Best Detox & Rehab Center for Addiction for Residents of Fort Worth

Substance abuse and addiction is something that affects millions of people across the United States and all socioeconomic statuses. It is classified in the DSM-V as a mental health disorder because like other mental health disorders, it can create imbalances in normal brain function. Many people may still believe that addiction forms because of poor choices a person made when in fact several factors can increase your risk of becoming addicted.

Uncovering the true causes of addiction and working to heal through the underlying causes and improve behaviors in an evidence-based therapeutic approach to recovery is the best way to beat an addiction finally. Of course, you will want to have the best possible professional care to overcome addiction and Muse offers the best detox and rehab center for addiction for residents of Fort Worth.

At Muse Treatment, we offer comprehensive treatment services for alcohol and drug addiction. We have specialized treatment programs for meth, cocaine, crack cocaine, alcohol, heroin, and perception drug addiction. You can get all of the treatment that is needed to manage addiction and sustain your recovery at our detox and rehab center for Fort Worth residents.

Our accredited treatment center is ideally located in Los Angeles. As an out-of-state addiction treatment option for residents of Fort Worth, you have the chance to get away from your life and any potential negative influences and be in a place where you can properly focus on your healing and recovery. Alternatively, we also have rehabs in Texas if you’d prefer to stay closer to home.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center cares about supporting you through this early recovery period. When you come to us for treatment, you’ll feel like you’re a part of our family as our healthcare workers and staff members provide you with the support and care that are important during recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. We want to help you to succeed in your recovery and our goal is to provide you with the best possible treatments in a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan that helps you with every relevant area.


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Why Choose Muse?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center open to residents of Fort Worth is a rehab and detox center where you will find accredited treatment services for every aspect of your recovery. We help you to deal with the withdrawal process, behavioral therapies that will work toward your sustained recovery, holistic treatments that help to treat indirectly related areas, and the aftercare programs that will aid you in maintaining your recovery over the months and years to come.

Muse Treatment is monitored by LegitScript since we can provide medication during the detoxification period as well as through a long-term treatment program known as medically-assisted treatment (MAT). Our use of medications, approved by the FDA, is safe and used in a controlled manner so that you can get the benefit of these medications in your recovery.

At our drug and alcohol rehab, we offer affordable treatment options that encompass our inpatient and outpatient settings, allowing you to get professional help regardless of your budget or special needs such as going to work. Muse is with you in the long run and through our range of addiction treatment services, we can help you or someone you care about to achieve lasting sobriety.

Alcohol Detox Program

Our rehab for residents of Fort Worth can help you detox safely from alcohol. Alcohol detox is usually associated with significant risk because while even the normal symptoms that people experience during alcohol detox can be dangerous, if the severe symptoms that are known as delirium tremens set in, then it can be fatal if you’re not near medical help.

Alcohol detox and the withdrawal symptoms that you experience range from mild to severe. Even mild symptoms can be very uncomfortable without a medical detox such as the program that we offer at Muse Treatment. Mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms include irritability, depression, nightmares, fatigue, anxiety, and mood swings. As symptoms progress and become more intense, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, clammy skin, rapid heart rate, tremors, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, and loss of appetite.

The symptoms of delirium tremens include severe symptoms such as seizures, confusion, fever, agitation, and vivid hallucinations. These are the most dangerous symptoms and they can come out of the blue which is why medical help should always be found before detoxing from alcohol. Our alcohol detox program, referred to as our medical detox program, helps you to be more comfortable while you get through the week-long detox process.

We use medications to help counteract the specific symptoms of withdrawal that you experience such as anxiety, insomnia, and seizures. These medications make a significant difference during detox and also help to prevent more serious symptoms from becoming too much to handle or dangerous to your health. During detox, we can help by monitoring your body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to ensure that you are always within safe levels.

If you require more fluids to prevent dehydration, then we may use an IV drip to ensure that your body has the fluids it needs to recover. Overall, you can expect to have a more comfortable experience detoxing in our medical detox program and you won’t have to worry about the potential dangers of alcohol withdrawal.

Drug Detox Program

One of the things that make stopping drug use difficult is that when you try, the intense cravings and uncomfortable symptoms can cause even the strongest of wills to waver. This is because your body goes through significant changes as drug abuse becomes normal for you. The body adjusts to having a drug such as heroin or cocaine present the whole time. This is what leads to a tolerance where you need more of a drug before you feel the same effects.

