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There are temptations, pressures, and triggers out in the world, and sometimes moving straight back home after rehab will reintroduce drug cravings or make you feel unable to resist using again. You may be pressured by people who don’t understand addiction to “just have one drink”, or otherwise be placed in situations like celebrations, experiencing relationship or work problems, or feeling judged and misunderstood. 

After detox and rehab, a sober living home is a place you can live in your community, with strict rules surrounding drugs, alcohol, and lifestyle choices to help you avoid relapsing.

An important part of any recovery is a continued treatment plan. Healthy coping mechanisms are learned in rehab, but putting those plans into place in the real world may take extra support. This is why a sober living home is an excellent option.

Some examples of rules sober homes have are:

  • Curfews
  • Participation in house chores and attending house meetings
  • On-time fee payments
  • No drugs, alcohol, violence, or overnight guests
  • Active participation in recovery meetings
  • Random drug and alcohol testing
  • Active involvement in school, work, or an outpatient program

Sober living homes are all different. A high-accountability home will be quite strict, with a high level of structure, and a schedule and activities facilitated by staff. Somebody with a history of relapse may benefit most from a home like this. The traditional sober home is more relaxed. You can come and go as you please, as long as you follow the rules. There are homes with licensed psychiatric nurses and 24-hour clinical staff if you require more thorough care. Muse Treatment Alamitos can give you a referral to sober living housing programs in your area that will suit your individual needs.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

The main benefit to living in a sober living home is the support in your sobriety that you will have from peers and professionals. The lack of temptations, triggers, and pressure to use drugs or alcohol is also a huge benefit, especially for those times where you feel bored, alone, unsupported, or hopeless.

A sober home can give you somewhere safe to be as you work through emotional distress, or when you feel a loss of control in a way family and friends may not be able to.  


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Why Choose Muse For Sober Living Los Alamitos

Client has connections to groups across the country that run a variety of sober living homes. We can set you up in a home in your area that will suit your needs.

While in a sober living residence, you always have the recommended option to use one of Muse’s outpatient treatment programs. Options include our partial hospitalization program (PHP), where you will spend the majority of your days in fairly intensive therapy, counselling and groups. This option is an excellent intermediary step between inpatient residential rehab and living on your own. You will receive strong support and guidance from our staff, but the focus will shift to your own personal responsibility, as you live outside the Muse facility.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP), is where you can attend school, go to work, or take care of other responsibilities you may have, while continuing to work on your sobriety through group therapy and individual therapy that can be planned around your schedule. This option will give you freedom and flexibility while you work through real-world temptations and challenges, staying connected to a sober support network and a caring community.

There is a virtual option for IOP at some Muse locations, where you can attend meetings and therapy sessions online through a special telehealth platform. This option is best for those who have a strong drive to succeed and attend meetings, even though they do not live near a Muse location.

Our voluntary alumni program is a large group of people who have gone through our detox and rehab programs, and still want to remain connected to a helpful and welcoming sober community. There are alumni meetings, barbecues, reunions and group outings where you can meet new sober friends and mentors. Our alumni will be a lasting support system to you so you can always have somebody to talk to.

Women’s Sober Living Los Alamitos

As a woman, entering a mixed-gender living situation may cause anxiety or fear, and a women’s only sober living home may be the best solution. Even though every person is unique, with their own history and life experiences, women as a group tend to face specific, gender-based issues to do with drugs and alcohol that men do not.

It is a fact that in many cases, issues of elder or child care fall to the woman, and this will have to be addressed within the specific living situation each person enters.

Often, in a mixed-gender setting, women are silenced, ignored, or told that their problems are “women’s problems”. There are stereotypes and gender-based violence that can occur, including sexual harassment and assault.

In a women’s only home, gender-based stigmas associated with women and addiction can be addressed. Women may feel freer to discuss issues, express emotion, and may be able to communicate and relate better to other women. You will live in an environment that promotes female empowerment, and that is helpful in building skills and tools needed to live a self-directed life.


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Men’s Sober Living Los Alamitos

Just as women face specific gender-based issues in recovery, so do men. A men’s only home will eliminate distractions, and will keep other populations safe, as men tend to act out violently or impulsively in the early days of recovery.

Some men may feel uncomfortable sharing feelings and thoughts about sexuality, violence, crime, or health issues in front of women. They may have issues with feeling “unmanly” or weak because they have lost control of their lives through alcohol or drug use.

In a men’s only home, you can build sober friendships and form a network of peers who want to live without the use of drugs or alcohol. You can learn to focus on positives, change stigmas, and learn to deal with issues like trauma and emotions from a male perspective.  

Although addiction can affect a person of any gender, everybody’s comfort levels surrounding living situations and gender-based issues are different, and for some people it may benefit them to stay in a women’s or men’s only home. Whatever you choose, you will be supported through our outpatient aftercare programs and alumni network for as long as you need.

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