MAT Addiction Treatment for Residents of Irvine

Abusing some drugs over an extended period can have lasting effects on your mind. It can lead to changes in brain function that can make it very difficult to remain sober because cravings can persist for months after quitting and rehab. This is why medically-assisted treatment (MAT) is such a valuable tool for recovery – it can help to prevent relapse where standard forms of treatment may fall short.

Muse offers a medically-assisted treatment program for residents of Irvine to help with long-term addiction treatment. It can be the difference between a successful recovery and relapse for some people. Muse Treatment and Recovery center is LegitScript monitored which means that our treatment programs that involve the use of FDA-approved prescription medication are safe and carefully monitored.

If you have been struggling with an addiction that feels impossible to shake, then Muse Treatment can help you to achieve success through the use of our MAT program for addiction recovery. It can help to normalize brain function when the usual recovery time is not sufficient and aid in situations where previous attempts at long-term sobriety have failed.

A common misunderstanding about MAT programs for addiction is that you’re just replacing one drug for another. However, MAT’s effectiveness is evident in the way that it can help those struggling with recovery when no other program can. Relapse is a major concern because not only does a person open themselves up to the problems of addiction again, but the risk of overdose is higher than usual due to the lower tolerance from stopping drug abuse for a while. Essentially, MAT programs can help to save the lives of people in recovery.


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What is MAT?

Medically-assisted treatment, as the name suggests, is when you use medications to help bring about long-term sobriety. The medications that are commonly used are approved by the FDA and are safe to use for extended periods. MAT programs include the use of behavioral therapy because it is only through a combination of medications to prevent relapse and normalize brain function and behavioral therapy and counseling that the effectiveness of MAT programs is achieved.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, MAT can effectively treat substance use disorder (addiction) and help to sustain recovery for people struggling to prevent relapse after rehab. Their research also shows that MAT reduces opioid overdose.

The way that the medications help is multifaceted. Some medications help to normalize brain function in cases where serotonin and dopamine receptors are no longer producing a nominal amount of reward-based chemicals. This is of vital importance for someone to feel normal again and to return to a normal functioning life. Some medications block the effects that are normally felt when drinking alcohol or taking drugs meaning that even if the person was to relapse, then it wouldn’t have an effect.

One of the benefits of MAT is that it improves the receptiveness of behavioral therapy which is a crucial part of sustained recovery. MAT programs are accompanied by behavioral therapy because long-term change isn’t achieved by just the use of MAT alone but rather through the combined benefits of medication along with therapy.

Our MAT program for residents of Irvine is an excellent way to receive addiction recovery treatment if you fear that you won’t be able to sustain your recovery or are dealing with more permanent aftereffects of addiction. Through Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, you can lead a fulfilling life where recovery becomes easier thanks to the positive effects of our MAT program.

What to Expect During MAT?

Our MAT program for residents of Irvine, as a part of our rehab program, combines the effectiveness of behavioral therapy and our holistic healing programs with the positive effects of medication to achieve sobriety. Muse provides personalized treatment plans because we understand how important it is to treat the individual and not just the mental health disorder known as addiction.

When you first start treatment at Muse, you will go through our drug and alcohol detox program that also makes use of medication to treat the standard symptoms of withdrawal. You’ll be closely monitored by our team of healthcare professionals to ensure that your recovery safely through the initial intense withdrawal symptoms and so that you have the medications that you need when you need them.

Behavioral therapy is an important aspect of recovery from addiction because it helps you to alter behavior positively, change the way you think about and respond to triggers, and how you deal with stressors in life. Some of the therapies that you’ll take part in include cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, interpersonal therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy among others.

The medications that are commonly used for MAT programs include methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine for opioid addiction. For alcohol addiction, you may be given naltrexone, acamprosate, or disulfiram.

Why Choose Muse for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

Muse Treatment offers you a safe way to receive medically-assisted treatment. Our addiction treatment services are both Joint Commission accredited and LegitScript monitored. This means that we are authorized to provide prescribed medication needed for MAT programs because our safety and treatment standards meet the highest approval ratings.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is more than just a standard rehab. We provide whole-patient treatments because they are a part of successful long-term recovery. We understand that other areas of your life may be affecting your ability to reach long-term sobriety such as co-occurring mental health disorders. We can assess and then treat these conditions alongside your addiction treatment program, improving treatment outcomes.

If you have been trying to stop using alcohol or drugs but feel that you may not be able to, then let Muse Treatment help you through our medically-assisted treatment program for residents of Irvine. We are standing by to take your call and help you today.

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