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Prescription drug abuse is defined by a person using prescription drugs in a way that was not intended, like taking more than was prescribed, or taking the drug more often than prescribed. Becoming addicted to prescription drugs can happen to anybody. Sometimes, a painkiller doesn’t seem to be working anymore, so a person will begin to use a higher dose, or use it more frequently, leading to a dependence. Somebody may be given a pill at a party and enjoy the way it makes them feel, so they begin buying the drugs to use recreationally.

Prescription drugs are given to us by our doctors, and they are easy to use because of their pill, powder, or liquid form. Some are more addictive than others, and tolerance can increase over time until you become addicted, and you stop being able to feel pleasure without the use of drugs. You become dependent, and need to take higher and higher doses just to feel normal.

When you enter Muse Treatment for the first time, we will interview you and do a health check-up to see if you require a dual diagnosis treatment for mental health or trauma issues alongside addiction treatment.The next step is to go through a detoxification program first. Detox timelines and symptoms vary depending on factors like:

  •       Which drug(s) you are detoxing from
  •       How long you have been using the drugs
  •       The amount of the drug you were using
  •       How you were using the drug (snorting, pills, etc)
  •       Your family history
  •       Your individual history of use and withdrawal symptoms

Detox can involve uncomfortable, painful, or dangerous withdrawal symptoms, but it is a necessary step when you begin rehabilitation. You may experience acute physical symptoms like tremors, headaches, restlessness, flu-like symptoms, and body aches. You may also experience psychological symptoms like confusion or brain fog, anxiety or depression. Many drug withdrawals will include strong drug cravings as well.

Client is the top-rated prescription drug rehab for residents of Los Alamitos California, partially because we offer a medically assisted treatment, where medications can be given by health care professionals to help you get through your symptoms. Coupled with therapy and counseling, medically assisted therapy will help you manage withdrawal symptoms and emotions that may come up during detox, and get through it all as comfortably and safely as possible.

Resurgence also provides the option of Social Detoxification, where withdrawal from drugs happens without medication. You will still be monitored by our medical staff in case of an emergency, and you are supported, with your progress and health checked, but there is no medication given to handle symptoms.

Detox is not a permanent solution to drug addiction on its own. At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, we will create a comprehensive rehabilitation program specific to you and your needs. You will learn strategies to sustain sobriety, healthy coping mechanisms, and new ways to live your life confidently, without using drugs.

What is RX Rehab Like?

Prescription drug rehab at Muse is a relaxing and productive stay in a welcoming, community-oriented place. We use the information we learn about you during your intake procedures to create a realistic, long-term recovery plan for you, including the length of your stay in rehab, and which therapy choices and activities we will recommend for you to join. There are 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs, with the longer stays recommended for those with a history of relapsing, or those with co-occurring conditions.

Our goal is to make drug rehab accessible for everybody who needs it. We know that everybody is different, so our programs are customized to suit your personality, needs, beliefs and goals. We have payment plans for our cash customers, and take most insurance plans.

Our medical staff is onsite 24 hours a day, with a nurse available during the day. Our head nurse is a certified addictions RN. The staff at Muse are trained in trauma-informed practices, and will keep your individual histories, fears, and phobias in mind while you are in treatment. They are empathetic and kind, and truly want to help. Many of our staff members are in recovery themselves, so they understand some of what you are going through.


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What to Expect During RX Rehab?

When you enter rehab for prescription drugs, you can expect to work hard on yourself in therapy, and you can expect to feel a level of relaxation from being away from life’s stresses.

Life at Muse is structured, with daily therapy appointments, group meetings, and plenty of time to relax and reflect on what you have learned. There are multiple types of therapy sessions to attend, including cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, EMDR, rational emotive behavioral therapy, and more. We consider all aspects of our clients’ lives as important, so we also offer vocational training, life skills training, access to exercise equipment and sports, and games and movies. There are 12-step programs and SMART recovery groups, family therapy sessions, and couples rehab is available as well. Our community-oriented environment is a safe place to regain control over your life and get to the root of your addiction.

How Long Does Rx Rehab Mar Vista Last?

Rehab can last for as long as you want it to, with a recommended minimum stay of 30 days. We also have 60- and 90-day inpatient programs, which are especially recommended to people who want extra help working on their recovery, people who have a history with relapse, and people who have co-occurring conditions.

After our inpatient rehab program is done, you will transition into an outpatient rehab program, so that you will still have strong support while going back out into the real world. Our outpatient programs can be customized to suit your needs and goals after residential treatment. The longer you remain in aftercare with Muse, the less likely it is that you will relapse.

  •       There is the partial hospitalization program, a day program where you live outside the facility, but spend your time in meetings and therapy for up to six hours a day, five to seven days a week.
  •       Our intensive outpatient program is more flexible, with patients returning to their lives, going to work or school, and attending to regular responsibilities, and then attending groups and therapy outside those hours.
  •       Some Muse facilities have a virtual outpatient option where you can attend meetings and therapy online, through a telehealth platform, if you do not live near a Muse facility.
  •       There is a strong community of alumni at Muse, who have gone through the detox and rehab program at our facility and want to remain connected to a welcoming sober community for support, friendship, and mentorship. They hold gatherings, meetings, reunions and outings that you are welcome to join.
  •       Patients in outpatient rehab require additional support that friends and family may not be able to provide. Muse can give referrals for partners near you who run sober living homes if you feel you don’t have a stable or supportive enough environment to stay in after residential rehab. Sober homes are a structured environment, with rules that will hold you accountable and responsible while you learn to use your recovery skills in the real world.

At Muse, our long-term continuing care programs are created to work around you and your needs as your life as a sober person evolves. You can move through different styles and intensities of care. Our goal is for you to feel supported and continue using our services for as long as you need.

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse can happen easily. They can sedate you, get you high, or flood your brain’s dopamine receptors with pleasure. Over time, tolerance grows, and you can become dependent. Prescription drug abuse can be dangerous and even fatal. Overdose can occur, especially when they are mixed with other drugs or alcohol. Some of the top abused prescription drugs are:

  • Stimulants like amphetamines or dextroamphetamines (Adderall) and methylphenidate (Ritalin) are energy boosters that increase alertness and brain activity.
  • Depressants like barbiturates and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Luminal, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan) are tranquilisers that depress the central nervous system, creating a calming effect by slowing down brain activity.
  • Opioids like Meperidine (Demerol), Oxycodone (Oxycontin), Codeine, Fentanyl, Percocet, and Hydrocodone (Vicodin) are pain medications that produce a euphoric feeling by preventing the brain from receiving pain messages.

Stopping prescription drug abuse after addiction occurs can cause serious withdrawal. It is strongly recommended to enter a medically assisted treatment program to detox from prescription drugs safely.

Why Choose Muse for RX Rehab?

At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, we take a “whole patient” approach to our treatment plans. Our empathetic and professional staff use trauma-informed methodologies to create a customized detox and rehab experience just for you. We aim to find the underlying causes of addiction, and help you become a healthy person, ready to take on the world without the use of drugs or alcohol, using behavioral therapy, counseling, and other activities. 


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