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If you and your partner are frequently abusing alcohol or drugs, then finding a way to stop becomes more difficult because one person’s success can be tied to the other in a relationship. If your partner was still abusing drugs or alcohol after you’ve stopped, it can be difficult to maintain your sobriety as you’re met with the same triggers and situations where you used to take drugs. However, when couples go to rehab together, it can change this negative aspect of the relationship dynamic into a positive.

Our couples rehab for residents of Southern California lets you and your partner or spouse partake in a rehab program together, offering you several unique benefits and advantages over standard individual treatment. Research suggests that couples who go to rehab together have a better chance at completing the entire program and therefore the success of their treatment is greater.

Couples face unique problems in their recovery that include relationship issues such as codependence, enabling, trust, understanding, and communication issues. These are factors that are additional facets of recovery that a couple must work through in order to strengthen their relationship and work toward a brighter future. In our couples rehab for residents of Southern California, we will help to repair your relationship from the stress that substance abuse has placed on it and help you to strengthen your relationship so that it becomes a positive force in recovery.

Don’t let substance abuse dictate your and your partner’s life; let Muse Treatment and Recovery Center help you and your spouse or partner to stop the cycle of substance abuse safely so that your relationship and lives can improve and be sustainable. Substance addiction is a treatable mental health disorder and together with your partner, you can discover a new lifestyle that promotes your future.

Benefits of Couples Rehab

Our couples rehab for residents of Southern California can assist you and your spouse or partner to cease substance abuse and to treat the real causes of substance abuse in each person. Recovery from addiction for both people in the relationship is the main goal of our couples rehab and the benefits of going to rehab with your partner can help to improve both of your recoveries from addiction.

You and your loved one will be able to work through issues that are specific to your relationship that may stem from substance abuse or trigger substance abuse. In joint therapy, you and your partner will work through the problems that you may have so that healthy patterns in your relationship can be established, communication skills improved, trust rebuilt, and negative situations brought to halt.

A benefit of going to rehab with your partner is the level of support that you can provide each other. Our couples rehab is a supportive environment and every added layer of emotional support can help you to achieve recovery results. The support that you and your spouse or partner can give each other during rehab will help to further improve the nurturing environment where healing and transformation take center stage.

The things that you’ll learn in individual and joint therapy will give you the tools to help not only yourself but also your partner. You’ll learn the right ways to support and communicate your concerns so that you are always coming from a supportive role to help your partner during difficult times. This support is as important during rehab as it is after rehab as you both work toward long-term recovery.

Through our couples rehab for residents of Southern California, the therapy and treatment that you and your loved one need to control and manage your addiction can be given. Our comprehensive addiction treatment range will help you as a couple as well as individually through problems that are specific to you such as potential co-occurring mental health disorders.


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Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a top-rated addiction treatment facility for residents of Southern California. Our couples rehab program is a way for us to help you with the unique issues that you face as a couple while still providing the behavioral therapies, holistic treatments, and support that has made us the best place to receive addiction treatment for residents of Southern California.

Muse approaches substance use disorder treatment through a multidisciplinary approach because the way to treat someone for addiction may involve the expertise of several healthcare professionals to be able to address all of the issues preventing long-term recovery. For example, we offer co-occurring mental health disorder treatment, medical detox programs, evidence-based behavioral therapies, holistic treatments such as neuro-rehabilitation therapy, long-term medically-assisted treatment, and much more.

The environment and treatment setting that we’ve created at Muse is one of relaxation, healing, and support. We don’t want you or your loved one to feel pressured in any way because we understand how sensitive some areas may be and that healing requires time to be able to lead to new pastures in life.

Muse Treatment is a fully accredited rehab with the Gold Seal of Approval by The Joint Commission. Some of our programs such as our detox program and medically-assisted treatment make use of medications approved for addiction treatment by the FDA and we ensure the safe use of these medications. We are therefore LegitScript monitored so that you can be sure medications are used in line with best practices.

Reach out to Muse today to find out more about our couples rehab for residents of Southern California or to get started with your and your spouse or partner’s recovery from addiction. With our professional help, a sustainable recovery is achievable.


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