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The professionals at Muse Treatment offer residents of Woodland one of the best alcohol detox programs in the area. We’re proud of our commitment to designing customized detox programs for each of our patients that need to withdraw from alcohol use in a safe manner so they can begin to restructure their lives in an alcohol rehab program after detox to at last live a healthy, sober lifestyle for the long term.

Because everyone comes to us with their own history of alcohol abuse, medical issues and any co-existing mental health disorders, we understand that individualized support in an alcohol detox program is a necessity. You deserve the kind of compassionate care our Muse team can provide during the difficult period that entails withdrawing from alcohol use.

Having an expert, accredited team of dedicated clinicians by your side while undergoing alcohol detox at Muse is part of why we’re considered to be one of the country’s top rated detox programs for Woodland residents. We approach alcohol detox holistically, understanding that alcohol use disorder is a brain disease that can affect various aspects of your being, from your cognitive and emotional state to your overall physical health. 

Withdrawing from alcohol use is only the first step in achieving long-lasting sobriety and beginning a life of newfound health and happiness. It can be hard to simply admit to yourself that alcohol is interfering with the kind of life you want to live. Realizing that drinking is putting a great strain on your relationships, your career and other parts of your life is step number one is turning everything around. Make that first concrete move and pick up the phone to ask for help from one of our experienced Muse counselors.

Your journey may begin with a period of detox in our highly rated Muse program, but that is simply the beginning of a path that will lead to a life filled with hope and lightness at the end of a dark tunnel.

There are many good reasons why Muse Treatment has such a stellar reputation among the different alcohol rehab treatment options available to Woodland residents. The Joint Commission for Mental Health has fully accredited Muse Treatment, along with providing us the Gold Seal of Approval for improvements in client care and remaining in full compliance with all federal laws and ethical standards of practice as a substance abuse treatment center.

To read more about how our clients rate their time spent at Muse, simply view the glowing patient testimonials available on our website to see the positive impacts our teams have helped make in the lives of everyday people suffering with alcohol addiction.

What is Alcohol Detox Like?

Attempting to withdraw from alcohol use on your own is a very scary and potentially life-threatening task. If you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol for a long period of time, your body has developed a tolerance for alcohol, requiring you to drink more of it and on a more regular basis in order to simply feel “normal” and relaxed. In fact, if your alcohol use disorder is severe, you need to drink just to function in everyday life.

Alcohol impacts the neurotransmitters in your brain that help you feel relaxed and unafraid of things; the substance works to lessen activity in your brain. After a while of regular drinking, the balances in your brain’s neurotransmitters become upset when you haven’t been taking in enough alcohol, making you feel anxious and nervous. This begins a cycle of dependency that becomes harder and harder to break.

Without medical oversight, going through alcohol detox by yourself is a dangerous proposition. This is because sudden alcohol withdrawal can cause some symptoms that may become serious, such as seizures, hallucinations and delirium tremens (DTs). 

Alcohol detox is telling your brain and your body that alcohol is being withdrawn, so your system is going to react to this loss. While some individuals may experience less intense reactions to alcohol withdrawal, such as headaches and stomach cramps, others may risk the more severe results that detox can produce, with life-threatening implications.

What to Expect During Detox?

The professionals at Muse Treatment are completely prepared and fully trained to get you safely and comfortably through our alcohol detox program. You’ll be weaned from alcohol use in a medically staffed environment with the help of a team that provides around-the-clock oversight of your condition as you go through alcohol withdrawal.

Our clinicians are available to provide you with medications, should you need them, that are FDA-approved to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and keep you calm, comfortable and healthy during your stay with us. 

As you begin your alcohol detox program at Muse, you may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms anywhere from 6 to 12 hours after you’ve had your last drink. You may be very familiar with this type of early withdrawal symptom if you’ve gone without drinking for that period of time in the past. You may feel stomach upset, nausea or have trouble sleeping.

The next 12-48 hours without alcohol can produce more intense withdrawal symptoms to set in, depending on the scope of your alcohol use disorder. You may experience seizures of hallucinations at this point. The hardest period of alcohol detox typically occurs during the second and third day without any alcohol intake. But keep in mind that our compassionate, trained staff is here for you 24 hours a day to monitor your symptoms, administer medications and get you any medical assistance necessary.

How Long is Detox?

Withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox tend to subside by the fifth day. Most clients at Muse Addiction Treatment Center find that they are ready to begin taking part in an alcohol rehab program with us after 5-7 days in our alcohol detox program.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Detox?

The comfort and wellness of our patients is our top priority at Muse Treatment when you engage in our alcohol detox program. You can opt to participate in medical detox for a more comfortable detox experience if you feel that your withdrawal symptoms and anxiety about the process might become overwhelming.

Muse also offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) if you continue to endure lingering withdrawal symptoms during your time undergoing rehab treatment. With MAT, our doctors can provide you with substitute medications that will control your cravings for alcohol without causing a new addiction to set in. Together with our behavioral therapy program, your treatment at Muse can lead you to enjoy a long-lasting recovery from alcohol use disorder.

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