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It’s difficult to understand just how hard quitting physically addictive drugs can be without experiencing the intense withdrawal symptoms. Those who have gone through the symptoms before, even just the start of the symptoms, understand that quitting drugs like prescription drugs, meth, cocaine, or heroin can be brutal because it feels as if your body is fighting it with every breath. Thankfully, there are professional treatments that can make drug detox far easier.

Our top-rated drug detox program for residents of Newport Beach is a professional detox program that doesn’t just help you to detox safely by monitoring your health but it’s also far easier because of the medications that we can provide during the process. Instead of facing your withdrawal symptoms unaided, we will be able to manage your symptoms so that you only feel a fraction of the symptoms.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is the ideal treatment destination. Our drug detox programs are safe and effective at managing symptoms. Additionally, you can get more than just assistance with your detox at Muse; you have access to all of the best methods of treating addiction based on years of research that will ultimately help you to quit drugs for good.

What is Detox Like?

Drug detox done alone is often explained as immensely intense symptoms. They can easily overwhelm a person trying to quit drugs and when cravings and other symptoms become too much, people may relapse just to find relief. This relapse can be catastrophic because the person may have stopped for a few days which then lowered their tolerance. With this lowered tolerance, the risk of overdose becomes far higher because it’s difficult to judge how much a person should take compared to how much they used to take at a time.

Symptoms for each drug are different with some shared symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Many drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and meth will cause a person to feel euphoric because of how they interact with the reward centers of the brain. When use suddenly stops, one of the results is that feelings of reward and happiness can be vacant until normal brain function can be restored.

The process of detox is essentially the process of your body and brain returning to normal function. The constant use of drugs causes your brain chemistry to change until the changes become the new norm for your body. When you try to stop then you quickly feel the many symptoms of withdrawal because the new balance can no longer be maintained. By the end of the process, you will feel more like yourself again and, able to function perfectly without the reliance on drugs anymore.

While the experience of detox can be an intense and overwhelming experience when you attempt to do it alone, through our drug detox program for Newport Beach residents, it is a vastly different experience. You will enter into your medical detox program where from the start, your wellbeing will be closely monitored. Our ultimate goal is to help you through your withdrawal until you are no longer overwhelmed by symptoms and your body and brain function are restored.

The key component that allows us to help you through your detox with a level of comfort is the use of medications that we can provide. We will give you medication that is approved for the treatment of drug withdrawal as you need it so that your withdrawal symptoms can be managed. You won’t feel the intense cravings and other withdrawal symptoms will be greatly reduced, making you feel comfortable while your body adjusts to a drug-free life.

The medications that we are able to provide as an accredited and LegitScript monitored rehab center for Newport Beach residents are safe and effective. Your health and mental wellbeing are our top priorities. Our medical support staff members will be standing by day and night to ensure that you don’t suffer from unexpected medical emergencies due to the withdrawal symptoms of your physical health.


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How Long Does Detox Take?

Drug detox at Muse Treatment will take you roughly a week to complete. There are factors, of course, that affect the length of your detox from drugs such as how severe the addiction is, the type of drug that is involved, and how your body responds to the medications that we can provide.

Generally, your symptoms will start after 6 to 12 hours. The starting symptoms tend to be mild but as you approach the third day of your drug detox, then you can expect your symptoms to reach their peak. By the fifth day of your detox, you may feel fully recovered and be ready for the next step in your recovery. For some people, it may take 7 days for their symptoms to subside.

The week-long detox process should be followed by further treatment at our drug rehab center because detox by itself isn’t a treatment for addiction but rather a treatment for physical drug dependence and the subsequent withdrawal symptoms that set in once you stop. It is through further holistic treatment and behavioral therapy that lasting change can be achieved, helping you to prevent drug abuse in your future.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Dealing with the medical implications of a drug detox should not be taken lightly. The withdrawal symptoms that you may face during detox can be so severe that not only could you have medical complications due to your health and the effects of withdrawal but you may relapse and open yourself up to an overdose due to your lowered tolerance. These reasons coupled with the overwhelming nature of drug detox are why you should use Muse for your drug detox.

Our drug detox program for Newport Beach residents can help to make you comfortable during your detox. We can also ensure that your health remains within safe boundaries during the detoxification process. Through Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, your drug detox and any subsequent treatment that you may need can be dealt with under one roof. Call us today to get started with your detox and recovery from drug addiction.


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