When you abruptly stop drug use after long-term, heavy use, then the body is still in this adjusted state where it expects to have more of the drug present. The symptoms that you experience are essentially what happens when your body goes from this adjusted state to a normal functional state again. The symptoms can be intense and cravings equally so.

However, through our drug detox program for Fort Worth residents, during the time it takes for your body to return to its normal operation and chemical balance, which usually takes 5 to 7 days, you can be given medications to help to directly treat your symptoms. Symptoms are reduced and you won’t feel overwhelmed by cravings. Our medical detox program for drug addiction can make a significant difference in helping you to make it through the detox process.

While drug detox is an important part of your recovery from addiction, it isn’t a comprehensive treatment for addiction and doesn’t help to prevent relapse. It merely serves as a way to help break and manage a physical addiction until normal function is restored to your body. To help prevent relapse and create a sustainable recovery, further treatment is required in the form of holistic treatments and behavioral therapy.

Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Fort Worth, TX

The number of people who are suffering from alcohol use disorder (alcohol addiction) was estimated to be 14.8 million people over the age of 12 in the United States in 2018. Alcohol is freely available even though the abuse of alcohol can lead to serious problems with your health, relationships, mental wellbeing, work, school, and a decline of things that you use to enjoy in your life.

Alcohol use disorder, thankfully, is treatable. Through our alcohol rehab for residents of Fort Worth, you can find professional help to manage the mental health disorder and build a life that is sustainable and not constrained by the use of alcohol. In our alcohol rehab, you can heal from the problems that alcohol has caused in your life and explore the underlying causes of your use of alcohol. It may be that you have an untreated mental health disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder and that is what has caused you to seek relief from your symptoms by drinking alcohol.

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, can explore the potential causes of your alcohol use disorder so that effective solutions and treatments can be provided to you. If you suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder, then Muse can provide you with professional treatment. This is part of the reason why Muse is one of the best rehabs for Fort Worth residents; we provide not only the standard quality care that you’d expect from an accredited treatment center, but we also help to treat every area of your life and wellbeing that may prevent you from achieving lasting sobriety.

Our alcohol rehab for residents of Fort Worth and our interdisciplinary approach allow us to provide you with a medical detox program, evidence-based behavioral therapy, whole-patient treatments such as dual diagnosis (co-occurring mental health disorder treatment), and aftercare services to help keep you on track with your recovery goals. All of these treatments are available under one roof at Muse Treatment and Recovery Center.

Drug Rehab for Residents of Fort Worth, TX

Our drug rehab for Fort Worth residents is a facility where you can find help with an addiction to prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, meth, and other drugs such as bath salts. Drug addiction is a common problem in the United States with a 2018 national survey revealing that roughly 3 percent of the U.S. population had a substance use disorder, which equates to about 8.1 million people. Many people continue to suffer in silence but with the help of our drug rehab for residents of Fort Worth, you or someone you care about can overcome drug addiction.

Muse Treatment is a rehab that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that are highly effective at treating substance use disorder or addiction. Our approach to helping our clients achieve lasting recovery is providing them with treatments for every aspect of their recovery and a supportive community for them to be a part of during and after their rehab program.

At the start of your program, your caseworker will sit in private with you to discuss the details of your substance use. It is a way for us to better help you by understanding the unique situation that you are in and the potential factors that are involved. With this information, we can make a treatment plan that is personalized to your recovery needs which helps it to be more effective.

Drug detox is usually a harrowing experience but through our medical detox, it is far easier to get through. We use medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in drug detox. These medications help to drastically reduce your cravings and other symptoms that are usually involved with each drug detox.

With your withdrawal symptoms managed safely and effectively, you are then ready for the next step which is to go through our whole-patient treatments and behavioral therapy. A whole-patient treatment approach, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, is a crucial element of effective treatment and recovery because a person’s overall wellbeing and effects of untreated mental health disorders can negatively impact long-term recovery from drug addiction.

Behavioral therapy such as interpersonal therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy are key treatments in the establishment of a sustainable, drug-free life. Muse will focus on the treatments that are most effective for you and throughout your 30-, 60-, or 90-day inpatient or outpatient drug rehab program, you will learn new ways to cope with life’s stressors and triggers, be motivated for positive change, alter behaviors that no longer work, and developing relapse prevention strategies that will help you in the months and years to come.


