Top-Rated Alcohol Detox Program for Residents of Fort Worth, TX

Heavy alcohol use for weeks and months on end can cause a person to become reliant on alcohol. Their body and brain chemistry change so much that to feel any sense of normalcy, more alcohol use is required. This cycle of alcohol dependence can be devastating when you’re trying to quit drinking because you see the negative effects that it has on your life.

Through our top-rated alcohol rehab program for residents of Fort Worth, the potentially overwhelming and dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be managed by a team of healthcare professionals. You don’t need to worry about your withdrawal symptoms and the risks involved with stopping alcohol use abruptly because we will carefully monitor your health and provide you with medications that drastically reduce your symptoms.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is an LA-based rehab. By leaving your state to receive treatment at our top-rated alcohol detox center, you can get away from everything in your life that is making it difficult to achieve long-term sobriety. We can provide you with an out-of-state treatment destination that is ideal for healing your mind, body, and spirit. Alternatively, you can make use of one of our many rehab centers across the country that are within our network of rehabs, allowing you to use our rehab in Texas.


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What is Alcohol Detox Like?

Stopping alcohol suddenly after you’ve become physically reliant on it is, in fact, very dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms that are common during alcohol detox are not only severe but without medical help, they can be life-threatening. Of course, using an alcohol detox center like Muse will eliminate these dangers, ensuring that you have a safe recovery.

The alcohol withdrawal symptoms that people commonly experience during detox include depression, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, nightmares, shakiness, and mood swings. More severe symptoms include fever, seizures, rapid heart rate, tremors, headaches, vomiting, intense cravings, nausea, and extreme confusion coupled with hallucinations. These symptoms can be overwhelming usually but through our alcohol detox for Fort Worth residents, they can be managed safely and effectively.

In our alcohol detox program known as medical detox, when your symptoms appear, then we can give you medication that is approved for alcohol withdrawal treatment helping to minimize the impact they have on your mental wellbeing and physical health. Our healthcare workers will monitor you 24/7 during your recovery so that if anything needs to be addressed, such as dehydration or more serious symptoms, then it can be done swiftly.

What is normally an intense experience becomes far easier with Muse and our accredited alcohol detox program. Through our alcohol detox program for residents of Fort Worth, you can be helped through the most difficult early recovery steps so that you can be ready for the treatments that will help you to gain sobriety in the long term.

What to Expect During Detox?

Before entering our alcohol detox program for residents of Fort Worth, you may be nervous about what to expect. You may be aware of the withdrawal symptoms and fear that you’ll be overwhelmed or that you’ll feel alone while going through detox. However, Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a rehab where you’ll feel at home surrounded by caring people and evidence-based treatments that can help you through your recovery.

Normally, alcohol detox is seen as a risky thing to go through alone because if you have delirium tremens, which are the worst of the withdrawal symptoms that require medical assistance to get through, it could be life-threatening. Even if you don’t experience delirium tremens, alcohol detox can still be dangerous to your health due to dehydration and symptoms such as seizures and rapid heart rate.

However, in our detox program for alcohol, you don’t have to expect the worst. In fact, you can expect your alcohol detox to be fairly easy to get through because you’ll be given medications that aid you in reducing symptoms significantly along with medical support that will ensure your safe recovery.

Our staff members and healthcare workers are welcoming and understanding. You will be treated with respect and kindheartedness because we understand the difficulties that you’ve been dealing with. Once your alcohol detox is complete and you feel more like yourself again, then you can move onto the next important areas of your recovery which are evidence-based behavioral therapies and holistic types of treatment. These treatment programs will help you to further your recovery and ultimately achieve an alcohol-free life.

How Long is Detox?

The length of your alcohol detox program is largely dependent on your personal factors. If you have a severe addiction to alcohol because you drink heavily every day for months or years, then your detox is expected to last longer than someone who has a less severe addiction.

The average amount of time that it takes to get through alcohol detox is roughly 5 to 7 days. Your symptoms will start after about 12 hours have passed and then reach their peak after about 2 to 3 days. From here, you’ll begin to feel better and by day 5, you’ll likely be fine to continue with the next steps of recovery from alcohol addiction. By day 7 of your alcohol detox program, you will feel much better if you were still feeling uncomfortable symptoms by the fifth day of your detox.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Detox?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is an ideal place to seek professional help for alcohol dependence if you’re from Fort Worth. Our rehab allows you to leave the things in your life that make recovery from alcohol addiction difficult and be in a space that promotes healing and recovery. Our treatment programs are fully accredited by The Joint Commission and we are LegitScript monitored which means that our use of medication in our medical detox program is safe.

Get help with alcohol withdrawal today by calling Muse to discuss your treatment. We are ready to help you overcome alcohol withdrawal and provide you with further life-changing treatments so that you can manage your alcohol use disorder over the long term.


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