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Achieving success in recovery is always going to be hard work and take commitment on the part of everyone involved.  At Muse Treatment we have embraced this concept and make helping our clients move forward in life with the negative effects of alcohol and drugs behind them a team effort.  This also includes having a good support system when you return to society and your normal routines at work and home after you’ve completed drug rehab.  An added hurdle can occur when two people in a romantic relationship are both struggling with drugs or alcohol.  

When both members of a couple suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) or abuse or are addicted to drugs, it can affect their relationship in a number of ways.  First, the impact of their drinking and drug use can sometimes be whitewashed as neither partner wants to address the issues being caused.  If either or neither partner truly wants to quit drinking or using, justification and minimizing anything negative can often occur.  Second, one or both partners may become abusive or otherwise disruptive to the relationship.  This can include bad financial decisions, problems at work, or destructive behavior.  Long-term use of drugs or alcohol can also lead to a lack of communication and a general breakdown of relationship norms.

Thankfully, Muse Treatment understands that sometimes both members of a couple need help.  In the end, this can evolve into a situation where both partners receive excellent support from each other.  At Muse we consistently talk about how no one should go through drug rehab alone and building support structures is part of that process.  Having a spouse or partner that understands where you have been and where you want to go can be a great benefit, especially during the early days of recovery.  

If you and your partner would like to hear about the options we offer for couples in Malibu who are struggling with substance abuse, give us a call.  Our outstanding counselors will go over all of the details about the programs we have to offer.  It’s never too soon nor too late to ask for help and find out more about the services available near you.

Benefits of Couples Rehab

Much like treatment as an individual, couples rehab helps partners get back on track and begin to repair any of the areas of their lives that may have been damaged due to drug or alcohol abuse.  In addition to traditional drug detox and rehab, couples can benefit from the educational services we offer at Muse including setting boundaries, expressing feelings, making decisions, parenting, and handling finances. 

At Muse, one of our main focuses is setting our clients up for long-term success and that includes much more than individual or group therapy sessions.  Our highly trained staff know that there are both benefits to be fostered and pitfalls that need to be avoided when a couple is entering recovery together. 

When a person is in a committed, romantic relationship and they are struggling with drugs or alcohol, it can often be beneficial for both people to take part in couples rehab.  This allows the person who is not using or drinking to understand how drugs or alcohol is affecting their partner’s life and what they can do to support their recovery.  This also shows the person going through treatment that their partner wants to actively support them in their efforts to put drugs and alcohol behind them.  Going through drug detox, rehab and aftercare can seem like a long road, and having someone beside you can make a big difference, especially on the tougher days.

Although there is a lot of work involved, the benefits of no longer having your life negatively affected by drugs or alcohol far outweigh the amount of effort you will put into your recovery.  Seeing your life take a positive turn and seeing that your sobriety is impacting your relationship, your family life, your finances, your career, and other areas of your life in a good way is excellent motivation to continue moving forward.  This goes doubly for partners who are going through couples alcohol and drug rehab programs.  

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

At Muse Treatment, we customize each of our client’s care plans to fit their exact needs.  This goes for our couples rehab programs, too.  When you choose Muse for spousal or partner rehab, in addition to the standard therapies for substance abuse, we also focus on the health of your relationship.

Individual treatment is helpful for addressing drug or alcohol abuse problems, but can often neglect or not place proper emphasis on relationship issues.  Even for individuals, alcohol or drug rehab is often not a straightforward endeavor.  Many people struggling with drugs or alcohol suffer from anxiety, depression, and other minor or serious emotional or psychological issues. 

In couples rehab, we make sure to address relationship issues as well as those more typically associated with drug or alcohol rehab in an effort to allow both people to move forward together.  

At Muse Treatment, we have options for inpatient and outpatient care for couples seeking to take part in one of our rehab programs.  Although couple rehab is designed to allow spouses or partners to work together, at Muse we realize that each individual may have different underlying causes for using or drinking and we ensure we address relationship as well as personal issues as part of the overall treatment process. 

When a couple decides to enter treatment together it may seem like there are double the problems to solve but partners who take part in rehab together actually have a higher success rate than individuals.  At Muse Treatment we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all plan for alcohol or drug rehab that is going to work for everyone.  Our tailored approach to drug rehab also extends to our programs for couples.  Additionally, we are always sure to address how drugs or alcohol has affected people’s minds, bodies, and spirits and help them heal in every way we can.

If you are in a relationship that is being negatively affected by drugs or alcohol, regardless if one or both people are struggling with abuse or addiction, please give us a call.  Our exceptional counseling staff will go over all of the options we have available for you. 

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