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Substance use disorder, or drug addiction, is a mental health disorder that as many as 8.1 million Americans met the criteria for in 2018 according to statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. It can be difficult to determine if you or someone your care about is struggling with substance use disorder. If there is a possible substance use disorder present, then our top-rated drug rehab for residents of Irvine can help.

To help identify the need for professional treatment, the following can help you to figure out if you or someone you care about has a mental health disorder. Using drugs in risky situations such as before driving. You have withdrawal symptoms if you don’t use drugs. You’ve built a tolerance. Relationship and social problems have developed. Wanting and trying to stop or slow down use but being unable to. Much of your time is spent getting, using, and recovering from drug use. Responsibilities suffer such as work. Stopping doing things like hobbies and social events in favor of drug abuse. Use despite negative effects. You crave the drug. Using more of the drug than you intended to or for longer than you wanted to.

These 11 criteria described in the DSM-V manual can help one to determine if there is a possible addiction present. Having 2-3 of the above-mentioned signs means you might have a mild disorder and 4 – 5 or more means that you have a severe addiction. Addiction, however, is treatable and even if you are suffering from substance use disorder, Muse Treatment can help.

Through our top-rated drug rehab for residents of Irvine, you can receive help for cocaine, meth, heroin, and other drugs including prescription medication addiction. Our programs are comprehensive so there isn’t a need for multiple treatment facilities even if you suffer from co-occurring mental disorders, require a medical detox, or want to use a medically-assisted treatment (MAT) plan.


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Heroin Rehab

The abuse of heroin, which is an opiate, can be devastating to your life because the drug has serious physically addictive properties. With enough use of the drug, your brain can change to the point where you may require medication to help normalize function. Our heroin rehab for residents of Irvine can accommodate you if you need heroin addiction treatment through our specialized treatment programs that take you through every step of your recovery.

Our heroin rehab program for Irvine residents can assist you initially through our medical detox program. The usually-overwhelming symptoms of withdrawal can be managed, making your experience more comfortable. Once your body returns to more normal function then you can turn your attention to our behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based treatments.

At Muse Treatment, we also have alternative holistic programs such as our neuro-rehabilitation. These whole-patient programs serve to improve your quality of life, offer you a creative outlet, and heal on an emotional and spiritual level. When your 30-, 60-, or 90-day heroin rehab program is done, then our aftercare programs can help you to maintain your sobriety as you move into long-term recovery.

Cocaine Rehab

If you are looking for a way to overcome an addiction to cocaine, then our cocaine rehab program offers you a comprehensive way to achieve long-term sobriety. In our rehab for Irvine residents, you can be helped through our withdrawal from cocaine through the use of medication and medical support in our medical detox program.

The core elements of your long-term recovery are the behavioral therapies, counseling, and holistic programs that we offer at Muse Treatment. The main goal is to help you to change behaviors that impede your progress and lead you to relapse, to develop coping skills against life’s stressors, and to help you with any area that may be a problem such as co-occurring mental disorders.

Through our cocaine rehab for residents of Irvine, we can help you to break the cycle of cocaine abuse so that you can live a life that is free from substance abuse. Long-term sobriety is always the goal and as such, Muse offers a variety of aftercare programs to assist you in keeping your sobriety through the months following rehab.

Meth Rehab

Meth abuse can quickly become a situation that spirals out of control. It is one of the most addictive drugs there is and it can have both a physical and mental impact on you. When it becomes difficult to stop abusing meth, then Muse Treatment can step in to help you. Our specialized meth rehab programs for Irvine residents can help you to establish a new way of life that isn’t being impeded by the abuse of the drug and all of the negative consequences that it entails.

From the moment you enter our doors, you’ll feel welcomed as your anxiety about quitting begins to fade. You will enter a medical detox program right away so that the withdrawal symptoms don’t prevent you from quitting meth. The medications that are provided during our meth detox program for Irvine residents will eliminate many of the symptoms and make you comfortable throughout.

Our evidence-based behavioral therapies will aid you in your recovery and create the building blocks for lasting change. We will help you to explore the possible causes of your addiction so that you can heal from issues from your past, uncover trigger situations and learn to prevent them from causing relapse, and change your thinking and behavior to promote a healthy, happy life.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is an ideal place to recover from drug addiction. Our programs are comprehensive so that you have everything you need to achieve sobriety; from medical detox programs and medically-assisted treatment (MAT) to holistic treatments, behavioral therapy, and aftercare programs.

Let Muse become your beacon of light to lead you out of the struggles of addiction and into a life that you can sustain and one that can help to bring happiness and fulfillment. Our fully accredited rehab for drug addiction is standing by to help you beat addiction.

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