around the house that you might have among other things. It serves as a transitional form of care after an inpatient program or it can be used as your main form of care if you’re unable to take time off work or school to receive treatment.

Our 30-day inpatient rehab program in Culver City is an intensive form of treatment that allows you to live at our rehab center while you undergo the various treatments involved in your tailor-made treatment plan. Living at our comfortable and clean rehab center will allow you to put your full focus on your recovery with no outside distractions to prevent you from achieving lasting sobriety.

Long-Term Rehab

Long-term rehab programs are the best way to treat severe addictions to alcohol or drugs. It provides you with ample time in our accredited treatment programs for you to be able to change your life so that substance abuse is no longer a controlling factor. Since some of the changes and the severity of some addictions can be so drastic, giving yourself enough time in a long-term rehab program to comfortably go through these changes provides you with the best chance at long-term recovery. 

Our long-term rehab programs in Culver City include our 60- and 90-day programs. These long-term treatment options can also be completed in either a residential or outpatient setting allowing anyone regardless of their situation. Our long-term rehab programs are the best way to overcome an addiction because you have enough time to carefully and comfortably work through every aspect of your healing and recovery.

Couples Rehab

When a couple abuses drugs or alcohol, stopping can become more complicated if only one person were to receive treatment. You may choose to go to rehab together but many rehabs may not treat you as a couple but rather two separate individuals seeking treatment when there are factors about your relationship that should be treated in rehab, too. 

At Muse, we offer couples rehab programs because we understand that stopping substance abuse as a couple can be easier and more effective if you are treated together. In our couples rehab in Culver City, you can be alongside your partner while you each go through a personalized treatment plan as well as joint therapy and activities to help heal and strengthen your relationship.

In our couples rehab, you and your partner can work through the troubles that you may have. Joint therapy will allow you and your loved one to heal your relationship, strengthening it so that you are able to support each other to achieve long-term sobriety. Possible issues such as codependence, inadequate communication skills, enabling behavior, and other things that you might be experiencing in your relationship can be resolved so that your relationship can be a force for good in your recoveries. 

Pet-Friendly Rehab

Pets can become like a part of your family. Their unconditional love is a source of emotional support through the more difficult times. In recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, your pet can become a healthy part of your support system and recovery process as they allow you to work through emotional trauma through non-verbal communication. 

Animals are frequently used in the treatment of addiction. Equine therapy, for example, shows the effectiveness of animals in recovery as an outlet for emotion and as emotional support. It can allow a person to work through more difficult issues and at Muse, our pet-friendly rehab in Culver City can make it possible to have the positive effects of your pet help you through your recovery process. 

You will be able to bring your pet with you when you stay in our rehab in Culver City during your inpatient treatment program. It is just one of the ways in which Muse goes a step beyond to help you through your recovery process by providing a safe, nurturing environment where you can heal and recover from your addiction. 

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Health insurance coverage for rehab can help to reduce the cost of rehab services. The level of coverage, however, can differ from one health insurance plan to the next. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plans must provide some coverage for addiction treatment because it is a recognized mental health disorder. The specifics of what is covered in an ACA plan should be explored by contacting your insurance provider or by filling out our easy online form. Most ACA plans will provide coverage for outpatient rehab, detox programs, and they may also provide some coverage for aftercare services.

Private health insurance may provide coverage for addiction treatment services, too. However, since they are not required to provide addiction treatment coverage, you will need to refer to your plan to see what exactly you are covered for. Alternatively, you can contact Muse to help us to verify your insurance or call us so that we can help you. 

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Culver City

Finding new things to do in your free time after rehab is important. It helps you to establish new healthy habits and avoid some of the things that may trigger your substance abuse. Culver City has many fun sober-friendly activities and attractions that you can enjoy.

Some ideas for sober-friendly attractions near Culver City are as follows.

The Actors’ Gang

9070 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, United States

Find entertainment at The Actors’ Gang. It was initially founded by a group of UCLA students in 1981 and has since flourished into a magical theater where you can see original plats that push the limits of our society and challenges of being human in today’s world. Many well-known actors, directors, and playwrights frequent The Actors’ Gang and will treat you to an unforgettable viewing experience. 

Culver City Park

9910 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, United States

If you would like to spend some time outdoors then Culver City Park can be an excellent destination. It boasts a spectacular 41 acres of leisure space where you can bring your dog, enjoy a picnic or barbeque with family and friends, or go along the biking and hiking trails. There are nearby beaches and restaurants that you can enjoy a delicious meal at after exploring the beautiful park. 

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