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Prescription drug misuse can have dire consequences. The reason why prescription or RX drugs require a doctor’s prescription is that they are highly addictive if they are misused in any way. As misuse continues, then it’s only a matter of time before the fundamental changes in the body and brain take place and drug dependence forms. When it reaches the stage of addiction, then professional treatment becomes your best option for overcoming the problem.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a specialized prescription drug rehab for residents of Irvine. We approach RX drug addiction treatment through a whole-patient approach to help our clients achieve long-term sobriety. The challenges of recovery such as the withdrawal symptoms during detox can be handled effectively through our medical detox program making detox much easier.

In our RX drug rehab for Irvine residents, you will be welcomed into a family-like environment where our staff members and healthcare workers care deeply about your wellbeing and recovery. We are sensitive to mental health disorders such as eating disorders and anxiety disorders because we understand that these conditions often co-occur with addiction. Muse offers treatment for a variety of mental health disorders through our dual diagnosis program that will run alongside your behavioral therapy and holistic methods of treatment.

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, you can find respite from the struggles that you’ve been facing with addiction. In our hands, your recovery can be successful and you can go on to live a sustainable life, no longer feeling the need to use RX drugs to make it through each day. Addiction recovery over the long-term is about the management of the mental health disorder and Muse will provide you with ample aftercare services to support you during your recovery process.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call Muse Treatment Center today. Our expert addiction specialists are standing by ready to speak confidentially with you. Call (800) 426-1818 today.

What is RX Rehab Like?

Our RX drug rehab is like getting a chance to focus on yourself after being in a situation where stopping the abuse of prescription drugs seemed like an uphill battle. Our therapeutic and healing space is an ideal place to rediscover the things that you enjoy in life, make new friends, and have a transformative experience surrounded by caring staff and healthcare workers.

Many people fear what might happen when they stop using RX drugs because of the withdrawal symptoms that they experience shortly after their last use of the drug. However, in our medical detox program for RX addiction for Irvine residents, the fears you may have about stopping can be assuaged because of the significant impact that the medications we use in our medical detox can have. Instead of being overwhelmed, you will be able to get through detox with far greater ease and have medical support to make sure that you remain safe throughout.

Our RX drug rehab for residents of Irvine is where you’ll be treated like a member of our family. It’s easy to relate to others in the program because of the similar experiences that you’ve had. Get in touch with us today so that we can help you to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

What to Expect During RX Rehab?

At Muse Treatment, you can expect to receive professional care through our interdisciplinary and comprehensive treatment approach. In order to truly recover from an addiction to prescription drugs and build a life free of substance abuse, several treatments are required. 

Treatment begins with an assessment so that we understand exactly how to help you best. After all, no two people are the same and their recovery needs differ. We will explore the possibility of co-occurring mental disorders among other things so that your treatment plan can be comprehensive, addressing every aspect of recovery that you require.

One of the first treatments that you can expect to be involved with is our medical detox program. It is a program designed to help residents of Irvine to break the physical addiction that has formed to RX drugs due to extended misuse. The program helps you by providing you with medication that directly counteracts the common symptoms of withdrawal. This will make detox far easier and the risk of early relapse due to cravings and other symptoms can be eliminated.

After detox, your focus in recovery will turn toward holistic treatments and behavioral therapy. Holistic treatments include things like treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, art therapy, and neuro-rehabilitation. Among our behavioral therapies that we offer in our prescription drug rehab for Irvine residents include interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and trauma-focused therapy among others.

How Long Does RX Rehab for Huntington Beach Residents Last?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests, based on their research, that three months of treatment is the minimum time required to overcome addiction. Addiction recovery is about long-term management and through our 30-, 60-, and 90-day outpatient or inpatient programs, you will be able to get the full benefit of treatment.

Following your rehab program, you can take advantage of our aftercare services so that your recovery support can continue through the months that follow, working to improve your sobriety. Our long- and short-term rehab programs together with our aftercare services will help to satisfy the minimum suggested time in treatment from RX addiction.

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

According to NIDA, some of the most-abused depressants are Ativan, Xanax, Ambien, Nembutal, and Lunesta. Opana, Codeine, Darvon, Demerol, Oxycontin, Methadose, and Vicodin are among the most abused opioid pain relievers. Stimulants that are most often abused include Concerta, Dexedrine, Ritalin, and Adderall.

Why Choose Muse for RX Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a comprehensive rehab for RX drug addiction for residents of Irvine. Our services are accredited by The Joint Commission and our programs that utilize prescription medications such as our medical detox and medically-assisted treatment (MAT) are monitored by LegitScript to ensure safe use.

Muse Treatment is a safe, healing environment where you can gain access to the best treatments for addiction that are specialized to treat the individual and prescription drugs. If you are looking for a way to stop using prescription drugs then Muse is your answer. Call us today for more information.

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