Couples Rehab for Residents of Irvine, CA

The people that you surround yourself with after rehab play an important role in your sobriety. If you interact with someone that is still using drugs or alcohol after rehab, then preventing relapse can become much harder, especially if that person means a lot to you. This situation is why couples addicted to drugs or alcohol can benefit from going to rehab together; it helps to promote lasting sobriety because you are both on the same recovery journey and not negatively influencing each other.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center offers a way for couples to get treatment together. Our couples rehab for residents of Irvine provides you and your partner with comprehensive addiction treatment that adheres to all of the best ways to combat addiction and create a sustainable life. The usual problems of addiction among couples such as co-dependence, relationship problems, and general isolation can be resolved in our therapy and counseling programs so that you and your partner can nurture a healthy relationship again.

The shared sobriety goal that you will have will be a strengthening factor in your relationship and the support that you can offer each other can make a significant difference in your lives in the future while following relapse prevention strategies. Through our couples rehab for Irvine residents, we can assist you and your loved one to break free from the bonds of addiction and build a life where lasting sobriety is possible.


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Benefits of Couples Rehab

Research suggests that couples who go into a rehab program together have a higher chance of seeing the program through to its completion. Completing a 30-, 60-, or 90-day rehab program is one of the important factors of a successful recovery because it gives you enough time to work on all the areas that could improve and that will help you to heal.

An important benefit of couples rehab is the fact that you can support each other during the entire recovery process at Muse. Of course, our sober community and staff members provide excellent support during recovery but having your partner be by your side through the experience, especially when you are both experiencing something similar, can be very beneficial to your long-term recovery.

In our couples rehab program for residents of Irvine, you and your partner will be involved with joint therapy. In this therapy, you will delve into the problems that may have been created by the abuse of drugs or alcohol and explore areas of your relationship that could improve such as communication skills and preventing enabling behavior.

Our rehab near Irvine for couples can help to strengthen your relationship and to help you to build the foundation for successful recovery and support. Issues such as co-dependence can be explored so that positive outcomes can be reached, helping to nurture a healthy relationship and mend wounds.

In times to come after your couples rehab programs for residents of Irvine, if one of you is having a particularly bad day and are feeling the early stages of relapse, then you can provide support for one another, knowing exactly what the other person is going through. One day you might be the supportive partner during difficult times while another day your partner can be there for you to help you make it through difficult days.

It’s common for couples who abuse drugs or alcohol together to take longer to seek professional help. Don’t let addiction affect your personal wellbeing or the wellbeing of your partner. Get the professional help you and your loved one needs through our couples rehab for residents of Irvine.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a highly-recommended and top-rated couples rehab for Irvine residents. We offer a range of treatments and budget options so that you and your partner can receive professional care for addiction regardless of your individual treatment needs or budget. Our facility is accredited by the organization charged with accredited healthcare facilities in the United States, The Joint Commission.

At Muse, our services stretch beyond just a standard rehab program; we approach addiction treatment through an interdisciplinary approach because we understand that to truly help people to recover from addiction, other related areas of their life need to improve, too. For example, our couples rehab offers dual diagnosis treatment because research shows that people who suffer from addiction very often have another mental health disorder that they are dealing with. They may seek out drugs or alcohol to cope with their symptoms when only professional treatment will suffice. We provide such treatment at our rehab for couples.

Our rehab center for Irvine residents is comprehensive. We provide programs to make getting through withdrawal comfortable and far more easily in our medical detox program. This program makes use of effective medications that treat withdrawal symptoms reducing symptoms such as cravings and commonly-experienced symptoms. Furthermore, we offer medically-assisted treatment, or MAT, which provides many of the same medications through a long-term solution together with behavioral therapy to prevent relapse.

Behavioral therapy will be an important part of your and your partner’s recovery. Some of the evidence-based therapies that we employ in our treatment program include dialectical behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and behavior modification. You and your partner will take part in individual, group, and joint therapy during your treatment program. We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment services.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is the ideal place where you and your partner can find professional care for addiction. We can assist you and your loved one to make substance abuse a thing of the past so that the two of you can lead a happy, loving life together free from the oppressiveness of addiction. Call us today so that you can get started.

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