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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of your rehab program at Muse Treatment for Fort Worth residents can vary depending on your recovery needs. The length of treatment, the types of treatments and therapies you require, and whether you need an inpatient or outpatient program will impact the cost of rehab for you.

Outpatient rehab tends to be more affordable because there are fewer costs involved. In an inpatient program, you will need to cover the expenses involved with food and the cost of living at the rehab center for the duration of your treatment. An outpatient program can cut out those costs although you will have a less intensive treatment program because you won’t be focusing each day on your recovery from sunrise to sunset.

The cost that you’ll have to pay for rehab is also affected by the amount of coverage that you have with your health insurance plan. You’ll need to see what your deductibles are and what your out-of-pocket expenses will be based on the specifics of your health insurance plan.

Muse Treatment has affordable treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Simply discuss your budget with us and we will help you to find an effective treatment plan that matches your budget.

How Long is Detox?

Alcohol and drug detox is known to be an intense experience if you are physically reliant on a substance. Thankfully, detox doesn’t take that long considering that you may have been using a substance for years before stopping. At our drug and alcohol detox center for Fort Worth residents, you can expect an average detox to last roughly 5 to 7 days in total.

Of course, the type of substance, your health, the length of the substance abuse, and the amount of the substance taken frequently can affect the length of your detox. Regardless of whether your detox takes 4 days or 7, Muse will help through the process to make it as painless and effortless as possible thanks to the benefits of our medical detox program.

How Long is Rehab?

The amount of time that you need in rehab to achieve lasting sobriety will require an assessment of your needs and for us to get an understanding of how receptive you might be to the treatments we offer. Every person has different requirements when it comes to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. The research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse has shown that if you spend at least 3 months in a rehab and aftercare program, then the treatment will have a lasting effect.

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we offer rehab treatment programs ranging from 30 to 90 days. In our 30-, 60-, and 90-day drug and alcohol rehab programs, you will have the time you need to be able to overcome your addiction and get to a point where you can sustain your recovery. Along with our 30- to 90-day inpatient and outpatient programs, we offer aftercare services which include 12-step support group meetings, alumni programs, and sober living environments.

The combination of inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs can ensure that you have ample time to recover from substance use disorder and transition to your normal life smoothly, helping to sustain your recovery.

30 Day (Short Term) Rehab

The shortest of our drug and alcohol rehab programs is our 30-day, short-term rehab. It is an excellent way to receive intensive treatment, in either a residential or outpatient setting, to help you to build the foundation for long-term sobriety. The program has all of the elements required to be able to sustain your recovery from the initial detox program to the holistic treatments and behavioral therapy that will treat the underlying causes of your addiction.

In our 30-day outpatient program, you can get access to our professional addiction treatment services for residents of Fort Worth while still being able to go to class or work. You’ll schedule treatments for a time that better suits you which helps to not only retain your autonomy but also ensures that your treatment is private and doesn’t affect your professional career.

In Muse’s 30-day inpatient rehab for residents of Fort Worth, you will spend your 30 days in rehab living in our comfortable and healing environment. Your time with us will be structured to make the most out of the 30 days with every day focused on the treatments that will help you to heal and recover from your addiction.

Following your 30-day rehab program at Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, our aftercare services will be made available to you which includes our alumni program, support groups, and sober living homes. These aftercare programs can help you with the transitional period after rehab, assisting you with your relapse prevention and finding your footing again.

Long-Term Rehab (60-90 Days)

To have the best possible chance at sustaining your recovery, more time in rehab can be required. Our long-term rehab solutions which include our 60- and 90-day programs offer you a way to be supported and receive professional care with ample time for the treatment to have a lasting effect on your life.

The first few months of recovery are the most difficult. Relapse rates are between 40 and 60 percent for the first year of recovery and having more time to solidify the preventative measures through therapy, relapse prevention, and alternative treatment programs will improve your outcomes.

Our long-term rehab for residents of Fort Worth is available in the residential setting and as an outpatient. We understand how difficult things can be when dealing with addiction and our rehab is a place where healing can take the center stage. Our treatment services offer you a well-rounded solution to overcoming substance abuse based on the best-known understanding of how to beat addiction.

The long-term process of addiction recovery is made easier with our step-by-step process of recovery. Let Muse guide you through your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction in our long-term rehab programs. After your long-term rehab program for Fort Worth residents, you will feel confident in maintaining your sobriety, especially if our aftercare services are used to help you through your transitional period after rehab.


