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Physicians can prescribe certain medications that have the potential to cause a substance use disorder. An addiction can take hold in a patient for a variety of reasons. Before RX drugs become a serious problem, it’s important that you seek help as soon as possible if you believe that you or someone in your life is abusing prescription-level substances.

Some prescription medications can be used in ways that aren’t advised by a doctor. For instance, when someone is in pain and has been prescribed opioid drugs to help tamp down their discomfort, a tolerance to this drug can take effect. While one dose may have helped with your pain for a certain period of time, you may decide to up your dosage for more relief, without asking for your doctor’s professional advice.

Taking higher and higher doses of an RX drug, taking the medication more often than prescribed or going to different doctors to get more prescriptions so you can keep a good supply of drugs on hand are all signs of an RX drug addiction.

If you or a loved one is showing symptoms of substance abuse, it’s time to seek out RX drug rehab as soon as possible. Residents of Woodland have access to excellent resources for RX drug rehab services at Muse Treatment Center. 

Muse Treatment is one of the country’s top rated prescription drug rehab facilities that residents of Woodland can take advantage of today. The drug addiction specialists at Muse Treatment and Recovery Center can guide you as you step towards a healthy recovery from prescription medication abuse, allowing you to get on with the wonderful life that awaits you in sobriety.

Residents of Woodland may not realize that a highly rated RX drug rehab center is located nearby in Los Angeles County. Muse Treatment is one of the best RX drug rehab treatment centers in existence. 

Undergoing your detox (if necessary) and RX drug rehab treatment at Muse is a personal experience for each of our clients. This means that our professionals plan your rehab treatment so it’s individually customized to fit your needs. This is just one of the many reasons that Muse stands out from most other addiction treatment programs in our area. 

Our addiction specialists are well aware that each client who comes to us for help with a prescription drug problem has their own unique history of substance use, health issues and other factors that may have influenced their relationships with medications. This is why our team of experts takes a whole-patient approach to RX drug rehab treatment. We integrate an array of traditional behavioral therapies with holistic services to more completely meet your individual needs for addiction recovery that will last for the long term.

The same customized planning goes into our teams’ determination concerning the length of each person’s addiction treatment protocol. Just as every person hasn’t been suffering from an addiction for the same period of time, not everyone requires a specific timeline to follow for overcoming substance use disorders.  For your recovery to be as long lasting as possible we take your status, health conditions and other variables into account rather than rushing you in and out of treatment or letting you linger unnecessarily. 

What is RX Rehab Like?

Rehab for RX drug addiction at Muse offers you a new environment at our residential center, where you can focus more fully on the issues that have caused you to develop a substance use disorder. Our facility provides you with medically assisted treatment and professional supervision during drug detox.

While you’re in rehab treatment, you’ll be among your peers who know a lot about what you’re going through. You’ll be able to make new friends who can relate to you in sobriety and help support you in recovery. 

RX rehab provides you with learning how you may have come to abuse RX drugs through our various types of behavior therapy led by certified counselors. Group therapy, evidence-based treatments, an individualized care plan and aftercare support while you’re in recovery all help make RX rehab at Muse a safe, comfortable place where you will learn a lot about yourself and how you can avoid a return to RX drug use in the future.


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What to Expect During RX Rehab?

When you first come to us for help with a prescription drug problem, we first conduct an initial assessment of your needs so we can begin planning your personalized treatment. Our highly skilled team will engage you in therapeutic modalities that best suit your needs for recovery.

These may include your participation in different types of cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, educational lectures, family therapy if needed and other holistic modalities. 

Services such as medication-assisted therapy (MAT) is also available if you need substitute medications to avoid lingering drug cravings as you engage in therapy. 

How Long Does RX Rehab Woodland Last?

Customized planning for our individual clients is what helps us estimate how long your RX rehab for Woodland residents will take. Every patient has been suffering from an addiction to RX drugs for somewhat different periods of time, so everyone requires different timelines for substance use disorder rehab treatment. Each individual will come to us with histories of abusing different types of prescription drugs and in varying dosages, all of which helps in determining the length of time that rehab treatment might entail.

For your recovery to be as successful as possible, we take your mental, physical and emotional status, any underlying mental or physical health conditions and other variables into account when planning your treatment rather than rushing you in and out of rehab or letting you stay longer than is necessary. 

Most RX rehab programs for Woodland residents seeking help at Muse will take between 30-90 days of inpatient treatment or a combination of residential and outpatient treatment, with a period of up to about 7 days of detox before rehab services begin. 

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

The most commonly abused RX drugs include opioid medications, such as Oxycontin, Percocet, Roxicodone, Roxicet, and Percodan. Other RX drugs that are typically abused are benzodiazepines, including the drugs Xanax and Ativan. 

Sedatives like Ambien are also listed among some of the top abused prescription drugs.

Why Choose Muse for RX Rehab?

Muse Treatment is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, a body that has also provided our center with their Gold Seal of Approval. Muse has been recognized for its continuous achievements in client improvement, in addition to being in full compliance with all federal laws and standards.

Choosing Muse for your RX drug rehab treatment is a simple decision for Woodland residents when you realize how accomplished and compassionate our entire team truly is. RX drug rehab is a process that we know how to treat, and our team will be with you every step of the way.


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