Couples Rehab for Residents of Huntington Beach, CA

Drug and alcohol abuse often affects more than one person in a household. Many couples, for instance, suffer from a substance abuse disorder or addiction together. This is more commonplace than some might expect because drug and alcohol abuse is indicative of a lifestyle and patterns of behavior. Many couples engage in the use/abuse of drugs and alcohol together. So, it makes perfect sense that they should seek help for their substance abuse problems together too. 

Traditional, alcohol and drug rehabs provided exclusively individual treatment for people suffering from addiction even if their partner was experiencing a similar condition. Eventually, more rehabs decided to offer family therapies because of the benefits it offers to the individualized sufferer as well as family members most affected by the addiction. Today, progressive treatment centers like Muse are offering couples rehab therapy because it, too, can be highly effective for partners who both want to change their lifestyle and overcome their dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Couples of Huntington Beach, CA, who are struggling with substance abuse issues or full-blown addictions can seek treatment at Muse. Our couples therapy helps individuals singly and together learn how to manage their addiction and provide effective support for their partner during their recovery journey. Drug and alcohol addiction can negatively impact marriages or long-term relationships in many different ways, which is why our therapists provide individualized support for couples enrolled in our program. If you are ready to transform your life and relationship and overcome the negative effects of addiction, visit Muse to learn more. 

Looking for a rehab where you and your partner can overcome addiction together? Muse features couples addiction therapy that addresses addiction in many different ways. This complex condition impacts an individual’s mind and body, but it also affects everything and everyone around. Drug and alcohol abuse can take a serious toll on relationships, undermining them at every turn. 

Many couples who have addictions struggle to change their lifestyles. One partner may need a different type of support than another. At Muse, we help clients unravel how they became addicted and then develop useful strategies for coping with their triggers and transforming their lives for improved health and sobriety. 

Like each individual, each relationship is unique. Couples arrive at Muse with a wide range of issues that impact their drug or alcohol use. Some couples are co-dependent. Some partners even met one another while under the influence and have little experience together with sobriety. Each couple requires individualized support so they can work through the issues that are relevant to them. 

Like our other rehab programs, our couples therapy program incorporates many of the same treatments. We provide counseling sessions for the couple alone. Sometimes we meet individually with each partner. We also feature group therapy with other couples that can be helpful and supportive in a number of ways. Relapse prevention plays a strong role in our program as we teach each partner how to spot the early stages of relapse before they lead to the use of drugs or alcohol. Clients learn how to support one another in healthy ways and to cope individually with their own triggers to use. 


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Benefits of Couples Rehab

At Muse, we have found that there are many benefits for couples who enter rehab treatment programs together. When one partner chooses to leave behind the alcohol or drug lifestyle but the other does not, it can spell disaster. Either the relationship fails or the person in treatment succumbs to relapse. Ideally, couples who abuse drugs and alcohol should attempt to stop together in order to preserve their relationship and transform their lifestyle to a sober one. Couples who enter rehab together often become closer and more committed. They’ve been through a lot together. Learning to work together to build a new life can add a brand new dimension to their partnership. 

When both partners become sober, they have the ability to support one another’s needs more effectively than when they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We help couples learn to communicate in healthy ways and to address the issues that threaten their partnership. We’ve helped couples who have struggled with all kinds of issues ranging from mental and physical abuse to job stress and dual diagnosis. Our therapists have years of training and experience in the field. They understand how to reach each couple and how to help them move forward.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse offers a range of addiction treatment programs for clients from Huntington Beach. Partner rehab is one of many treatment programs designed to help clients manage their addiction and achieve their recovery goals. Muse takes a real-world approach to couple’s addiction therapy. We know that the use of drugs and alcohol can lead to some tremendously dysfunctional situations for couples. We are not in the business of judging. We are here to help and provide the customized support that clients need to change their lifestyle for the better. 

At Muse, we feature experienced clinicians and therapists who are committed to their profession and helping clients arrive at a healthy way of living. We stay up to date with the latest best practices for treating addiction. By providing individualized support, we’re able to help clients make major lifestyle shifts that support their sobriety. Couples can rely on us together and individually for guidance as they repair their lives and strive to put addiction behind them. 

If you and your partner reside in Huntington Beach or surrounding areas, consider enrolling in our couples treatment program in Los Angeles.  Let Muse help you get your lives and relationship back on track. Drug and alcohol addiction has a way of wrecking everything it touches. This doesn’t have to be your future. Muse features effective treatments that can help you manage your addiction and recovery successfully. Visit us to learn more or enroll in one of our treatment programs right away. 

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