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At Muse, We are dedicated to providing a place where clients can rediscover themselves. We heal your body, mind, and spirit.

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Muse Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center is a safe haven for recovery from substance abuse and other mental health disorders.



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Muse utilizes an integrated approach to healing the brain. While most facilities focus on one general area, we emphasize a holistic, whole-brain approach in our drug rehab, alcohol treatment and dual diagnosis programs…

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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Each client at Muse Los Angeles receives a medical and psychiatric assessment upon admission…Learn More

Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Muse Inpatient Treatment Center is a safe haven for recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders…Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is dedicated to healing, recovery and helping clients maintain long-term sobriety…Learn More

Sober Living

A safe, supportive transitional living environment where residents can build a solid foundation toward a successful life in recovery…Learn More

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It can be challenging to choose where you want to go when you decide to enter a program to detox from drugs. There are many options, but Muse Treatment is the best drug detox program for residents of Sacramento.

At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, our professional and non-judgmental staff is trained in using a trauma-informed approach, because we know that not everybody trusts doctors and mental health professionals, due to past experiences. Our goal is to create an open and communicative working relationship with you and formulate a treatment plan that will work for your needs, goals, and preferences. Many of our staff members are in recovery themselves, so they understand where you are coming from.

We have first-rate amenities in a scenic location, where you can take a break from the stresses of everyday life to work on yourself and your recovery.

Our focus is not only on your addiction at Muse Addiction Treatment Center, but the root causes as well. We use a variety of therapy options to help retrain your brain, so you can find new coping methods, address underlying issues, and challenge disruptive or unproductive thoughts and actions, replacing them with healthy behaviors. This will give you a better chance at a long-term successful recovery.

Once detox and inpatient rehab are completed, we encourage our patients to spend all the time they need in our aftercare treatment, joining an outpatient program and becoming part of our alumni network. We can also provide referrals to sober homes if needed.

We take most insurance plans at Muse, and for those who are paying cash, we can create a payment plan. We want to make detox and rehab available to everybody who needs it.

The top-rated drug detox program for residents of Sacramento can be found at Muse Treatment facilities. We have intensive, integrated care detox programs that can help you. There are options for drug detoxification, which cover three main factors:

Evaluation – When you first enter our facility, our medical teams will screen for physical and mental health issues, and evaluate the level of substance use and dependence. They will also interview you to find out more about your history, and what you want to get out of detox and rehab. This procedure will help formulate a personalized, long-term plan, including any dual diagnosis treatment that may be needed.

Stabilization – This is when you begin detoxing. A team of medical professionals, as well as counsellors, provide medications and psychological treatment, supported by prescription amounts of medications to help you manage any withdrawal symptoms you may have. This can include antidepressants, sleep aids, and medications to combat drug cravings.

Preparation for rehab – Once you are stabilized, you will be transferred to our residential inpatient facility to begin rehab. Detox is only the beginning of a full treatment plan. Our comprehensive rehab programs will get to the root of addiction, creating long-term success in recovery. You will take back control of your life, healing and gaining the tools you need to sustain sobriety and live a happy life without the use of drugs and alcohol.

What is Detox Like?

After you go through our intake regimen, we will move you into medical drug detox as the first stage of addiction treatment. As your body adjusts to not having the drug in your system, it is important to remain monitored by clinical staff so they can help you with your withdrawal symptoms. A supervised detox will keep you comfortable and safe.

Detox symptoms vary from person to person, depending on the drug you are detoxing from. Some other factors that determine symptoms include:

  • The length of use
  • The amount being used each time
  • Genetic makeup
  • History of drug use and detox
  • Family history
  • Mental health
  • Co-occurring issues

When detoxing from drugs, you may experience mild to severe versions of anxiety or depression, insomnia, body aches, pain, fatigue, nausea, tremors, and flu-like symptoms. You may also experience more severe symptoms like seizures or high fever, or psychological issues like suicidal thoughts.

Getting professional help through a medically assisted treatment program is a safer and easier way to get through a detox. At Muse Treatment, our qualified team of nursing staff can give you safe, prescription doses of medication to help you deal with the uncomfortable symptoms of detox. These FDA-approved medications will not get you high or cause a new addiction. Therapy is also introduced early into the program so that you will not have to deal with emotional or psychological pain alone. We do not want anybody to have to suffer in any way.

After detox, we can transition you into one of our inpatient rehabilitation programs, so you can continue to work on your sobriety in a 30-, 60-, or 90-day residential program, followed by an extended outpatient and alumni program that can last for as long as you need.


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How Long Does Detox Take?

The timeline for drug detox is different for every person. This is because everybody has different tolerances, histories, health, and goals, and every drug affects the body differently.

While in detox, symptoms can show up in two to six hours after your last time using the substance in question, peak at around 72 hours, and then taper off, lasting a total of seven to ten days.

Medically assisted treatment (MAT) is important during detox, because sometimes withdrawal symptoms can become severe and even dangerous to your health. The body can experience shock symptoms and should be monitored by health professionals. During MAT at Muse, you will be monitored by clinical staff and counsellors 24 hours a day. They can safely administer medications to help keep you safe and comfortable, make sure you do not feel distress, and make sure serious side effects don’t happen.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Muse is the top-rated detox facility for people living in Sacramento, California. It is a beautiful, peaceful place where you can go to get away from everyday stress and triggers, and focus on your own recovery.

Muse treats substance abuse, chemical dependence, trauma and PTSD, dual diagnosis and co-occurring addictions and health issues. Because everybody has different preferences, we offer a tailored, individual treatment plan to fit each patient’s unique goals, needs and budget. The MAT program sets the foundation for a long-term, sustained recovery. Our goal is for you to feel confident, supported, and ready to take the next step using coping strategies, new sober friendships, and the strong support system we offer at Muse.

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive, integrated care programs, combining clinical services with substance abuse and mental health to center on the root of addiction. With our highly trained and dedicated staff, our serene surroundings, and our amenities, Muse is a comfortable and safe place to detox and rehabilitate.


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