Top-Rated Alcohol Detox Program for Residents of Santa Clarita

Are you trying to quit alcohol but every time you do, you’re met with intense withdrawal symptoms? Alcohol is one of the few substances that can lead to serious health problems if you attempt to quit alone if you’re physically addicted. Before putting yourself at risk by going through detox alone, contact Muse Treatment to see how we can help you detox safely and with greatly reduced symptoms.

At Muse, we have a top-rated alcohol detox program for residents of Santa Clarita. Our medical detox program is an ideal way to detox from alcohol if you’ve developed physical dependence. But how do you know whether you’re at risk of the severe symptoms that are associated with alcohol withdrawal?

The physical dependence on a substance such as alcohol forms when you drink heavy amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. Having a high tolerance to alcohol is one of the signs that your body has adjusted to alcohol and maybe reliant on it to maintain the new balance that has been established. You may also experience other early withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, heavy sweating, headaches, and shakiness in the hand among other things.

These withdrawal symptoms can indicate that you need to use a professional detox program such as our medical detox program for alcohol. With the use of medication and constant monitoring of your health, you will be able to make a comfortable recovery and more importantly, a safe recovery.

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What is Alcohol Detox Like?

Usually, alcohol detox is an overwhelming experience that often causes a person to return to alcohol use due to the intense cravings and overall discomfort that they experience during the early stages of withdrawal. If they continue to attempt to detox alone, the experience can turn from bad to worse in a short time. Hallucinations can occur after about 48 to 72 hours have passed and can cause serious confusion and potentially problematic situations.

However, when you go through our alcohol detox program, the experience will be much easier and safer. You will be surrounded by supportive people that understand what you’re going through and ready to help you in any way they can to make you more comfortable. Our medical detox program is one where you’ll be helped by not only our healthcare professionals but also with medications that significantly diminish the usual symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

If you are worried about dangerous withdrawal symptoms or just want to get help to break the physical hold that alcohol has on you, then our alcohol detox program for Santa Clarita residents can help. You can ensure a safe recovery and we offer a variety of treatment programs that can take you through to long-term recovery. Addiction is something that can be treated, and while detox is an important step, long-term sobriety is achieved through behavioral therapy, holistic treatments, and long-term support.

What to Expect During Detox?

Generally, you’ll be advised to only stop drinking when you are ready to enter our medical detox program for residents of Santa Clarita so that you can be helped through the entire process. While not everyone experiences all of the common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, you can expect to experience some of the following during your detox. Of course, the FDA-approved medication that we provide will reduce many of these symptoms so that it is manageable and safe.

The alcohol detox timeline begins at roughly the 8-hour mark. It begins with minor symptoms such as shakiness, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, and heart palpitations. After roughly 24 hours have passed, symptoms start their peak. In the peak of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, symptoms such as irritability, increased blood pressure, mental confusion, hallucinations, and seizures can be expected. Once about 3 days have passed, symptoms start to diminish and after roughly 5 to 7 days, the majority of the symptoms will have passed and you’ll feel much better.

The biggest concern is what is known as delirium tremens. While it is fairly rare, if the delirium tremens occur, then medical attention is of the utmost importance. Symptoms include disorientation, vivid hallucinations, confusion, autonomic hyperactivity, severe tremors, and rapid heart rate.

The symptoms and experience described above are what you could expect by attempting to detox alone. Through our medical detox program for alcohol addiction for Santa Clarita residents, your symptoms can be managed safely and you will be far more comfortable due to the positive effects that the medication has on you during detox.

How Long is Detox?

Many factors can make your detox take longer. For example, prior medical conditions and the severity of the addiction can have an impact on the length of detox. Generally speaking, alcohol detox takes around 5 to 7 days to complete.

In some cases, psychological symptoms may persist even after the detox has been completed. These are known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome. Muse Treatment can assist with these symptoms through our medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program which is a long-term treatment solution for alcohol use disorder.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Detox?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is the ideal place for Santa Clarita residents to find professional help for alcohol detox. We are an accredited treatment and LegitScript monitored facility. This means that the level of care that you’ll receive at our rehab is of the highest quality and we are able to provide FDA-approved medication for both detox and long-term treatment solutions through our MAT program.

Additionally, a detox program isn’t necessarily going to cure addiction. The underlying causes that led to the abuse and eventual dependence on alcohol remain unless treated. There may also be co-occurring mental disorders, which are common among alcohol use disorder cases. At Muse, we have comprehensive treatment programs to take you from detox to long-term sobriety. Let us help you to overcome your alcohol withdrawal symptoms and achieve lasting sobriety.

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