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Couples Rehab

If you are in a relationship where both you and your partner are using alcohol and drugs and fear that it may have led to an addiction, then Muse Treatment and Recovery Center can help both of you to achieve sobriety, improve your relationship, and provide the type of support that your partner needs to recover from drug or alcohol addiction in the long term.

It’s common for couples to wait to use professional treatment services for addiction as a last resort. However, addiction treatment is by far the best way to overcome substance use disorder and if you fear that addiction has formed, then you are your partner or spouse should seek help before letting the problems of addiction multiply.

Through our couples rehab for Fort Worth residents, being with your partner through the recovery process can be a great benefit. Muse provides you with ample support during your short- or long-term rehab program but the added support that your loved one can give you during the important early stages of drug or alcohol addiction recovery can have a significant impact on your success.

Our couples rehab offers treatments designed to strengthen and rebuild your relationship through joint therapy. Along with joint therapy, you and your partner will take part in individual and group therapy, too. The treatments combined create a comprehensive treatment plan that will assist you and your loved one in making a substance-free life.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

The success of treatments for addiction involving animals such as equine therapy shows just what a positive impact that animals can have during our recovery as an outlet for unexpressed emotion and giving you a sense of responsibility for another life. At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we allow you to bring your pet with you into our inpatient rehab program.

Our pet-friendly drug and alcohol rehab for residents of Fort Worth allows the love between your pet and you to aid you emotionally through the early stages of your recovery. We understand how much pets can mean to us and we don’t want to separate you from your beloved pet during your inpatient rehab stay. Together with the support that you will receive in our family-like environment, you will feel cared for and supported through the recovery of substance addiction at Muse.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Insurance coverage for rehab can help to reduce the final cost of your rehab program at Muse Treatment and Recovery Center. However, the level of coverage that each plan might have can vary significantly. For example, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans on the marketplace are required to provide treatment coverage for addiction. They usually provide cover for outpatient services, medical detox programs, and may offer some cover for aftercare services.

If you have private health insurance that doesn’t fall under the ACA plans, then your cover is entirely dependent on the details of your plan. You may have cover for inpatient and outpatient services but the only way to tell exactly what level of coverage you have is to refer to your plan. Of course, we are happy to help you to determine your coverage by filling in our simple online form to verify your insurance coverage. You can also call or your insurance provider to better understand what your rehab coverage is. Muse accepts most insurance plans including ACA and non-ACA or private health insurance plans.

Sober-Friendly Attractions Near Fort Worth, TX

One of the things that happen when you become addicted to alcohol or drugs is that you lose interest in things that you used to enjoy. Long-term recovery is enhanced by finding new sober-friendly activities that you can enjoy. Once you’ve finished your rehab program at our Los Angeles rehab or potentially at our Texas-based rehab, then you’ll want to find new things that interest you that you can do in your free time.

To help you find something new and exciting to do during your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, we have found some of the sober-friendly activities near Fort Worth that might interest you. They include the following.

Fort Worth Zoo

1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States

The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country. In 2017, the zoo announced its massive expansion to surrounding areas which equated to a $100 million campaign to improve the experience of the visitors and the animals. The zoo is home to an impressive 7,000 species of animals from around the world, offering you a chance to see one of the largest varieties of animals in one place in the country. Enjoy a relaxing walk as you observe the animals, attend the various animal shows, and then sit at one of the restaurants for a delicious meal.

Altitude Trampoline Park

5650 Kroger Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76244, United States

If you’re looking for a way to burn off excess energy while having a great time, then the Fort Worth Altitude Trampoline Park is an excellent choice for sober-friendly fun. The facility offers a gigantic 25,000 square feet of professional trampolines to jump on with extensive safety precautions to ensure that your time spent there is safe. You can attend special events or programs that can be fun done alone by joining a group or as part of your group.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107, United States

Spend a day with family or friends meandering through the stunning 110-acre landscape at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. There is no better place in Fort Worth to take in the beauty of the changing seasons than at the Botanic Garden. All year round, there is something spectacular to see at each of the themed gardens such as the Japanese, Rose, and Fuller Gardens. Take a rest at one of the restaurants and enjoy a tasty meal.

Fort Worth Neighborhoods We Serve Include:

  • Arlington Heights
  • Rivercrest
  • Fairmont
  • Westover Hills
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  • Ridglea Hills
  • North Hi Mount
  • Park Glen
  • River Trails
  • Wedgwood
  • Mistletoe Heights
  • Carter Riverside


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